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Favorite of Shree Hariprasad Chaurasia Ji ! Performed At World Culture Festival ! Meet The Flutist Karan Chauhan ! KFC

Playing a flute is like writing a book. You’re telling  what’s in your heart! It is easier to play if it’s right from the heart,You get the tone and your fingers will follow it !

Today we have with us Karan Chauhan , Professional Flutist in the house of Student Stories. Meet the very talented ,professional Flutist stage performer and recording artist Karan Chauhan popularly known as KFC! He is learning Indian Classical Music from a Private Music Institute. Currently Karan is doing performances with a band called “The Rockmantics Band” and is pursuing his B.A 3rd year from Delhi University. He has  performed in WCF (The World Culture Festival) organized by Art Of Living in New Delhi and was the center of attraction there.

Lets know more about him and how his interest developed in playing Flute.

In talks with Karan Chauhan:

1. So Karan, since when you are practicing flute?

I started playing Flute since I was 3 years old but my classes were not regular at that time due to some financial problem. But I think I have love for playing flute since birth and it makes out its way inspite of all the problems. i always try to remember the fact that everybody has some problems and everybody is struggling with them. I never try to demoralize myself and always try to keep my spirits high because that keeps my mind fresh and positive.

2. You performed with many bands and also performed at WCF. Why do you think people are still more attracted towards flute sound rather than other musical instruments?

Flute is a natural instrument. That soothing sound of Flute can make anyone spellbound. I think my way of playing and “dhun” of my flute attracts my audience. Yes, of course people in India are still very much attached to it and see it as a symbolism of Lord Krishna.Wherever I have given performances, I have realized the fact that people of all the age groups are fascinated by it and feel their minds calmed by its sound. Many new age instruments are there and they are good but they don’t have such a tradition and history related like ‘flute’ has with it. This makes it more attractive and appealing.

 3.What are your long term goals ? Whom do you see yourself accompanying you to achieve them?

My goals revolve around my flute. I want to work with big musicians. Being a music artist is my long term goal for sure. I am having a clear goal and working really hard to accomplish it. I know my mentors ,Gurus and my family will always be there for me in whatever profession I pursue. This faith and clarity keeps me going and wants me to pursue my dream no matter what.

4. Your flute sound can make anyone listen to you and also adapt a taste for it. Do you think you’re a blessed child? Anyone else in the family background is a flute player?

Yes, definitely it’s a god gift this talent and with the blessings of Almighty I will achieve what I am born for. No, I am the only one Musician in my family. I don’t have any family background in this profession. My family has never been in this field and this is me only who has started this tradition here and I will continue with it and inspire our ages to come.

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 5.Who is Karan’s idol and mentor ?

My inspiration and mentor is Shri Paras Nath ji and Shree Hariprasad Chaurasiya ji . They both have always guided me to the right path and keep correcting all my mistakes and faults. I feel I am very blessed to have them as my idols and feel that with their guidance I  can make it to the top. They are such big inspiration in my life and they always keep me going, no matter what.

6. Some tips for our readers who want to play flute and are aspirants like you.

Getting a sound out of the flute is easy! Take just the head joint—the section you blow into. (If you have a one-piece flute, just leave your fingers off the keys or holes.) Lay your lower lip over the edge of the mouth hole, and blow it like a pop bottle. The mouth hole of the flute should be pointed directly upward, and your head should be held straight up. Lay your bottom lip loosely over the edge of the mouth hole—not pulled up, or curled under itself, or pressed down hard against the flute. It should cover about a quarter of the mouth hole. Now, press your lips together at the corners and sides, leaving a roughly oval opening at the front of your mouth. Center this opening above the mouth hole—even if the opening is not in the exact center of your mouth. Point your lips diagonally downward and blow a solid stream of air directly at the opposite edge of the mouth hole. Don’t lift up your bottom lip as you blow. I am sure these tips will help all the aspiring flutists there and will help them better their craft.

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