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With the highest IQ level of 225 in the world, this girl holds 5 world records at just 16. Meet K. Visalini

K.Visalini, currently 16 years old was born in a Tamil family in Tirunelveli, TamilNadu. She has always been a wonder child. Visalini has secured 5 World Records and 12 International Certifications filling her house with innumerable Certificates, Prize cups, trophies, and medals. Owing to her achievements in this young age, she has been directly admitted in Kalasalingam University as an Exceptional Candidate in B.Tech.

1. Which are the five registered world records that you hold with pride?

I hold the following world records in my hand:-

  1. The Highest IQ in the World – IQ level 225.
  2. The Youngest CCNA World Record holder.
  3. The Youngest IELTS World Record holder.
  4. The Youngest CCSA World Record holder.
  5. The Youngest Exin Cloud computing World Record holder.

2. There must have been a lot of wonderful moments in your life, but what is the greatest moment for you and your parents?

The greatest moment of my life was when my parents received a call from the PMO stating that the Honourable PM of India, Shri. Narendra Modi wanted to meet their daughter. PM Narendra Modi said that “Visalini, whatever you have achieved at this young age is a great service to our country India”.

K Visalini

3. Which is the moment that you hold close to your heart and the true point of recognition?

This beautiful feather in my cap was when I delivered the Keynote Address at Google India Summit, New Delhi for an hour among international delegates where I was honored with the title of “The Youngest Google Speaker“.

4. You have been closely connected to science also. Describe the moment when the world heard your scientific views?

It was at the age of 15. It was when I was invited by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to deliver a lecture to 700+ Scientists of ISRO on the topic “The Power of Networking – It is not just a buzz word”. It was an exhilarating moment for me.

K Visalini

5. How do you count on your most powerful capabilities?

I have an outstanding capability of grasping things and a rare speed of learning any course with ease. I have broken the record of a12-year-old Pakistani boy Irtiza Haider by cracking the CCNA examination at the age of 10 and thus becoming the ‘Youngest CCNA in the World’.

6. How has life changed for you after you became so widely known to the most prestigious names in the world?

I  have been invited as the Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker to address renowned intellectuals at various International Conferences held at Delhi, Haryana, Chennai, Madhya Pradesh, Bangalore, Mangalore, Coorg to name a few. I have addressed many experts on various tech specifications and features of Computer Networking and many other latest technologies like, Cloud computing, Big Data, IOT etc and therefore have established India’s Fame in the World arena.

7. You have been a pride of the country in everything you touched upon. Now you are the inspiration and source of motivation. How this goes for you?

I take pride in receiving the title “The Youngest TEDx Speaker in the world” on being invited to speak at the TEDx conference twice when I was 11 years old. At the age of 11, HCL Technologies crowned me as THE PRIDE OF INDIA. I have also received an appreciation from Dr.Thomas Bain, the Dean of World Records University – London.

K Visalini

8. There have been a lot of talks about the difficulties during your birth. Did it ever affect your life as a whole?

I was a weak premature baby and was in the incubator for long days. As a child, I had to bear with many health problems. A majority of doctors had given up on me and stated that I would never speak throughout my life. This was very depressing and disheartening for my parents to such an extent that they had given up hope on me. But as every dark cloud has a silver lining, a godsend doctor suggested that my mother should talk to her for 20 hours per day. He quoted “Talk to your child today and the world will talk about her tomorrow”. This theory worked wonderfully for me.

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