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He Deserves Every Inch Of Respect For His Enormous Courage | A Physically Disabled Yet Abled “National Level Skater”

We have seen incidents of people losing hopes and giving up upon the slightest things. This story is a little different. It will inspire you to never give up in life and work till you beat all odds. Meet Chandeep Singh Sudan from Jammu, an eighteen year old ‘handicap-able‘ boy. Chandeep lost both his arms at a very tender age. At a time when most of us would fall, complain to the almighty or loose all hopes, Chandeep marveled at courage in the face of adversity. He took up roller skating and has countless achievements in his name. He is a national level skater. A Golden Book of World Records holder, has been selected in Six Heroes of India and has won many medals in skating. Chandeep has been a true inspiration and has proved his mettle. He has achieved what many abled people haven’t. We got the opportunity to interview Mr. Sudan, and here it goes.
chandeep singh

1. The world already knows about your extraordinary achievements. Tell us a bit more about yourself.

My name is Chandeep Singh and I am 18 years old residing in Jammu. I completed 12th standard from Banyan International school. I am pursuing Engineering from M.B.S. College Of Engineering and Technology, Jammu. I’m a skater and also a dancer.

2. How did the tragic incident occur? How do you manage your daily chores like writing, eating, using laptop etc?

This incident took place on 2nd January 2011, I was in 7th grade that time. I was electrocuted by 11,000 Volts high tension wire running over the roof of my house. I was playing on the roof with my friend, while playing accidentally my hand came in contact with the wire. People took me to the hospital immediately. Doctors amputated my arms all the way up from my shoulders because of serious infection. After this incident my life changed completely. Earlier I used to do everything by myself but now my Mom, Dad and sister helped me in everything. Before this incident, I used to play football but afterwards I started off with skating. Earlier I used my phone and laptop with hands but now I use them with my feet.

3. After such an incident what motivated you and kept you going through the tough times?

This was a big incident for me and had a huge impact on my mind. I cried a lot when I came to know that I have lost my arms. My family used to tell me that I should not think about what has happened in the past rather I must focus on what I am going to do now with it. They said “we are always with you, no matter what happens, don’t look back and keep going.” They gave me the freedom of doing whatever I wanted to do and supported me in everything. My friends supported me which I wasn’t expecting. My friends never made me feel that I have lost something.

4. How have your friends, teachers at school and other people helped you?

When I was back from the hospital my Principal called me to school the very next day. I went to school and they said “don’t worry about what happened, we are with you and we will help you in all your needs.” They gave me a helper for all my needs. Teachers played a big role in my school life. They helped me a lot in my studies. They always believed in me and claimed, “Chandeep, you can do it and you will do it”. They made me believe in myself. They filled my heart with confidence that I can do anything that comes to my mind.

5. What inspired you to take up skating?

My inspiration were my family and friends. I used to think “they are doing so much for me and I must do something in return so that they should feel proud.” It was then when I decided to do something. I was checking what I could do and I came across the sport know as skating. People used to say that in skating you need to have balance and you cannot balance without your arms. I took it as a challenge. To prove them wrong and to make others proud, I started skating.

6. Tell us about your achievements in details.

Some of my major achievements are as follows:
Golden Book Of World Records holder for fastest 100 meters para skating. (13.95s)
Selected among Six Heroes of India by India Today.
Awarded by “Pehal Youth Proud Award” on Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s Birthday.
Awarded with certificate by Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, MHRD, Govt. of India.
Bronze Medal in 7th All India Roller Skating Championship 2012 Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.
Three Silver Medals in Jammu Gold Cup Roller Skating Championship 2014.
Three Gold Medals by Jammu and Kashmir Roller Skating Association in 2015.
Four Gold Medals by Jammu and Kashmir Roller Skating Association in 2014.
Awarded by memento in 61st National School Games Belgaun, Karnataka.
CBSE Delhi North Zone Championship. (Speed Skating for the years: 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016)
I have also met and received appreciation by The Flying Sikh – Milkha Singh.
milkha singh

7. What do you aspire to become?

I aspire to be a good person, a good engineer and an IAS officer. I also want to continue skating and be a great Skater.

8. Any message for our readers?

Never loose hope, always believe in yourself. Listen to everyone but do what makes you happy. Always remember that everything happens for a good reason. If one door closes, another opens, focus on your goal and believe in yourself.
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