Gautam Madhavan, Man behind India’s Biggest Mannequin Challenge

Gautam Madhavan a student of Dyal Singh College (Delhi University), founded the famous event organizing firm “Go Dutch”. Go Dutch organizes a lot of events and recently organized “India’s Largest Mannequin Challenge”. Gautam before his own startup was handling AIESEC  IIT Delhi and also headed AIESEC Ireland. He has also served as the Vice President of Delhi Youth Forum which further expanded as India Youth Foundation.

1.What exactly is Go Dutch all about?

Go Dutch is an online platform where people can dutch money to do wonderful things – like gifting , parties , movies , shopping , donation etc. Go Dutch is the India’s first community based Crowdfunding Platform which not only helps in Dutching Money for personal purposes but also for commercial purposes. Very soon , India will see a revolution in the mode of payments and this is going to be introduced by Go Dutch .

2.What inspired you for the starting of Go dutch?

It all started when I saw a problem of collecting money whenever we go out or buy a gift or something . I always wondered if there was a way to collect money / dutch money without any hassles. Hence , I started with this concept way back in August 2015 . Since then , I have been working on developing the software , getting various permissions – be it the RBI , Ministry of Corporate Affairs and many more . We are finally coming to a stage where we are about to launch by mid-February.

3.Who has constantly been your support?

My constant support has definitely been my parents . Even their smallest of criticism at times made me feel – What can I do to make it better ?​ and their smallest appreciation made me feel – How can it get better ? ​I still remember , down the line 6 months my Mom was supporting me even though she didn’t know what I was doing . All she knew was “Mera beta kuch acha hi kar raha hoga” . They have always been there by side for Go Dutch and every other venture I was a part of before.

Gautam Madhavan

4.Go dutch organizes many events, on what basis do you select and organize them?

We do events which are meaningful to the society and also which interests them . You can call it as our Pre- Launch marketing strategies (haha) . The main motivation for organizing any event by Go Dutch is – Don’t stop , go with the Flow. Very soon , we will be coming up with events that India has never seen before , starting off with New Delhi . Cheers!!

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5.Recently, you organised the mannequin challenge what gave you the idea about organizing it?

One fine day , I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I saw at least 12 videos of Mannequin Challenge. Then I researched more and thought why not organize India’s Biggest Mannequin Challenge ? The whole thought turned into an action plan within 2 hours and into a reality within 2 weeks . So , I’ll say don’t just think , Just Do .

6.What do you think is the perception of Indian society about “Crowdfunding”?

Well ,the Indian Society is not yet aware and familiar with the Crowdfunding Concept . Even though there are many crowdfunding platforms in India , people still prefer the Ancient Techniques of raising funds . For us (Indians) an application like Paytm is a revolution. I think it will take time for people to adapt to this new technology and concept . But I am sure there will be a change very soon . Go Dutch is on the way!!

7.How far has startup reached and what is your aim with it?

Our startup is currently in the finishing stage of product development . We will be launching in Mid- February . Our aim is to bring the society together- where they can collect resources at one place .

8.What is the sole motto of Go dutch?

Motto of Go Dutch will always be – Customer Satisfaction is the best Satisfaction. Our plans don’t focus on just making profits , the main criteria in all our current and future plans involve Customer Satisfaction as the sole objective.

Facebook Page Of Go Dutch.


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