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The beautiful fest of the HMR Institute of Technology and Management “EMBLAZON 2017”, a 2 day extravaganza


“Avoid monotony let me Emblazon”

EMBLAZON is the annual cultural festival of the HMR Institute of Technology and Management. Emblazon means to decorate with brilliant colours! It is a 2 days festival, and the time when HMRITM comes alive with life, music and dance and with hundreds of memories that are created here. With a total of 12 core members, 53 coordinators, 52 Volunteers and 40 members in the security team, EMBLAZON was organized with much more zeal and enthusiasm. EMBLAZON 2017 took place on 17-18 March this year.

There were  total of 23 events with 2 special events planned just for the faculty members. Fun events like Minute to Win it, Selfie Contest, Outfit of the Day, Treasure Hunt etc were a part of the 2 days extravaganza.

In conversation with the core team member Arushi Kaushik:

Q. Tell us about the core team size and the members behind the EMBLAZON 2017.

There were a total of 18 core members, 6 faculty head and 12 students. The team members are as follows: Arushi Kaushik, Nishkarsh Kalra, Anamika Mahajan, Shubham Rathi, Shubham Saini, Deepak Sharma, Vipluv Mittal, Meenal Jangara, Nitesh, Akash, Ayush, Kushagra.

Q. What was the theme of EMBLAZON 2017?

The theme of EMBLAZON 2017 was colours of joy.


Q. When did you start planning for the fest? Enlighten us on the coordination strategies adopted to make this event a grand success?

The planning for this fest started months back but the actual team started coordinating from January 8, 2017. All the events, responsibilities and tasks were well divided so as to keep everything on track. Every core member headed one or more departments of the fest.

Q. What were the new initiatives included in EMBLAZON 2017 that made it stand out from the previous ones? What were the key areas where in the team had to focus the most?

The Key area was to make it different this time. We focussed at every aspect so as to make the event a success. We gathered a good number of Sponsorships in terms of cash and kind. Game stalls were set up for the first time this year. Superbikes (from Suzuki -our drive in partner) were also displayed. We also tried to put up the best sound system as compared to all the previous years. Participation certificates were being given out this year as well.

Q. What were the new thrills and excitements experienced  by the audiences from EMBLAZON 2017?

Fun filled events such as Selfie Event, Outfit of the day, treasure hunt, minute to win it, entertainment quiz etc.
Amazing food and game stalls were a part. Two star performances were there on two days of the fest. An EDM DJ on the 1st day and a punjabi star on the 2nd day.


Q. Highlight the easing support from your mentors in this journey. Tell us about your experiences and learning while organizing this fest.

Our mentors made our job a lot easier. They helped us with Sponsorships. They also helped us skip our classes when we got thrashed for missing them and we also got lots of help in all the documentation procedures too.

Q. Celebrities for sure are the hearts of massive events and college fests. Name the celebrities invited at the EMBLAZON 2017?

We had DJ Myris on day 1 and Indeep Bakshi on day 2.

Q. There are ups and downs in execution of every successful journey. Quote any of the difficult situations that the team faced. What was that moment of motivation that kept you going in that situation?

There was a point where nothing was going according to the way we wanted it to be. Things weren’t turning out great, since we were budget stricken. Our mentors believed us and kept us motivated. All of us actually pulled our socks up and started to run from place to place to seek Sponsorships in order to be financially sound for the fest.

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Q. Getting sponsorship is probably a difficult task, especially at college level.
Who were the sponsors of EMBLAZON 2017? How difficult was it for the team to bring them up?

It is really difficult to get a sponsor in our college due to its location. But this time, the team did a good job. The sponsors were as follows:

KENT RO systems
Red FM 93.5
Kosher (leather store)
Coding ninjas
Career launcher
Finland Labs
LOOKS salon
Campus Drift
DU Updates
Aedifico Pvt. Ltd.
Ace engineering academy
Howdy (travel partner)
Revert Technology
Nucleus Computers Pvt. LTD.
Ghar Bistro Cafe
Headstart education
DCOP( Delhi College of Photography)
Brain mentors

Q. What would you like to share with the aspiring students who are passionate about event/fest management at the school and college levels?

Keep working towards your dream. Many obstacles are going to come your way but be determined enough to overcome it. Do your research properly. Make good links and put all your efforts to present a great show. Good luck!

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