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He Is A SENSATION! Meet This Writer, Stand-up Comedian & A Film-Maker | Brijesh Jha

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“You can either cry and blame God for the type of life you are living or believe in yourself and try to create your own story”-Brijesh Jha

Meet Brijesh Jha, an extraordinarily talented youngster who will definitely hit the big screens very soon !

He is a writer, a stand-up comedian and a film maker. He recently directed a film “Two Months” which featured a famous actor Sujan Mukhopadhyay. He is a part Kalkutta Komedians, Kolkata’s first and funniest stand-up comedy group.

A film-maker who tries to direct what he has seen, a comedian who tries to bring out real life, a very humble human being who is always focused on achieving in dreams, a writer whose mind and heart merges to make his writings more creative and an extrordinary talent who has taken different paths in life and has been able to merge all three different roads and finally travel to a single destination along with all his skills, talents and dreams .

Let us have a chat with Brijesh as he unfolds the truth behind his success !


Brijesh Jha COMEDIAN

How do you manage film and comedy both?

There is no mantra or a secret, but yes, I love both so some how I do it.

Basically if there is no show in any week then I am busy on pre-production or production and some other week in post production. Both are very vast and have to go under lot of rechecking and scrutinizing. So, yes I work 24X7.

What is the difference between trying to write jokes and develop stand-up comedy material?

For me both are difficult because to write a joke you have to be funny with your word play or writing skills and to develop a standup meterial you have to be good with your writings as well as your presentation or performance .

But yes standup is more difficult because you get an instant reaction and you are infront of people whom you don’t know and trying to be funny.

Who are your influencers?

In film making Quentin Tarantino and standup ofcourse Zakir Khan.

What are the secrets for telling everyday jokes in order to get the biggest laughs?

Confidence, you have to be confident enough to be funny I don’t know how it works but somehow it everytime works for me. Ofcourse the way you are presenting it, anything can be funny if you are presenting it in a funny way. How to present something in a funny way? That you will learn from open mics.

We hear so often about the lack of original stories in the world, all of us say “SEEN IT BEFORE”. How do you stay fresh in the face of an idea like that?

I come from a very small place and I try to make what have I seen till now, so yes, my stories are never going to look like Bollywood films but yes normally with people, I definitely find a connection.



What emotions do you feel your film brings forth in viewers?

I always try to surprise them. Right now I am trying to touch as many emotions as I can (by making film). My recent film “TWO MONTHS” made few viewers a bit emotional so sometimes I also don’t know.

If you got the opportunity to remake a classic, which one would you go for?

Ok! The list is quite big but the list starts with Mughal-e-azam. Might be a new age Mughal – e – Azam.


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If you get an opportunity to merge both and become a comedian in your film, how would you go about it?

Then people will get to see my acting skills !


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