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He Creates Masterpieces in The Blink of An Eye ! Ayush Mehta – A Self Trained Dancer From Gujarat Who Will Teach You To Follow Your Dreams !

Meet Ayush Mehta a man who lives on and for his dreams. He believes in the saying “Just keep trying because a failure can’t stop you, but it’s just an obstacle and a proof of you being on the right path“. He always keeps himself engaged doing creative work or noting down the ideas or visions that strike him. This made him a creative person. He intended to motivate and support the real talent because he knew it’s worth. “To all the people out there he would like to tell you, follow your dream, never give up and get what you desire“.

He is a young soul from Mumbai who believes in living life to its fullest. He has a lot of talents in him which makes him a versatile artist and the best part is that he believes in promoting the talent of others as well. Let’s explore the journey of this enthusiastic persona in the interview down below.


ayush mehta artist dancer did interview ss
The versatile artist- Ayush Mehta

In conversation with Ayush :

1) Ayush tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey ! I am Ayush Mehta from Surat, Gujarat. I am 25 years old and a dance lover and a self taught versatile dancer. I’m into cinematography and photography as well. I’m on too where I post my creative artwork that includes and reflects my cinematography and photography skills as well.

2) What got you into dancing? And how long have you been dancing ?

As a child watching TV, browsing channels I came across a dance video of the famous pop rockstar Michael Jackson
which influenced me to start dancing. I’m into dancing since I was 8 years old.


ayush mehta artist dancer did interview ss
The self trained dancer and artist

3) Do you have any formal training or are you a self taught dancer ?

No, basically I’m not a trained dancer, all the things I have learned are from YouTube. It helped me a lot to learn new things and made me a versatile dancer. My personal favorites who helped me learn and are my inspiration are Marquese Scott and Poppin John.

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4) Your videos are super cool ? How much time does it take to prepare a video ?

The videos totally depends on the content. If the video is a basic one it might take an hour or two. And if the video is a conceptual one it might take 2-3 days. This also depends on the effects used in the video as some effects require more time.


ayush mehta artist dancer did interview ss
Evolving daily and creating masterpieces – Ayush mehta

5) Being a dancer have you ever participated on any platform? How was your experience?

Yes, I have participated in many contests. I have participated in dance battles as well. I had participated in Dance India Dance auditions as well. The audition taught me a lot, like stage fear, confidence and many more aspects.

6) recently organized an event share your experience regarding that?

Being the part of family is a complete honor and extreme privilege for me. recently organized 3 events and being there was a great experience. Meeting the whole family was a great fun and I enjoyed a lot being there.


ayush mehta artist dancer did interview ss
Someone who wants to follow his dreams and take risks- Ayush Mehta

7) Who is you personal favorite on and why?

My personal favorite on is Meshary-al-wugyan, who is a great personality and one of the best transitioner out from Quwait. A very humble and peaceful soul who has been there in my ups and downs and always treated me like a little brother.

8) What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear ?

One thing that my readers would be surprised hearing is, I have not completed my graduation, because I wanted to follow my dreams and that is the reason I’m known as a social media influencer and a semi-star, I’m still not a successful person. There is still a long way to go to achieve my dreams and one day I will.

Contact Ayush Mehta here :


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