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The Woman Who Decided To Achieve Her Mother’s Dream At The Age Of 19 – Meet The Great Mind Behind ” Lakhina Couture” – Vaishvi Lakhina

Meet Vaishvi Lakhina , a Businesswoman by Profession and Fashion Designer by Specification. At the age of 19 she decided to achieve her mother’s passion of making her daughter’s work better than the rest of the world. Yes, fashion designing was her mom’s dream for her child which Vaishvi has achieved with all grace and hard work.
Nowadays, we see so many Instagram pages running their own apparel businesses, from fashion design undergraduates to successful designers. Amongst all these names is Vaishvi Lakhina, an entrepreneur who resides in Noida and has definitely become a very famous name here. Also a fashion design graduate from Amity University, she has her own label by the name of ‘Lakhina Couture’.
She has been featured in Economic Times budding entrepreneur show which was tele casted recently  and was recently acknowledged as the Style Diva at Magicka Woman Entrepreneur event. She was awarded the best student award by Amity University on her convocation.
Vaishvi Lakhina lakhina couture interview student stories bollywood celebrity fashion
“Running a label not only changes you as a person but it also becomes a very important part of your life”

In conversation with Vaishvi Lakhina | Founder | Lakhina Couture :

What trends do you currently see in the fashion industry?

Trends are totally dependent on the areas we talk about. However, relating to how I work on them is majorly using the trends in colors. Since my client are majorly those who don’t find their size in the market and they wish to look classy without flaunting their flaws, so majorly we play with colors only. Silhouettes are picked too but very rare.

Tell me about the software you use to produce designs.

My designs are majorly coming from the mind only. We don’t use any such software because I customize designer outfits. It’s not ready made as in not 5 people are wearing the  same product. One might go for my same design, other will have some or the other change which can be a neckline or maybe length due to height. So using software would rather make us slow.

lakhina couture interview student stories bollywood celebrity fashion

What do you enjoy most about working in a team environment?

Working in a team environment is very positive and what I love the most is tackling issues in unity, which is like if two people don’t know a particular design or technique then there are huge chances for other three to know the same. By god’s grace my staff is very positive, so no fights or negative vibes around which is one of the major perks of working with my team. Best part of working in a team is enjoying our work thoroughly and then the incentives after achieving something great.

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If you go to a company for a job and they ask you-“why are you the best candidate for our company”,  what would be your answer?

Going for a job sounds funny only because while I was in college I didn’t even sit for placements rather my faculty asked me if I can take placements in my brand as I started my business in my second year only.
But yes, if I would ever sit for a roll of job in a design or export house I would definitely be able to convince the panel by the fact that yes I am hardworking. I have the capability of working and taking a brand to heights. I am good at designing and Team management and not only that but also my convincing nature is so apt for this job that getting contracts from company is my sure deal. Self confidence is at peak.
lakhina couture interview student stories bollywood celebrity fashion

How have you, or would you, deal with conflicts that emerge in a professional environment?

We deal with conflicts almost everyday. If it’s about clients , it’s about convincing them for a design and then they getting conscious about it. It’s a world, where people aren’t confident about their body so that’s where we need to deal the most. And yes the payment issues, providing designer garments at reasonable pricing is tough to find and still there are people who ask for discounts more than outfits.

 What is your favorite part about being a Fashion Designer? What skills are important for a successful career in fashion design?

Being a fashion designer has been really interesting in my life. I swear! I can wear whatever I think of, I have gained knowledge of qualities of fabric and no dealer or client can fool me regarding fabrics. Not only this, it has made me fit, health wise, which has been achieved in terms to fit in outfits for all body shapes.
For being a successful designer, one needs to understand the client’s choice along with what style and cut suits a particular body. I have majority of clients who wish to look slim. And I have such clients too who are so slim that they wish to look broader.
lakhina couture interview student stories bollywood celebrity fashion

How do you stay organized when you are provided with multiple design assets, files, and ideas?

Being organized initially requires my patience. Surrounded by a number of things and still managing is another task. I plan to finish them individually keeping the most difficult task on priority which is more time consuming so as to have ample of time in fixing the issue.

Tell me about a time when you had to balance multiple competing priorities?

Oh! that’s happening almost everyday. From completing pending orders due to festival time to going to social events in order for brand recognition, thankfully in such situation I am blessed to have my parents. They know my status and know where they can help so that my work doesn’t stop come what may.

lakhina couture interview student stories bollywood celebrity fashion

What rules, culture, or structure needs to exist to foster team collaboration?

I am sorry I have no answer to this question since I am an individual managing my business. No team collaboration.


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