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Remember Huma Ali of D3, IGT 5 & DANCE+3 ? Killing It With Her Dance Moves Since 13 Years Of Age, Meet Anasua Chowdhury

Anasua Chowdhury, The Huma Ali of one of India’s most watched and popular teenage show, Dil Dosti Dance and was also a finalist of India’s Got Talent Season 5 and is now the contestant of Dance plus Season 3. Professionally trained in Kathak style of dance from Birju Maharaj, she’s been performing on stage since she was 13 years of age. She is a young ball of talent and we can’t wait to explore her story. Keep reading down below.

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Dacing it out with Govinda #HeroNo1

In conversation with Anasua Chowdhury :

1. Anasua, you were a part of India’s most watched show on channel V, D3. How was your experience with the show?

D3 was my first show ever and it will always be special and the closest to me. My experience in the show was amazing. From learning how to act, to grow as a dancer and as an artist, that show has taught me a lot. Also the love and support I got, as being Huma in the show, was insane!! Never ever had I thought people would come to see me everyday just to take pictures with me and to take my autograph during the show. It was definitely a dream come true for me.

2. Dancing is a hobby many people have, but very few can reach heights in dancing as you did. How did you manage to get this success?

There are a lot of things responsible for the success I have got in my field. My 13 years of training in the classical dance form Kathak has helped me to be a better dancer not just in classical dance but in other dance styles as well. The support I get from my family has pushed me to achieve what I have today. Special mention to my fans who give me immense love and support no matter what. This motivates me a lot. Lastly and mainly my passion for my dance has made me what I am today. I am way too passionate about my dancing and that is the reason why I have been able to achieve the success.

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The dynamic -Anasua Chowdhury

3. Since when did you start pursuing your career in dance?

I started pursuing my career in dance from the time of India’s Got Talent season 5. I was 18 years old then and becoming a finalist of such a grand show was a great feeling for me that motivated me to make my career in dance.

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4. Acting in a show like D3 must be hard work. How did you manage to get the show?

Getting a show like D3 that too as the main lead was a big challenge for me. It was my first show ever, on top of that the audience had lots of expectations from me. To match up to that was quite difficult for me but with time I got used to it and I connected to the audience and people started loving Huma ( my character in the show). I had to audition a couple of times to get the show that goes for both acting and dancing. First audition was via mail when I had auditioned from Kolkata. When they liked me, I had to travel to Mumbai to go for the look test and finally got in.


5. Everyone has ups and downs in life. Anasua, where did you feel like you’re going down but got up again?

By god’s grace and my family support I have not seen such a downfall in my career yet. There have been times though where there was no project in my hand, but I would utilize the time and do something fruitful plus I had my college going on too.

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From the House of Suraj-Anasua Chowdhury

6. What was your aim since childhood ? Do you always wanted to be a dancer or had any other desires too?

Here comes a tricky question! Haha. Well I did start dancing at the age of 3 but i never really thought of taking up dance as my career. I wanted to be a fashion designer first but like every other teenager my choices kept changing with time. Then I wanted to become a doctor so i had started taking special classes for medical. Then I switched to Engineering! In fact, I had signed up for the 5 years of integrated engineering course as well. One year of college passed by when I got a call from India’s Got Talent. From then on my life changed, and I knew I belonged to dance alone and for good. My family supported me throughout.

7. Who are the people who have always stood behind you no matter what? How have they played an important role in your life?

My family has always been there for me no matter what. They have always supported me and motivated me to do better and to never give up! I don’t have many friends but I have a few close friends and they are my strength. They make me feel like home as i stay away from my family. Lastly, I believe in the universe and the universe gives you the power just when you need it the most and helps you throughout.

Anasua giving a wow performance in IGT 5

8. What message are you willing to give to our readers who have the same ambitions as yours?

My message to all you aspiring artists is that never lose hope and always keep trying till you are satisfied. Be passionate, be confident and be strong. When you know you have it in you and you can make it big someday, just work towards your goal, you will definitely achieve it. And always be positive and grateful for everything. Much love. 🙂

Such an inspiring story and to connect with her. Click on the link below :

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