Funding of 3 crores received by 10th standard students of Jaipur for their water drink startup “Infusion”


Three school students of 10th standard from Jaipur naming Chetanya Golecha, Utsav Jain, and Mragank Gujjar broke the hesitation of starting up a venture at an early age by receiving a whopping INR 3 Crores in funding for their startup “Infusion”. It is a beverage venture which is set to revolutionize the beverage industry forever by producing no preservative and zero calorie soft drinks thereby replacing the unhealthy drinks in the market. The startup “Infusion” began its journey from the moment the trio delivered 150 bottles of their drink successfully and on time.

1. A startup which starts on such a large scale requires a very refine knowledge. What are your views on it?

Yes, it is true that doing a startup on a large scale requires immense knowledge. The only way we learned how to get things to work was to try and fail, failure is the best way to get an experience of something. Other than that, our mentor Mr. Paresh Gupta provided us with huge support and guided us throughout the way.

2. What was the idea behind bringing up Infusion?

We noticed that the fizzy drinks which are a huge buzz in market these days are not only just unhealthy but also acidic, and the worst part was that people have uncontrollably become addicted to these kinds of products; our inspiration was to offer people something healthier and better, something they deserved.

3. How did this dream of setting up “Infusion” actually begin in your lives?

It started with a startup competition our school hosted, we pitched the idea and it was termed “impractical”, we did not give up then and there. We sought to counsel from our mentor and started doing a lot of competitions our main motive was not to win but to see and learn from other startups and their ways of working, slowly our efforts started getting recognized and today our company is valued over ten crores.


4. Who acted as your mentor and inspiration throughout the process of starting up this project?

The main contributors to this project were Mr. Paresh Gupta, the country lead for head start and our mentor from day one, The Malviya national institute of technology [MNIT] took us under their wings and incubated us with Mr. Awadesh Bhardwaj and DR. Monika who never hesitated to help us achieve our goals.

5.  When did your idea claim a space for itself in the hearts of others?

We started expanding our sales in and around Jaipur and we went to IIM Ahmedabad for the annual investors meet, there we got the funding we desperately needed.

6. To get a start is not easy and nor is the period after it, easy. What are the key factors in starting up a project according to you?

Doing a startup requires devotion and a lot of energy, but we needed time to manage our academics, the reason why we chose a team of six members was so that the work can be divided and the progress never stops. The reason where we are today is because of our teamwork.

7. How has your school acted on your indulgence in this project?

Our school has been very supportive of our venture. Our principal, Ms. Indu Dubey, and our Vice Principal Ms. Shilpa Gupta provided us with guidance on the way forward. Everybody in school has been in supportive of us and have encouraged us in achieving success through this venture.


8. How do you look at the future through this startup “Infusion”?

We plan on covering the whole country by the time we finish our twelvth grade, the buyers love the product and its innovative cap technology, the strategy we use to expand our sales is called the ‘pocket money policy’, in which the person who gets our product tied up with a café’ get 10% of the profit. This way the product actually markets itself without much effort, we have been successful in covering Rajasthan and parts of NCR.

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9. What are the titles that you have received so far because of your success through “Infusion”?

We have been recognized as ‘the youngest entrepreneurs of Rajasthan’, we got the third position in IIT Kanpur, second in Narseemonjee, we have also received cash prizes up to 14 lakhs and got a funding of 3.5 crores. We are currently the youngest and the most successful entrepreneurs of our state.

10. How do you see the future of “Infusion” on the international market?

Infusion has the potential to replace soda and the unhealthy fizzy drinks and can revolutionize the beverage industry forever, the factor which sets it apart is the no preservative, zero calorie ingredients. With proper support, this idea can even be applied on an international scale and can rival multinational giants, in the end, all that matters it determination, spirit, and hard work.

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