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Former Miss India & Bollywood Actress, Zoya Afroz Reveals The Mystery Behind Winning The Title At Just 18!

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Zoya Afroz was born in ‘Nawabo ka Sheher‘ Lucknow. Her parents had a tough time in balancing her school and shoot because she was a child artist! A born actor! Later she studied in Mithibai College. That was when Miss India happened and her life changed completely. Her first film as the Lead Actress in The Xposé and the songs got her immense recognition and now she is all geared up to take Bollywood by storm!

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Read on Zoya’s Life Story :

Q)  We know that you have worked as child artist in many films, how did that come your way?

A) My mom took me to a lot of auditions when i was young. One of which was for the cult film “Hum Saath Saath Hain” and  Sooraj Badjatya Ji liked my audition and he casted me for that role after which I did a lot of ads and movies.

Q) As a child you have worked with stars like Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan and lot more! Tell us how did it feel then? And how do you feel about it now?

A) When I look back now, I think I had no idea that I was working with superstars. As a four year old, I just used to enjoy my time on sets and have fun while doing the scenes. I was a pampered kid on the sets and used to enjoy all the attention but also loved performing in front of the camera with all of them. They really used to help me. During “chanda mama” song I couldn’t get the lyrics so Saif and Karishma taught me how to lip synchronize the song.

Q) Among all the stars you have worked with, who was your favorite and why?

A) All of them were amazing. Salman Khan used to get chocolates every time, Saif Ali Khan used to teach me Lyrics, Abhishek Bachchan would play riddles with me. So I had a great fun time on the sets always.


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Q) You were already a child artist, then why did you choose to participate in Miss India beauty pageant?

A) Miss India was a dream. And that dream came true quite earlier than I expected. I was crowned at the age of eighteen and that is only because I thought of achieving this dream everyday of my life. Now I truly believe in the saying “ what you seek is seeking you

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Q)  At such a young age, you featured in commercials and movies and now Miss India, how do you manage this much of adulation and attention that you receive?

A) An actor wants people to appreciate their work and recognize them for their art and it is always nice when your audience loves you.

Q) How did you manage acting with studies during your school?

A) It is tough but not impossible. I used to juggle between the two and used to study on the sets during my free time. I never missed school. In the morning I used to go to school and shoot later in the day. But it was a lot of fun as I used to love acting in front of the camera.

Q) It is hard to manage studies and other interests, what would your advice be to aspiring models and actors?

A) When you try to achieve something that is tough and out of the league, that is when you make your mark and come out victorious.


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