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Every Indian Must Read This! With The Motto Of ‘Educate, Organise, Liberate’, Youth United Foundation Is Working Wonders!

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We often hear this in some films or from a philosopher that ‘Society Gets Spoiled Not Because of Incapable But Because of the Silence from Capable One.’ In order to bring some change in few section of society, few youngsters came together and today their efforts have shown results in the form of this Organisation which is active from Mumbai and later they widened the network in few other states in India.

The Beginning of Youth United Foundation.

As it is mentioned above, this organisation got established by some of the youngsters from Mumbai (featured in above picture) on 20th January 2016 under Societies Act 1860. Their main aim is to unite youth of our nation in order to consolidate their power to bring change through social campaign. With the motto of ‘Educate, Organise, Liberate’, it strongly believes that youth of our nation can be strongest propagator of positive aspects if their abilities are channelled in right direction.


This organisation of youngsters are firmly committed to social service. The key vision of this organisation is to harness the potential of youths in order to bring significant change in society. As currently there are many social problems which are weakening the society from inside. It has both short and long term goals as well to deal with the weaker sections of society. Organisation firmly desires to amalgamate today’s youth and establish platform to raise their voice.

This organisation strives to obtain participation of youth in policy formation, decision building and nation building.

While speaking with Founder Tishnagat Waghmare, he shared about the journey of his team and how their organisation spread their wings in other parts of country.

let’s know more about Youth United foundation.

youth united foundation
Team of Youth United Foundation with Education Minister Mr. Vinod Tawde

What inspired you to get this organisation established?

As we all know, the youth are the major stakeholders in the population of this country today. Over 65% population is below the age of 35 and and over 52% population is below the age of 25. But these facts and figures are of no use if we do not convert it into our strength. For this to happen, it is very important that the youth of India are united into a single entity, on a single non political, non religious platform. And Youth United Foundation is here to be that platform!

As your motto says ‘Educate, Organise, Liberate’, how it is getting executed in your concerned sections?

Our motto Educate, Organise, Liberate are actually the steps that we are following in achieving our ultimate goal. ‘Educate’ here is the primary need of educating and creating awareness among the youth about their responsibilities, making them realize their talent, their potential and their strengths as the largest stakeholders in the population. Then the youth needs to be on a single platform and their voices should be converged into a single unified voice which would be heard loud and clear by the authorities, therefore they need to get ‘organized’ and unified. And when the youth will be educated and organized, only then we can liberate our society from social evils like illiteracy, corruption, hunger, poverty, caste based discrimination, religious conflicts, atrocities against women and children, inequality in the health sector, etc.

Currently you are active in five States, in which state you are witnessing the conducive conditions to put forward your goals?

Yeah, currently we are active in 5 states namely Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Maharashtra. And I must say that our teams in all these 5 states are working tirelessly to achieve our goals.

To grow as an organization, our members would need exposure to a wide range of problems and issues. And Maharashtra is a state where we could get to touch upon and find solutions over various issues ranging from education to health to cast based conflicts etc. Therefore I think we are witnessing conducive conditions in Maharashtra to put forward our goals.

Can you brief us regarding one of your program called ‘Vision to Score’?

Vision To Score was a very unique fundraiser event that was organized by us. It was a football tournament for visually challenged football enthusiasts. The funds that were raised through this event, were used to provide professional training to these visually impaired players, and also for sending them to various places for tournaments and matches. Vision To Score got a huge response from all sections of the society because our motive was to promote this amazing sport called ‘Blind Football’.

Blind Football under Vision To Score

How was the response to the debate conducted by you about our education system? Can you tell us what kind of suggestions you received from students?

Youth United Foundations ‘You for Education’,  sets a perfect example of how we students can assume roles of policy makers.
Standing true to it’s motto – ‘Educate – Organise – Liberate’, Youth United Foundation organized a two day city wide discussion among various degree colleges of Mumbai, Thane and New Mumbai. Over 150 students were part of this event. The theme for the discussion was ‘School Education System of Maharashtra’ with a special focus on the New Education Policy that is currently on the drafting table. The participants had to look out for the problems in the current education system and come up with creative, innovative and viable solutions to these problems.
A Twenty Point Thesis of the most practical and implementable points that came out from the discussion, was presented to the Education Minister of the State, Mr. Vinod Tawde, and he forwarded the Thesis to the Union MHRD. The broad topic of school education in Maharashtra was divided into five sub topics namely,
1.Gender Factor in the Education System.
2. Right to Education Act, 2009.
3. Teaching methods, Condition of teachers and Syllabus.
4. Infrastructure and Administration.
5. Public Schooling and Private Schooling.
The colleges were clubbed and divided into these 5 groups. To refine the views and ideas of each group, a moderator was assigned to each group. The discussion was held for one and a half hour and solutions were picked on three criterias namely feasibility, economic feasibility and social importance. Presentations were made by the group with drafts made during the discussion session. Each group was given ten minutes to present their problem and their perspective of the solution. A team of esteemed panelists compiled the best points of the presentation into a bag of over three hundred attainable and effective solutions.
The second day introduced the unveiling of the twenty point thesis. It was scrutinized before formulating it into a document which would be given to Mr Vinod Tawde. The success of the event was not in the vast knowledge of resources but in initiating the thought process in 150 youth across Mumbai. Youth United Foundation will always try to initiate a change but ultimately the change will start with YOU.

Since you are so active, not just in Maharashtra, have your efforts ever got noticed by government? Any accolades you received?

Yes, the Maharashtra Government’s Education department, gave recognition to our Thesis that was drafted at our You for Education Symposium and it was sent to the Union Ministry of HRD. Our Gujarat Chapter has recently conducted a symposium on the Traffic problems on the Roads of major cities of Gujarat. A 10 Point Thesis was drafted and submitted to the Road & Transport Minister of Gujarat Shri Vallabh Kakadiya.

Lastly, how according to you youth can be directed towards doing something productive and contribute in your mission?

As we all know, currently, India is the youngest country in the world. Around 800 million people are youth (are under the age of 35). This is not just a number, this is the magic figure that will shape India’s destiny. The youth are the architects of India’s future. We just need to channelize their efforts into the right direction and show them the right path. We need to invoke the spirit of inclusive nationalism among the youth. We need to put forward the idea of “India First” in their minds. We need to break the narrow fragmented mindsets and bring the youth on a single and unified platform. Youth United Foundation is here to do all of this and we will always strive & fight for youth participation in Policy formulation, Decision making and Nation building!


So guys aren’t these youngsters are doing something different by coming out of their comfort zone? Please comment and share this story to reach out to maximum people!

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