Winning more than 100 medals, She has represented West Bengal in Interstate Swimming Championship

Shehreen Zoha a swimmer by birth, has presented her state(West Bengal) in Interstate Swimming Championship & has won more than 100 medals. She is a student of 3rd year undergrad in B.Com (Hons) from  Bhawanipur Education Society College, Kolkata & recently got a sports scholarship from her college for extraordinary dedication and achievement towards swimming. She has also participated in CBSE zonal meet, National school games and University Meet.

Get to know, what does she has to say about her journey.

  1. More than 100 medals, so many trophies, how do you feel?

I feel absolutely proud of myself being a girl. As I have proved that not only boys but girls are equally capable of achieving and reaching to great heights.

Medals and trophies
Medals and Trophies
  1. You presented West Bengal at national level/inter state level. What was your aim?

My aim was to win gold medals in as many events as possible and prove my hard work and enthusiasm to everyone. Also, I always wished to make my coach and my parents feel proud at me. The state level championship helped me to notify the level of competition & participate in future big events.

  1. You earned a sports scholarship which is not easy, how did you do that?

Winning medals in Calcutta University Meet and making my college proud helped me grab sports scholarship. It would not have been possible without my parents support and encouragement throughout my journey so far.

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  1. You come from a family where girls are not allowed to participate in sports tournaments, how did your parents agree?

There’s nothing about the family. Being a Muslim doesn’t mean we can’t excel or we don’t have the opportunity to be famous. My parents stood beside me and supported me throughout to build myself. Being a girl I feel really proud in today’s generation.


  1. How your parents reacted for your achievements?

They feel very happy, proud, honored & show satisfaction towards my achievements. They are very proud parents to see me at this stage in life. And I always respect their support.

  1. Have you thought of participating in Asian Games and representing India in International level?

Representing India now would really make me focus more on sports than academics. I want to work for myself and representing country is a part of it, but I haven’t thought about it, lately.

Shehreen accepting medal

  1. Where do you want to focus in future, studies or sports?

I don’t want to give up on studies because I want to work for my passion and that is my dad’s dream. So my aim is to achieve mine and his dream together.

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