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Real Talent Shines Regardless Of How Many Are Behind You! Here Are The Winners Of Talent Hunt Week 3 !

talent hunt best songs

“Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the place where it leads.”

A week filled with amusing musical chords!

A week filled with ingenious photography skills!

A week filled with extremely innovative poems and sketches!!

A week filled with the best entries so far!!

The world of talented people decided to send in their entries in the third week and make the competition extremely intricate. Being astounded by the art of originality and uniqueness, it became enormously intriguing for our judges to select the élite entries among a handsome number of miscellaneous and bewildering submissions.
The judgement has been on the basis of quality and the response from public on each entry. With over 5000 views and over 1000 likes, comments and shares merged with majestic and eye-catching creativity, the judges indeed found it a “hard nut to crack”. 

With an intense hour of deliberations, they finally arrived at a fruitful conclusion.

Any guesses ?

In the first position we have Dhanjit Talukdar, Category : Musical Instrument !

O my envy of the moon, when her eyes first met mine, we were indeed overjoyed

With her own hands, she spread a sheet of flowers on his grave – how delightful!


 The second position has been captured by a singer , Girish J Kaktikar !

Those letters that I wrote to you became a wondrous sight of a thousand colors!
When morning came, they became flowers!
When night fell, they became stars !


The third position has been grabbed by a photographer , Souvik Roy Choudhury and a poet , Prerna Prasad !


Souvik’s Snap :

Talent Hunt

Souvik’s snap indeed reminded us that the camera is a “SAVE” button for the minds eye !

Prerna’s poem :

Talent Hunt

Prerna’s poem indeed reminded us that a real hero does not have a name on the back of their jersey but their country’s flag on the arm of their uniform.


So, all four of you, be ready for the amazon gift vouchers on and gear up for telling us your stories! Your stories will soon be featured!

The winners will be getting AMAZON GIFT VOUCHERS worth Rs 1000 and Rs 500!

Start submitting entries for the next week.

Submit us your entries at [email protected] or [email protected] if you think you have that spur in you!

Do not forget to mention your full name and talent category

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