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This Engineer innovated a Special Gating System for public transport to help senior citizens in easy boarding

Getting inspired from Curiosity is the mother of all inventions, Sourabh Nahata has proved that if one has caliber and skills, he can do wonders. Currently pursuing Engineering from IET-DAVV Indore, Sourabh has proved himself by  making no less than 13 inventions. He has also won first prize at the prestigious innovation contest held by IIT-D and MHRD and felicitated at several others competitions. His inventions are mainly focused on solving common society problems.

1.You have a deep interest in science and technology. Is it from the beginning or triggered with any incident?

Actually when I was a kid, I was fascinated about scientific things and always tried to open different devices to know how they work. But during my 11th n 12th class, my teacher, Mr. Vipin Jain  explained different mechanisms and related them with real world and gadgets. All this drew my interest and passion towards science and technology.

2. What exactly was the project that you presented at innovation contest held by IIT Delhi and MHRD?

The project was focused to help differently abled persons. Once during my train journey, I had observed that old aged people and physically challenged people face problems while boarding the train as there is some gap between the gate of the train and the platform. Then the idea of innovating a gate which can solve this problem to some extent struck me. This is the common problem for all public transports. I made a gate design for public and private transport which bridges the gap between the base of the vehicle and the ground by the means of inbuilt slope formation mechanism.

sourabh nahata


3. What are the chances of getting your project implemented nationwide?

Although it is quite tough to answer this question but Indian railways is conducting a competition for the same problem now, which I solved previously. Still some pros and cons have to be figured out!

4. Which genre of problem you target most to simplify with your inventions?

As an innovator I always try to figure out a problem which if solved will have mass impact. In all the products, which I have designed till now, I have always tried to solve the social issues which in some or the other way will help people of my country.

sourabh nahata

5. What are other glorious achievements? We have heard soon you will have 13 patents under your  name.

For me, the biggest achievement is failing a number of times before getting success in different phases of my life. I have learnt a lot during these ups and downs. Talking about patents, getting a patent is not that easy as designing a product. I have designed 13 products yet, and will try to get the patents for them.

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6. You have a passion for entrepreneurship too? Is it right and where does it come from?

Yes, I am passionate about entrepreneurship. For me, Entrepreneurship is all about solving problems and I always have a knack of solving problems.

7. Any Message to inspire audience ?

Try to do something which the other millions of people are not doing, in the process you might succeed or else you will learn a lot of things. Always try to do things differently. I would like to quote some words by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam “ DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE, ACHIEVE THE INCREDIBLE”.

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