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Photography Is The Story He Fails To Put Into Words – Meet The Sensational Photographer, Shivam Bapat


“Live a life of Design, not default”

Meet the sensational photographer , Shivam Bapat  who has always believed in hard work and his efficiency that has allowed him to be a successful photographer. Shivam is very passionate about his photography and loves travelling  He plans to hit the big screen soon and looking at his works it doesn’t seem that the day is far away. He calls himself a photographer, traveler, writer and seeker of the truth. He makes travel blogs and videos on YouTube and posts daily content on Instagram

Let us go straight to Shivam who drives us through his journey-

So deep in his thoughts , looking for a perfect capture


How has been your experience working with brands like TedX , Prithvi Theatre and Sony Music India ! Walk us through the things you have learnt as a photographer by these experiences

Prithvi Theatre was my first job as a photographer when I was at college. It exposed me to an industry I had seen only in Bombay Times. Working with these brands helped me meet some incredibly talented and passionate people who inspired me enough to find my calling and seize it. On the other hand, the one thing I realized as I worked with these labels parallel to smaller names and brands, all that matters is the Art and the willingness to grow.

Exactly what it is you want to say through your photographs and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

I started out as an amateur photographer on Instagram and I did not see a picture as a story, I saw a picture as a picture until I got better at my skill and my perspective got sharper and a narrative started to flow out of a still. I did not have to try, it just happened.

What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?

The feeling of showing the same differently to the world is what motivates me to take the endless amount of picture that I land up taking on a a daily basis on my iPhone, GoPro and DSLR Camera. I’m never bored or lazy to take a picture. It gives a sense of purpose to my life.

Just imagine you have gone to a company for the job of a photographer and the first question they ask you is “ Why shall we hire you? “ and next to show them a unique photograph without using your camera. What will be your answer?

I’d look around and tell them how I can see endless avenues of creating a unique frame in the room that they must not have even thought of, and that would be the exact reason why I should be hired.

The old generation was a generation of original photographs and the current generation is a generation of filters and effects. What are your views on this?

Photography has evolved and so have the edits. There is no harm in editing an image to beautify it till it does not take away the essence of the image itself. Filters are a social media trend. We need new things we keep ourselves hooked to our social media apps and they know exactly what to offer.

One of his favourite clicks

For you how important is content vs form in street photography? Do you think for you one plays a stronger role than the other?

I don’t do street photography as my major beat of the art. I do travel and fashion. But CONTENT is king. Content is what helps us build a story line and a narrative to the frame.


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When you are out shooting- how much of it is instinctual vs planned?

A part of it is always planned but a major chunk of it it instinctual too. Its a combination of the two. You can never pre-plan a shoot A to Z, how ever pre-planned you are, some or the other surprise has to come your way. It’s a situational test.

Anything you would like to say to other young aspiring photographers

You’ve chosen to be a story teller through the frames you shoot and the drama you capture. Make it worth the time of the people who see it and try to best to leave a mark.


Connect with Shivam-

Facebook – @shivamspeaks

Instagram – @thebalconyofinfinity

Youtube – @shivambapat

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