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Praval Sharma Ji ( Sharma Ji Technical ) In An Exclusive Interview About His 2 Year Old Daughter- ‘Varchasvi Sharma’ Who Is The Youngest Youtube Sensation !

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Today, in the house of Student Stories we have a very popular Father- Daugther Duo who are insanely popular on Youtube for their amazing and informative videos. Meet the very cute and smart 2 year old ‘Varchasvi Sharma’ who is a real sweet heart and she has a popular Youtube channel ‘Varchasvi Sharma’ which has 22k+ subscribers already. She is daughter of none other than Praval Sharma Ji  who is the most famous and respected youtuber. His channel Sharma Ji Technical  is a Hindi tech review channel which has over 617K subscribers. He made his youtube channel for solving all kind of technical questions in Hindi for the better understanding between students and technical subjects. His youtube videos are extremely informative and helpful and he gives the most honest reviews of all the popular technology related products and items in the market during his live uboxing videos. He is a very intelligent personality and he urges youth to think out of the box and learn technical aspects of things, so that they can shape their career well.

varchasvui sharma youtuber pic sharmaji
The cute and super popular youtuber- Varchasvi Sharma

In conversation with Praval Sharma Ji :

Hello Sir ! It’s great having you here with Student Stories. Can you tell our readers a bit more about yourself and your cute daughter ?

I am a dropout from a corporate job, started something unique on YouTube, to break the stereotype thinking. My daughter Varchasvi is a blessing to me and she has completed our family. Since the day she was able to hold a smartphone, she started watching youtube videos, so I started a channel on her name ‘Varchasvi Sharma’. In western culture this is a very popular trend and I thought of starting this in India as well and by the grace of God, it’s going really well.

Your Youtube channel ‘Sharma ji Technical’ is widely popular. What was the inspiration behind starting this channel ? We would like to know, why did you choose this particular genre of youtube videos ?

In 2013-2014, I started watching many video reviews on youtube, being a tech person I used to explore many youtube channels in India and many other counties as well. Then I tried to search about a channel which has Hindi reviews but there was no such channel available. So, I gave it a try and started making tech videos in Hindi. In very few days, people started recognizing me and I got the accepted reach. In 2 years of time, I crossed 5 Lakh subscribers on my channel. So, making content in Hindi is the main inspiration behind my channel.

youtbe hindi tech reviews pravel sharma ji interview

Sir tell us something more about your 2 year old adorable and super talented daughter who is also a popular youtuber. How did it stuck you to include Varchasvi in your youtube videos ?

As I mentioned above she started exploring youtube videos without even knowing how to search. She could open Youtube and would watch endless number of videos. She is a youtube expert. She is very spontaneous and talkative so, I started making her videos. She is very cute and everyone says the same, so I thought why not make her videos and share. Initially I started taking her in my Live Videos, so many of our Tech Channel viewers liked that, so I started making weekly 1 Video with her in my channel, t get her some more subscribers. Now she has more than 22k+ subscribers.

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What are the challenges you faced while making youtube videos with your daughter and how much fun is it ?

Answer – Making videos with her is always fun, challenges though are many. She doesn’t understand the concept of a video, she just understands that she can watch herself again in youtube app. We usually have to do many re-takes and sometimes she doesn’t want to shoot the video itself and then I have  to make some agreement that we will do this if you make a video or will go to a park and then only she agrees.

We all know children are quite moody and difficult to handle at times. Any such incident with Varchasvi while you were trying to make your another popular video? Does she suggest you any ideas about her Youtube videos as she is very young and might be curious about things?

Answer – Varchasvi does most of our non-tech products unboxing, so I try to put some part of her contribution in my videos. She  likes to unbox the products very much and always asks me that which new phone I got today.

varchasvui sharma cute youtuber
Sharma Ji with his daughter- Varchasvi Sharma

How do you keep things interesting in your channel and what all strategies you use in making your videos? Do you draw inspiration from any other youtubers as well ?

Answer – Today, entertainment is very important part of the youtube scenario. I try to keep my videos different from others. I try to motivate people and share some jokes in my tech video, so the video does not feel to techy to viewers and becomes more interesting and fun to watch.

Any piece of advice for the young asprinig youtubers who want to be popular in this field like you?

Answer – I always say in my videos “Kaam aisa karo jo duniya me koi dusra naa karta ho, ya phir kaam aise karo ki andaaz hi sabse alag ho”. So this is my one advice to all the youtubers, because today youtube is becoming a copying platform instead of doing something original and then becoming popular. i urge everyone to be very original and never copy others.

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