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Is “Google” Your Dream Company? Success Secrets From Mayank Bhura Who Secured A Pre-Placement Offer From Google!


Mayank Bhura was born in Sardarshahr, Rajasthan and a successful Software Engineer. He is merely 23 years old and already living his dream life, working for Google. This young man was fond of coding since his school time and dreamed of pursuing his career in the coding field. Mayank had interned with Google and soon enough secured a pre-placement offer. He shared his success mantra and some important tips of being a successful Engineer:

     1. Tell us about your internship period at Google.

I had interned at Google Banglore during May-July 2015. My project was on ios development. I was given an end to end project that could have real impact and I was able to learn a lot from it. People there are really helpful and they help to answer any questions you might have. Apart from that, we interns enjoyed the tons of perks of working at Google, like free food, micro-kitchens, massage chairs, game rooms and more.

     2. Why did you choose Google, what attracted you the most?

I wouldn’t say that I had put much thought about that exact company I wanted to work for. I was just a college student without any job experience, so my aim was to get into any of the big tech giants. I also got job offer from Microsoft but I went for Google, since I had good experience while interning there and wanted to return as an employee.

     3. When did you decide to pursue software engineering?

I think that it was always in my mind since high school. After 10th, I decided to take up Computer Science. I was merely interested in programming. Over time, the interest grew and I realized I would like to make a career in that field.



      4. How did you feel after securing the pre-placement offer at Google? Did you expect it or it was a pleasant surprise?

To say that I was on cloud nine, would be an understatement. I still remember when I was leaving for a morning class from my hostel and saw the mail on my phone. I called up my mother on the way and told my friends at class. All were ecstatic. Finally the hard work had paid off.

    5. Tell us about your educational background. Where did you go for schooling?

I studied at the St. Thomas’ Boys’ School in Kolkata. I completed my engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka in the year 2016.

    6. Who had been your support system throughout your journey so far?

My parents, teachers and friends. Throughout life, there have been only my parents who stood by me all the time and supported me. As for teachers, I would like to thank my Math and Computer Science teachers. Then there are my internship mentors who have a huge contribution in whatever I gained during the internship. Throughout college, away from home; it was mainly friends and a few of my teachers as my support system.


    7. Who is your true inspiration in the field, someone you look up to?

Like many others, I look upto the founders of the big tech companies in particular, Google, Facebook and Microsoft. I have watched lots of documentaries on them and always have been fascinated by what feats they have achieved and how.

   8. When you were a kid, what were you like? Studious and hardworking, I imagine?

I used to study hard when it came to academics but I also loved playing cricket and cycling with my friends. None of my friends can call me a nerd.

   9. What are your future goals? Where do you see yourself in the coming five years?

The future is ofcourse not known to anybody. But presumably, I will still be in the tech field, since I love this field so much. Let’s see.

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   10. What piece of advice would you give to the students who have just started out in the field of coding?

Focus on the algorithms, data structures and OOP. Algorithms and Data structures are the most important fields. Start building a good and crisp resume. It is common to get distracted but remember to narrow down those choices and focus on what you like. Maintaining a decent GPA is important to clear cut-offs for placements. Try to get real life experience. Internships teach you what kind of work you will be doing once you get a job.



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