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Madhav Mahajan made a comeback with great success of his cover “Channa Mereya” after throat infection

Madhav Mahajan MBBS graduate (2016) from Maharishi Markandeshwar Medical College, Ambala(Haryana) is making a mark in the musical industry by making covers of various songs and sharing it on his facebook page. His recent cover of “Channa Mereya” was a sensation on facebook. Madhav Mahajan after having a tough hurdle of medical sufferings has now finally after showing courage build up a name for himself.

1. When did you decide to sing and create the facebook page? What motivated you to take up the social media platform as the main source to reach the audience?

I used to sing since my childhood, And I always kept it as my Hobby but last year (In 2016) after completing my Graduation, I started realizing that I am wasting my talent, So I finally decided to make singing as my profession. I created my Facebook page back in June 2013 but became more Active on my Page in 2016 because of its increasing popularity.

2. Every outreacher has his/her own hurdles to conquer be it an entrepreneur or a singer. What were your hurdles?

Yes, every field has some problems and issues. Well, art is beautiful but it becomes more beautiful when an Artist faces the struggle. Well, the major hurdle which I faced was related to my health issues. It was three years ago, suddenly I felt that I was not unable to sing properly, my voice started cracking and it was getting distorted. I had trouble in singing on high pitch and it started shaking as well. I waited for few days that this problem will get fixed on its own but it aggravated. So I went to ENT specialist and was diagnosed with Vocal Nodules. This was very difficult time for me. I even thought of leaving singing for once. I didn’t even upload any cover on social media for almost 2 Years.

3. What was in your mind when you started the page. What did you expect that would happen?

I created my Facebook Page in June 2013. I started uploading covers on my Youtube channel in 2009, but there was not a much-initiated trend of Youtube at that time in India. My Page started getting recognition when my cover “Channa Mereya” got viral on Facebook. After that, I uploaded many Covers Such as “Enna Sona & Ae Zindagi” , received so much of love and support from the audience. Now I am soon going to release my own single track.

4. You have come so far, who has been your inspiration?

My first inspiration for singing was my Dad who himself is a great singer and a very hardworking person. Hereafter, as you grow up and have a passion for something, you keep yourself motivated and inspired towards your goal. You take inspiration from small things, be that a movie or another person or some real life incidence.

5. We have a lot of enriching talents in the vast genre of music. In the music industry who is your favorite?

Our Music Industry is full of Gems. You just can’t pick anyone. I have many favorites starting from Mohd. Rafi to Kishore Kumar to Sonu Nigam to Hariharan. The list keeps growing. And I am very thankful to every artist of the Music industry as I have never taken any music training and kept on learning from them.

6. Music in itself is a defining term. What is music to you?

Music is divine to me. The feeling I get while singing or making a new cover is something I don’t feel like when I do anything else. Music to me is (like breathing) everything. Music is what completes me.

7. What will be your tip for the youth who want to engage and start their career in music?

My tip for youth is to keep on trying and never stop. If you are talented and hard working whatever you decide you can achieve. Just keep holding on to your dream and don’t let it go. What a person has to keep in mind is that obstacles and downfall come in every profession.

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8. Everything we do in out life gives us a lesson and experience that remains with u forever. What is the thing that music has taught you?

Music has taught me the importance of hard work. You have to feel it to express yourself. So whatever you do, put your whole heart into it. Nothing can come out of the half-hearted attempt.

9. What is the best memory you have with this talent that you possess?

There are many memories which I will cherish forever picking one would be difficult. I get so much love and appreciation from everyone for which I am really grateful but once I got a message from the composer himself on the track “Sawan Aaya Hai” I covered, that was really uplifting when you get appreciation from the composer even after making changes to his creation, that was a real encouragement.


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