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Yes It’s Possible! AC For Just Rs 1800! This Wonder Girl Has Built It. Meet Kalyani Srivastava


Kalyani Srivastava, 16-year-old from Jhansi, recently built an air conditioner for just Rs 1,800. She is studying in 12th standard at Lokamanya Tilak Inter College in Jhansi and has made the Air Conditioner keeping in mind the environmental pollution and problems.

1.You have participated in national competitions of another genre too. Name a few.

I won more than 50 prizes. I have participated in Indian Idol and made it to the third level and then made this Desi AC for which I have been honored as a part of initiative ‘Naari Samman’ launched by the Uttar Pradesh government because of my social welfare perspective.

2.How did you get the idea of building this low-cost AC?

For the people of Bundelkhand it is not possible that everyone can afford an AC and the heat is unbearable, so I got this idea and transformed into a reality which is being appreciated a lot. The scientists of Japan have invited me to attend the seminar after looking at my project, also it was considered by IIT-Delhi for National Level Competition.

3.Who was most supportive in this journey of yours?

Both of my parents and teachers were very supportive which is the reason that at such an young age, I have achieved so much. I was felicitated along with other women who had excelled in sports, education, art, and social work only because of the constant support of my near and dear ones.

4.How did you prepare the AC? How is it unique?

I prepared the AC in such a way that it does not cause pollution which is the best for environment and it is organized in such a way that it has an ice box made of thermocol that releases air from a 12 volts DC fan and after this the cool air is released from the elbow which reduces the room temperature to 5 degrees if used continuously for an hour.

kalyani srivastav

5.How do you think this project will work for Bundelkhand?

This wonderful project is not just a savior for the people of Bundelkhand but worldwide as it works on solar energy reducing the costs, is pollution free and easy to use. For people of Bundelkhand, it would be easy to buy and won’t even cost heavy electricity bills. Now, students would be able to study in a bit cooler environment escaping the heat.


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6.What are your views on Global Warming? Who acted as your inspiration?

Global warming has been one of the main causes of such high temperature in the country making it difficult for a lot of people to survive. Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ in his address on ‘Mann Ki Baat’ said that climate change is not just confined to academia but people are facing its ill effects on the daily basis which became an inspiration for me to produce environment-friendly as well as cost friendly AC.


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