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Jayant Parab, making computers from E-waste at the age of 16

Jayant Parab, a 16-year-old ,10th standard student makes computers from e-waste. He aims to provide computers to every household as well as solve the rising e-waste issue in the country, killing two birds with one stone. Three years ago, at the age of 13, he had built his first assembled computer. Parab decided to become an e-waste scrap dealer, he could not have imagined that this job would help his son, Jayant achieve a breakthrough in affordable technology.

1.How did you get the idea of making computers from E-waste at such a young age?

Owing to high prices, owning a computer is still a distant dream for many. But if we address the price point, we could be able to change the situation and realize the dream of making it a household necessity. It is possible to build computers from e-waste and produce the cheapest of machines.

Assembled Computer

2.Who has been your inspiration all along your journey?

The cause of the work is inspiration for me! The E-waste problem and the inaccessibility of the poor people towards these luxury gadgets inspire me a lot.

3.How did you parents support you devoting more time to this work? Did it affect your studies?

My parents were worried for me at the beginning but then I proved myself and they are proud of me now. When it comes to studies it did affect me initially but then I dropped school in ninth standard itself. A single paper can’t decide my future. I chose this field and gave my entire time to it.

Jayant Parab

4.When was the first time you encountered this urge to build up a computer from E waste?

In 5th standard, I repaired a laptop which was disposed off. For me, it was an exhibition of extraordinary quality. I had then expressed the desire to address the e-waste problem of the country and bring the computer within reach for the common man. After seeing  E-waste problem in our country (about 9,400 tones of E-waste) is dumped.

5.What are your views on the E waste problem that prevails in the country?

My views are that people are throwing Electronic products as a waste but it can be re-used. Hence E-waste problem can be solved and also people can get affordable computers made from Electronic waste. It solves two problems at a time if seen carefully.

Jayant Parab

6.From where do you get this E waste for making your computers?

I take e-waste from offices, schools, housing societies and individuals as they replace old machines with new ones. I  am working with my father and brother and we have collectively built around 70 computers from e-waste in the past two years. The assembled computers are sold in my father’s shop. Besides, we also use references from people and friends to sell the refurbished computers.

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7.What else do you aspire other than building computers from E waste?

I also want to create job opportunities for less educated, unemployed people. If these people were to undergo training and learn the assembling of a computer, they could earn a living through this job, while it simultaneously solves the pressing problem of e-waste.

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