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“His Heart beats With His Music beats” | One Among The Top 4 in Doordarshan’s Sur- Sirtaj, Gursharan Singh

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Meet  Gursharan Singh , 25 years old  an aspiring Singer from Jalandhar, Punjab. He enjoyed singing and listening to Jagjit singh, Lata mageshkar since childhood.

After participating in Sur Sirtaj, which was aired on Doordarshan, and ending in Top 4, Gursharan has found his way out in Singing.

Gursharan as a Singer since Childhood :

His first performance was in class 3rd, in a talent hunt competition in school. From then he headed towards Inter school Shabad Gayan Competitions, Gazal Gayan Competitions and other Competitions till 10th standard.

Gursharan Singh

I gave my last school performance at farewell with “Hum Rahe Na Rahe kal” song by KK.?  -Gursharan Singh

In College too, he performed in folk category and group category for 3 years in youth festival where he won 6 Golds and 1 bronze, and his one of the best achievements was the bronze medal at Inter university level, for the first time in our college history ?.
He is presently working on Cover projects and Original too that will be released within 3-6 months ?

Gursharan’s Interview:

 1. When did you discover an artist in you?

I used to imitate my sister ( Harman Preet Kaur) at home and listen to Jagjit Singh ji and Lata ji and copy them. One fine day when I performed in my school’s talent hunt Competition in 3rd standard, and got appreciation from all the music staff, started performing at school and interschool events, it was then I discovered this side of mine ?

 2. What actually inspired you to become a singer?

It was not a single person or thing you could say. The inspiration came from everywhere, when you see your gurus perform, the honor and respect they get from everyone, inspired me a lot to do the same. Then my all time inspiration was my sister, I saw her growing in this field in front of me. Rest, essence of music itself inspires you a lot everyday !!

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 3. Tell us something about you as a student in Academics?

Well I was good in studies as my report card and teachers suggest, Till 10th It was my golden time, scoring 90s, but after opting science in +1, I realised that I was a bit average only, but somehow managed to touch 80% mark in +2. Then In my and, I hardly attended classes, the only motivation for college is the youth festival and other cultural activities ?

4. Whom do you consider as your idol in this very field?

First of all, my Gurujis, Harmeet Mam, Praduman Narang ji, B.S. Narang ji. If you talk about the industry, Sonu Nigam sir, Hariharan ji, Jagjit Singh ji, Lata Ji, Bir Singh ji. I want to become somewhat like them only ?

5. What are your upcoming projects ?

Working on Cover mash-ups for my personal channel, our official band channel and collaborations with some artists in the same field. Rest the regular live shows are lined up, as always ?
The most important, we are working on original composition also, Punjabi one, will be completing soon and hopefully release by end of this year ?

6. How was your experience in Sur – Sirtaj? How did your life transform after that?

Well, it was one of the best experience you can say in every perspective! I learned a whole lot of new things, little things which we miss while practice, were highlighted by the mentors and I worked on them, Met new people, learned a lot from each of them! I ended the journey in Top-4. But It was a memorable experience which polished me a lot!
Rest, after the show, I went to Delhi, for live shows and officially started making my social media content ?

Gursharan Singh

 7. Enlist some of your achievements. What struggles did you face for reaching here on this platform where you are today?

Every little trophy I got in school or college is an achievement for my parents ?. But I believe, the bronze I got at Inter university level, was one of the best achievements as we were the first in our college history to achieve this mark ? Then I managed to be in Top-4 of Sur Sirtaj, I was unable to achieve the title, but still it was good achievement you can say ?


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8. Who all were the motivators throughout this journey?

It’s a long list !! Won’t be able to name them all. My Guru Jis, my parents, my sister and one of the best motivators are my friends who support and motivate me in every phase !?

9. What is your key to success?

The only key to success according to me is the regular practice and learning from anything/anyone whenever you get the opportunity. And in today’s time, using the technology and social media platforms fully to present your content, works wonders for everyone ?


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