An Engineering Student, trained under Mary Kom’s team won bronze for Maharashtra in Kickboxing

Honey Singh, an engineering student of Electronics and Telecommunication from KJ Somaiya College, Mumbai has attended a workshop conducted by Mary Kom’s team. At his first shot, he has reached up to the National level in the Kickboxing championship. He has won gold at the district level and bronze at a state level. Kickboxing, being his interest he wants to be a Naval officer. Honey’s interest in Kickboxing started off in his school, KV IIT Powai.

A cheerful, tactful and a promising sportsperson: Honey Singh

1. When and why did you start kickboxing?

My mom always wanted me to look healthy and puffed up and I was very lean and a weak looking guy up to 10th std. Though she never told me so, I always knew, so I joined a gym. I was always into sports, not with interest though(haha). Just to avoid studies I used to play a lot. Working out in the gym and all this playing built my body. The change in me made me realize that I should go for a contact sport and I knew I will do well in it.

2. What inspired you to participate in the kickboxing championship?

There is no particular reason or a source of inspiration. It just comes to you and you start doing it. In my case, I love watching movies. One of my friends gave me a Rocky series and I loved watching it. I started running 10 km every day and as a coincidence, our school had hired a boxing teacher who trained me. I got interested and started practicing regularly after which I got selected for KVS Clusters. Unfortunately, my dad didn’t allow me to go as I had broken my nose just a year back and he was very worried. Things turned around and the sports teacher got transferred. When we shifted to Airoli, my father got convinced and then I joined Ashish Sir’s classes. From there it actually started.

Honey Singh

3. What was your daily routine for the preparation of the championship?

I used to get up at 4 am, go out for a small 6-7 km jog, 3 rounds of skipping and shadow boxing 4 rounds for 3 min each. After coming back from college in the evening, go to class and workout for 2 hours. If I got time in the middle of the day, I visited the gym as well.

4. There are times when we feel demotivated. What was your source of inspiration and motivation? What kept you motivated always?

There was no such time when I felt demotivated. That’s the thing about my parents either they won’t let me go for something or they will make sure I do my best and make sure that I have no problems. I never had such time.

5. Kickboxing: Career or interest?


I have ALWAYS wanted to join the Indian Navy. Kickboxing gives me some sort of satisfaction which can’t be explained in simple words.

6. You have reached up to the National level of the championship at your first attempt. What different did you do or practiced differently?

Well, that’s the thing there are two players at a time in the ring. One can either win or lose and I was just lucky I guess(haha). Besides that I always think about my combinations all the time (literally!). I am a very social and a talkative guy. But suddenly I am enjoying traveling alone to my home from the college just because I enjoy thinking about all the combinations and try them out on the next lampost. I see, if it doesn’t go well I make some changes and try it out on the next one, which sounds a little crazy but yeah, I do that.

7. What qualities should a sportsperson possess according to you?

A sportsperson should know when to let go things and when to work on them because sometimes you just can’t do anything. At that time, trust me, patience helps a lot. Also, letting go every time won’t help you as well. Besides, that introspection matters a lot. A sportsperson should be really calm. Anger is the most lethal enemy for a sportsperson.

8. Any message you want to give to the budding sports persons?

Keep dreaming. You never know which one will come true. Work on your dreams with patience and perseverance.

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