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Have a TECH query? This is the best place you could have landed on! Dhananjay Bhosale – Your guide

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Have a Tech Query? Tweet to Dhananjay Bhosale. This young YouTuber has built up his own twitter community and is very responsive in terms of Tech queries. Dhananjay covers Latest Gadgets, Technology News, Reviews, Trends in Technology along with How to Tutorials. Dhananjay will tell you, how you can get more out of your device by his tutorials on rooting and flashing customs ROMs. At present his YouTube channel has 1,20,058 subscribers and over 16,988,348 views. Dhananjay tells us about his journey.

Q1. How and when did your journey on YouTube begin?

Back in 2014, when I was in 3rd year of my Engineering and had bought Xiaomi Mi3, it was very popular. My intention of buying that device was to make a video on it but it wasn’t that strong. At that time I was using some random Samsung phone with physical buttons on it. I uploaded an unboxing video followed by, “How to Insert a SIM card” (which is not available on channel anymore) & few game plays with the same device. People requested me to do few more videos related to that device and I ended up doing those and while doing that I realized that this is fun and I’m enjoying making content.

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Q2. Tell us about your educational background.

I’m an engineer in Electronics from Mumbai University. I completed my school in Marathi till 7th & Semi English from 8th to 10th. I strongly believe that education imparted in your mother tongue helps you grow creatively.

Q3. How do you keep yourself updated about the latest tech? Where do you find the relevant information for your videos?

I Follow a lot of blogs that are updated with content about the latest Techs. Twitter and Google now are a major contributor too.

Q4. Tell us about your setup- Camera, Editing Software, Tripods, Lights and everything else required to deliver awesome content.

In my opinion, quality of the content is of much more importance than the setup. Video editing, use of tripods and a high-quality camera is like the cherry on the cake.

I use the Panasonic GH4 & Sony Vegas Pro to edit the videos. Natural light from my window and 3 Lights in the room, helps me get enough light for the video. I’m about to add 5 LED bulbs in my lighting setup.

I always keep a pen and a book handy to write down content for the videos. Yes, I prefer Pen and Paper over Word.

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Q5. Tech blogging is one of the most competitive spaces – how do you maintain the edge or lead?

Staying Honest and Genuine are my strongest points. Yes, I agree that it is very competitive right now but my passion for Tech and regular content keeps me going in this space. I’ve also started my own blog ( which will consist of guides supporting my videos to latest tech news.

Q6. How do you acquire review units of smartphones? Would you choose YouTube as a full-time career?

Acquiring Review units are still a little bit difficult for me and I guess my Engineering background has something to do with it. I’m not great when it comes to PR but I’m learning that.

Would I choose to be a full time YouTube Creator? I already am 😉


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Q7. Any tips that you would like to share with aspiring bloggers?

Stay Genuine, Bring your own new ideas if you want to survive in this crowded space. Give blogging or YouTube some time as success is not going to come overnight.

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