Calcutta’s First Online Media House heralds this young lady’s passion

As young as her age might be, the journey of the establishment of Calcutta’s first online media house, namely, Calcutta Chronicles Media is one which heralds this young lady’s introduction.
The academic profile of Ramita Sen, would suggest a second year engineering student but her supreme oratory ability, wonderful organizational skills, knowledge about technical media and above all exceptional leadership skills have paved the road to her success at this tender age.
Ramita’s Calcutta Chronicles Media has given all the colleges and institutes in the city the luxury of having their very own media house.


1.How did you come up with the idea of Calcutta chronicles ?

The idea of Calcutta Chronicles Media was ignited one afternoon while I, along with two other friends were conversing over noodles on how Calcutta lacked a forum that captures and compiles the moving media. Then onwards, there has been no looking back.

2. What inspired you to start online media ?

ramita Calcutta Chronicles

My mother has been the biggest inspiration for every peak of life I have scaled and will always be the aura behind every positive step I take in the long run. And of course, there was abundance of enthusiasm, eagerness and will to get this up and running from the existing team of Calcutta Chronicles.

3. Being a MD and a Co-founder of Calcutta’s first online media house at such a tender age, how do you feel ?

Teams will win world cups but there is only one team which can win the first world cup ever played. Similarly, it’s an overwhelming feeling to lead Calcutta’s first online media house, as you have put it. Absolutely special feeling, it is!

4. How does the company benefit others ?

Videography in Calcutta was seen like a one man job, the person who handles the camera. And then the videographer would ask his/her friend to edit it for them. But what CCM did was to recruit the best in the respective fields, put them together and present a production in a cheaper order for the common mass to afford it. We made quality affordable. We also offer photography and written coverage along with the online promotion of the event.

5. Would you continue with your studies in future ?

Yes, definitely. My area of academics would probably come closer to how a camera works being an engineer, rather than how to take good photographs or videos with it! Still I love my academic and professional life equally. If they meet at any threshold, I would be elated.

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6. What is the aim of your media house ?calcutta chronicles

Of course, majority of us belonging to the college fraternity, our targeted community is the fests across the heart of Calcutta and capturing those evergreen moments in moving media. The aim is to cover every college fest in Calcutta, and of course being an optimistic aspirer to expand it all over India in years to come. Now, any person can tell are long shots but nobody’s getting poorer dreaming big so we keep our fingers crossed and hopes high.

7. How would you describe your work as an entrepreneur ?

I don’t believe in autocracy. My team and I share a bond of friendship where everyone chips in with novel ideas from time to time. My job is to propagate them in a proper path in a united way involving everyone of the team. I believe my work has been mostly as a person who keeps the team together, maintains the right balance, motivates them during hard times and makes things work out no matter what. The team has been the biggest asset, no doubt.

8. Do you have any suggestions for people planning to have their own start-up ?

I am not really that big in the industry as of now to give influential advice. Knowledge in the desired field is a must, when you want to start up along with being fearless of failure and of course hard work, will power and dedication as we know have no substitute! One suggestion would be to believe in yourself because at the end of the day, there’s nothing you can’t do and there’s no such thing as a “wrong” decision!

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