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Do Something Today That You Have Never Done Before! Spread “Muskaan” Through “MUSKAAN”! Abhishek Dubey’s Initiative

abhishek dubey story interview

Abhishek Dubey, is the head of “Muskaan”, a youth driven non-profit organisation which works to ensure emotional, educational and financial support to under privileged children. It supports 300+ children in 5 centres across 3 cities ( Bhopal- Gwalior- Indore) in India. A team of volunteers led by Abhishek, mentors, interacts, and teach children in order to ensure that they get the needed support to nurture their childhood.

1) Why and when was “Muskaan” started?

I started “Muskaan”, 1 year after, my parents told to choose between a secured Government job and “Muskaan”. The main reason behind this was my books taught me to never give up on your dreams. As far as the wish of my parents were concerned, they were angry for sometime and later realised that I was working hard and was getting quite successful, so they thought it is best to let me reach my goal and happy now.


2) What type of activities are done at “Muskaan”?

We at Muskaan offer 3 core programs for children aged between 10-18 years; classroom program, mentorship program, and High fly program which work together and complement each other. They are empowered in terms of emotional resilience, life skills, learning and qualifications.

3) Tell us about the High Fly Program.

This is the new program we launched. In this program, we create employment opportunities for children when they attain 18 years of age or complete class 12 through various corporate attachments with our N.G.O. so that they don’t go back into the perpetuate cycle of abandonment or poverty.


4) Tell us about the world record made by your N.G.O.

In March 2016, we made a world record in our Gwalior chapter by distributing 2500 educational kits ( water bottle, bags, books, compass box, dictionary, refreshments etc…) in a single day at a single venue to under privileged children from various Government schools.


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5) Highlight on the first digital school started by your foundation.

On the account of 3rd anniversary of Muskaan, we started the first digital school. It was inaugurated by Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar ( Central Minister of Panchayti Raj and rural development), Mr. Gauri Shankar Bisen ( Cabinet Minister in MP), Mr. Daulat Singh Chauhan( MD, ITM), Mr. Neeraj Singh (IAS), CEO Zila Panchayat.

6) What are the key points of this school?

Key points of school are:

  1. Content with all languages and videos
  2. App for school attendance and child progress report
  3. Science learning through wall art
  4. Computers for children
  5. Small library for children
  6. E-Content from EduComp


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