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Laugh Your Heart Out With His Funny Videos! Live Your Dreams Through His Story | Aashutosh Sharma

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Aashutosh Sharma was born in Ambala cantt, Haryana on Jan. 1, 1997. He was brought up there only. He is a 20 year old viner, who makes funny videos with his brother. Aashutosh has more than 60k followers on facebook and instagram as well.

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Q. When did the idea of making comedy videos strike you?   

When I was in 10th grade, I was very much in acting & playing with camera. I started taking part in functions and dramas, & after when I got done with my schooling I started making these comedy videos on the internet.


Q. Where did you get your inspiration from?

My Chacha Ji inspires me a lot, he always tell me where I’m going right & where I’m wrong. He motivates me to do better every day.


Q. When you were a kid, what were you like? Must be really naughty, I imagine.

To be honest, I was both naughty and trouble maker. I used to watch cartoons a lot & my mom and dad always told me to finish my homework, sleep on time, eat food on time etc. I also used to tease my sister.


Q. How do you come up with the amazing funny videos? What’s your secret for the content?

All my videos are based on the daily life scenarios of brown family’s / Desi parents. I just try to make it funnier so everyone can relate to it.

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Q. Please tell us about your educational background.

I’ve done my schooling from S.D Public school, Ambala cantt. Done my Graduation from S.D College and now I’m doing my further studies.


Q. What all problems did you face in your journey so far?

When I started making videos, the main problem I faced was of the proper tools & gadgets that is to been used in that. Also as you know that I’m from an Indian family, so my parents always told me to focus on studies first & do all this stuff later. But then I used to discuss all this with my parents and told them that I love doing it. My dad bought me a camera and a laptop. Also my sister used to help and motivate me doing it.


Q. Tell us about your team, people you work with.

I honestly don’t have any team, I just work with my brother, he helps me to shoot the videos and I edit them myself.

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Q. Who is your role model in the field, someone you look upto?

Yes, Logan Paul and Jake Paul are my role model in this field. I try to learn and get myself motivated from every artist out there.


Q. What advice would you give to youngsters who want to follow your steps?

Just want to tell people that “if you have any dream and you really want it to happen then just don’t wait for someone, just do it. Start working hard on it & never give up!


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Q.  What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in the coming five years?

First I want to complete my studies and education. Then I’ll be joining film school to learn more but I’ll still be making videos like I always do. I want to see myself as a happy and successful person in life, doing what I love and making everyone smile!


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