Top 4 Most Romantic International Honeymoon Destinations – 2019


Honeymoon, chilling being just married, every couple wants to be at the best and beautiful place. In fact, everyone is in look for most romantic honeymoon destinations. There are various beautiful countries in the world. To be there is like a dream come true. Gift your partner the chance to choose the honeymoon destination. PaisaWapas presents MakeMyTrip E-Gift Card, Cleartrip E-Gift Card, and many more E-Gift Cards, where you can find various other offers. Also, book through PaisaWapas to avail great offers and cashback, have a hassle-free and no worries honeymoon.

Paris – City Of Lights


The dream city of every person, the city of lights, is the best international destination to celebrate love. What is so special about Paris? Its the vibe around the city filled with so much of love and life. The culture, fashion and art of Paris, stand out with its charm. To watch the beautiful city at night, shining with lights is a delight to the heart. The perfect place to get lost, Paris will be a memory of a lifetime. Surprise your partner with a dinner from a restaurant, on top of the Eiffel tower. Take a beautiful picture of the two of you giving a toss to your love or having a french kiss, in front of Eiffel tower.

There are various old monuments in Paris, which depicts many much stories. Existing long back in the good old times, that creating a nostalgia to anyone who visits the place. Notre-Dame cathedral, the Gothic architectural beauty it beholds, is a feast to eyes.

Take a city tour in Hop-on buses. Dinner cruise, watching all the enchanting landmarks along the Seine River. Louvre Museum is the worlds largest art museum, which will give you a historical moment. You can see the famous Mona Lisa, also known as Gioconda.

The kid in us will hop out in the sight of any Disney movies or characters. It is like going back to your playful childish moments, in Disneyland, Paris. So do visit, and don’t forget to carry your favourite Disney character t-shirt or cap, anything.

Cabaret show, at moulin rouge, will be a single experience picking on some french cuisine. Paris is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations, also luxurious. So book your flights and hotels earlier, with MakeMyTrip, Fabhotels, Cleartrip,, Flipkart travel etc. If you book through PaisaWapas, you can avail from Rs.2500 to Rs.25,000 off, on flights, hotels, stays etc. Also, get up to Rs.1,000 cashback especially from PaisaWapas. Make his/her dream of having a date with you on the sidewalk cafes in Paris, because its a feeling.

GREECE – Hellenic Republic


Greece, the beautiful dream destination of every other traveller. You can count Greece as the most romantic international honeymoon destination. Greece is very well known for its beaches, artists, philosophy, resorts, parties and many more.

Black, Red and white sand beaches in Santorini, all the beautiful sceneries in paintings, movies become alive. Red beach, depicting the colour of love, will be a perfect beach love. The longest black sand beach Perivolos has great resorts, tavern, bars etc. White beach is one f the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. Kamari Beach, Agios Georgios are most tourist-friendly beaches. Choose as how your mind goes, need a calm private stroll and swim in the beaches? or get tanned with different people around the whole world. There are many beautiful options for both.

Athens, the capital of Greece, holds a lot of history. Get a taste of ancient Greece by visiting the Acropolis museum or National Archaeological Museum in Athens. Take a walk to remember in the National Garden of Athens, because the natural scent of beauty will refresh your mind. You can enjoy a warm cup of coffee, have your own time, feed cute ducks, what a great evening in Greece right?

A cave hotel with a beach view, all transformed into beautiful spaces. isn’t that romantic? You can find many in Santorini. These hotels are mainly carved from volcanic wall. Its really different kind of feeling to stay in one, so don’t forget to check-in. Two famous cave hotels are Iconic Santorini ad Aris Caves. Definitely, this makes Greece one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations.

Take a yacht cruise and explore the Greek island. Have quality time with your partner in the middle of the sea, cook meals together, jump into the deep blue ocean. Dig into the greek history, in a yacht charter with your love. That sentence itself sounds so cool. For some adventurous fun, do water sports in Mykonos at Elia Beach. A spa time at Cape Sounio Elixir Spa Retreat, with a beautiful view, will give a refreshing feel to your body and mind.

Switzerland – The Exotic Natural beauty


Switzerland, the beautiful country, with the green painted mountains and roads with trees leading you. The calming and cool natural beauty of Switzerland will definitely make your mind so happy. The beautiful blue sky and the greenery is a treat to the eyes. Snow-capped Alps peak and Swiss chocolates are a feeling, the most romantic honeymoon destinations to enjoy with your partner.

Lausanne, the largest and capital city of Switzerland, is a beautiful city on Lake Geneva. There are Olympic museum, parks, shopping streets, Gothic cathedral, which is all a part of swiss culture. Wine tasting at Lavaux Vineyards, consisting of 830 hectares terraced vineyards. Also, it is a UNESCO world heritage site. Walk along the vineyard pathway, with the spectacular view of lake geneva surrounded by mountains.

St. Moritz is a luxury alpine resort town and very famous in the country. Many winter sports are hosted in this town. With a view of this lively town, have drinks watching the sunset in El Paradiso. There are french Italian fusions, with choices like cocktail dinner, Full course dinner and light lunch.

Dinner at La Froda, with candle lights and wine in hands and glancing at your beautiful love of life. La Froda exist since 1928, but it’s still one beautiful secret of Switzerland, with a view of Foroglio Waterfalls. It is in the “World of Stones, water and woods”, to the end of Bavona Valley. Stroll through the meadows and forests, holding hands, like in the movies and books. Romantic Saga views, the warmth of nature and heavenly food will give you an evergreen moment.

Romantic Glacier Express to explore swiss beauty. It’s an eight-hour-long ride, but you don’t have to get along the long ride. Still worth it because your eyes will be blessed with mesmerizing beauties of Switzerland. The Matterhorn, Zermatt, the Solis and Landwasser, Rhine Gorge and the Oberalp Pass. You can take a break in between, and even have overnight stays.

Mountainous stay at Whitepod is something you don’t want to miss when in Switzerland. The geodetic shaped eco-luxury hotel will give you full of life atmosphere with the beautiful natural sceneries. Have some flavourful munching with great food, and cuddle with you love gazing starry mountains.

The Montreux Jazz Festival, which is happening in July 3-18, 2020. This time enjoy the rhythmic jazz, drinking wine in the shores of Lake Geneva, along with your partner is pure bliss. The sunset view can add more beauty to the swiss travel with your love.

Italy – Bel Paese

Italy brings into our mind the beautiful monuments, the capital city Rome, the floating city Venice and the worlds smallest country Vatican city. Every beauty of this country has something special about it. The beauty of Italy is breathtaking and everyone’s most favourite destination. No doubt, Italy is one of the most romantic honeymoon destination. You can spot the artistic features all over the country, the castles, churches and many more. Relax in the seamlessly different vibe in Italy, you can explore many architectural beauties and the historical stories.

The valley of temples in Sicily is one of the main attraction of greek art and architecture. This archaeological site has many temples and every part of it has unique specialities. The very famous Mount Vesuvius has crater like the surface of the moon. Trekk to the mountain and witness the breathtaking view from the top.

Cinque Terre, “The Five Lands” made up of Vernazza, Corniglia, Riomaggiore, Manarola and Monterosso. The area stretches out between La Spezia and Levanto. The eateries, olive groves and the beautiful still sea will amaze your eyes. The colourful village sitting on the craggy cliffs with a view of Italian Riviera sums the beauty of it.

Explore Italy by taking a boat ride in Lake Como, surrounded by alpine forest and traditional villages. You can spot some rich celebrity mansions and dainty ornate houses. This gives you the feeling of living in a painting. Also, you can witness the artworks of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Caravaggio in Uffizi Gallery. It is displayed in Palazzo Degli Uffizi. If you or your partner is an art lover, then its a must-visit. Have a kiss in between the greatest artwork of the world.

Be each others Romeo and Juliet, Click a picture standing in the Juliets balcony. The home named Verona is a favourite sport for all lovers. No trip to Rome is complete without visiting the famous Colosseum. The oldest and largest amphitheatre, which held 50,000 spectators at that time. It is really revisiting history.

Visit all the historical attractions with your love, like Roma Forum, Historic Center of Siena, Pompeii, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Acropolis, Milan Cathedral, Frasassi Cave. Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice is a beauty of shining marbles, elegant mosaics, storytelling bas-reliefs and gold leaf. Climb to the top of Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, and have a glance of the artistic beauty of Florence. These are must-visit old beauties of Italy.

For the most mesmerising sightseeing, take a boat to Blue Grotto. Through the rock beauties slip into the sun kissing azure water. Go for wine tour in Chinati, through hills and villages. It’s definitely a romantic activity. For good lucks, throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain. It is a belief that you guys will return to this once again, by following the ritual. It is carved in Baroque style with beautiful glistening marbles. For a spectacular view, climb the still active volcano, mount stromboli. Get a guide with you if you want to get on to the crater because this is some serious trekking.

Don’t miss the mural of “The Last Supper” in Milan. Even if you are not an artist or a lover of art, you will fall the painting. It is the creation of Leonardo Da Vinci, which depicts the last supper before the Christs’s crucifixion. Have the special Pizzas from Naples, you will find many great cafes, and definitely its a must-try.

Consider visiting the smallest and religious country in the world, the Vatican city. take your love to the St Peter’s Basilica and Piazza San Pietro, the sight of which you guys will cherish forever. Also, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Palace has a great part in the history of Christianity culture. witnessing all these is like getting a glance of beautiful cultures around the world. And it gets more splendid with you love besides to roam around in the romantic country.

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