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  • DIY Skin and Hair Care Recipes by Priyanka Chopra’s Favourite Ingredients
  • 5 Healthy Smoothies To Try During Quarantine
  • Best Easy Recipies to Cook During Lockdown
  • Best Online Learning Websites – Educate Yourself During Lockdown

DIY Skin and Hair Care Recipes by Priyanka Chopra’s Favourite Ingredients

Now that we all have enough and more time at home, why not try some skin and hair care? It is not easy to go and shop all the skincare products, neither order online. This is the best time to try homemade DIY Skin and Hair care recipes. The best part about these recipes is that it is made of our favourite Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra’s favourite ingredients. Isin t…


5 Healthy Smoothies To Try During Quarantine

Quarantining is not as easy as we ever thought. It is very hard to stay at home all the time. Even tho, everyone would have always thought if we had more time to stay at home in the hectic schedule of work or college life, it is not that easy to survive without socialising. There are more chances that we lean towards being lazy and cosy at home. But that…


Best Easy Recipies to Cook During Lockdown

Develop your skills and make yourself meals to eat during this COVID-19 Lockdown. Who are we kidding, right? Most of us have no clue about cooking, as we never had time to get hands-on to try out making that favourite dish. Here we are now, wishing that if we had a slight knowledge of cooking, its time would have been a little more easier. Most of us have thought this…


Best Online Learning Websites – Educate Yourself During Lockdown

You all will be wondering how to make this COVID-19 easy and useful, right? This expected lockdown has put us all in a situation that we never thought we will be. So questing and being about what to do, how to go through this is a common confusion. Basically, we have to look up into the interest of oneself. Developing your skills and making yourself efficient is one best and…


Amazon Deal of the Day – 2nd April 2020

Amazon will be presenting you every day with lighting deals, as the Amazon Deal Of the Day. This will be available in various categories. There will be new deals every day with the Amazon Deal Of The Day. Here, you can find the top and best deals on day to day basis. Offers will be for a specific period of time. So, here you can find deals from different categories…


Deals and Offers on Groceries – Amazon

Groceries is always the basic we need of all time. We can’t really survive without the essentials items. During this COVID-19 lockdown, there is a huge demand for grocery items. As everyone is in need to store them, things are going out of stock. Basically, a daily routine of going to a grocery store is of Hugh risk now considering the COVID-19 outbreak. There is a way to get out…


Basic Essentials for Safety During Lockdown

During this COVID-19 lockdown, which is very unexpected and unprepared it is important to have the Basic Essentials for Safety During Lockdown. It is very important to stay healthy and clean at this time. Prevention by any means can be taken from staying at home, rather than just staying g at home. Take care of yourself and your family very much. Check out some of the essential items you might…


Best Series to Watch on Netflix 2020

Netflix has been a very big part of every entertainment lovers life. Netflix and chill during the weekend, holidays, special occasions etc have been such a favourite thing of everyone to get relaxed being at home with loved ones. If it has the company favourite and delicious food, then there is no chance anyone would be able to resist this chilling time. Now, it’s like that every day, the lockdown…


Top Udemy Course Offers to Avail During Lockdown

Everyone around the world is sitting at home, to fight the biggest disaster we have seen lately, Covid-19. It is a really hard time as no one of us is used to the lifestyle. But staying positive and making the most of it is what we should do. Like the saying, “When life gives you lemon, make lemonade”, use this time to make yourself better with Udemy Course Offers. Every…