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Top 6 honeymoon destinations in India

There are various moments in life that take place in our life, leaving a firm impression for a lifetime and marriage is one of them. Marriage is a turning point in someone’s life which people try to make as special as they can. But what about the memories after marriage? A honeymoon is the first step to begin with your “married life”, just like marriage, you need to make it special too. A honeymoon is a splendid way to explore more about your love and build a better relationship with you partner for life.

Planning for honeymoon destination is of a major concern as most of the couple would be having a dream to have it in abroad. But there are places in India as well that can be seen as romantic, loved and beautiful as that of Europe, Australia or any other island. So, here we are to talk about some places to help you create a good “desi” honeymoon within our own country.

  1. Andaman and Nicobar

The beautiful islands, known as one of the most beautiful places that come within the geographical boundaries of India. Its exotic beauty along with attractive beaches, spa, old historic sites, resorts and much more, Andaman and Nicobar is seen as the hottest destination for newly married couples. Located in the Bay of Bengal, it is a perfect destination for a honeymoon because of its diversity in nature as well as the adventurous activities offered by its tourism.


  1. Kerala

In the list of honeymoon destinations, Kerala has a special place as being called as “god’s own country”, it would be great for match made in heaven. To enhance the love and tenderness, the place offers you various exotic and romantic destinations starting from exalted mountains to soothing rivers, beautiful houseboats to relaxing beaches and much more. Kerala can provide you an unexpected experience of your first trip after marriage.

  1. Rajasthan

Known as the land of royalty, a mystical land of places and forts, Rajasthan can give you something totally unanticipated experience for your honeymoon. With its splendid mehels, havelis and luxurious history, newly wedded can experience that too in beautiful heritage and royal hotels offered by Rajasthan tourism. The gift of kings and Rajputs, its majestic desert land, finest national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, temples, forts and amazing culture and arts, you can have an enjoyable, honorable, romantic, magical and colorful holidays.


  1. Goa

Walk over the shining sand of the beautiful beaches and exchange your lifetime vows on your romantic days and figure out what Goa has given you. The places give its tourists pleasing nightlife like the foreign culture, dazzling carnivals, Crouse, water skiing and much more. With golden beaches, surrounded by palm and coconut trees, have an alluring experience in Goa with the love of your life.


  1. Jammu and Kashmir

No doubt why people call this place “heaven on earth” because of its eye- catching beauty, rich culture and soothing and leisurely activities. Jammu and Kashmir is a perfect place for the mountain lover as the place offers its diversity from snowy peaks of Gulmarg to beautiful Dal Lake of Srinagar. Make your honeymoon memory unforgettable with the happiness of the time you would spend in Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. Lakshadweep Island

With surreal natural beauty of the islands, Lakshadweep, located in the Arabian sea, can give you an immortal experience for the lifetime and beyond. With the pure atmosphere, the island offers you amazing crystal clear water, golden sand, forest life, coconut and palm trees surrounding beautiful beaches and much more. Have your understanding of your partner’s life by spending time together and doing various adventurous activities along with romance the place can provide you.

There must be something pleasing before you start newly- wed life with your loving partner. Unveil your new life with splendid days spent in beautiful, ideally romantic and adventurous places we have been talking about so far.

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