Top 10 Designs of Ladies Purse Flipkart For Your Wardrobe

Flipkart is the most affordable e-commerce website to buy online hand purse for women. An extensive collection of ladies purse Flipkart is very popular and trendy in online shopping. Hence, if you are thinking to explore the range of ladies bags Flipkart, then this blog is the right place for you. We are going to share the top 10 designs of ladies purse Flipkart that you must check out to add in the wardrobe of ladies bags Flipkart. Without any delay let’s get started on the list. 

1). Women Brown Handbag Regular Size – Purse for Ladies

It is a women’s brown handbag in regular size. Price is not under ladies purse Flipkart under 1000 but it is one of the premium range hand purses that you can buy online. You can carry this hand in the office and at parties as well because it looks cherish and fine for both places. 

Price of Product– 1420

Color Availability-Black, Brown and Red

2). Women Black Hand-held Bag- Ladies Bags Flipkart

It is a women’s black ladies’ bag Flipkart from the Khatushyam collection. The purse is elegant in terms of design and you will be shocked while checking the pricing of this Flipkart handbag. There are four color options to buy in the range of black handbag Flipkart. The size of the bag is small. 


Price of Product– 309

Color Availability-Black, Red, Black & Grey

3). Women Pink, Black Shoulder Mini Bag (Pack of 5) – Ladies Handbags Flipkart 

If you are interested in buying the combo of ladies purse Flipkart, then you can check this range from MERIDIAN. This seller is offering 5 bags in the same color. You will get a purse and hand purse as well in this combo pack. This range of hand purse for girls is very popular due to the affordable range. 

Price of Product 599

Color Availability-Black, Red, Black, White & Grey

4). Mini Women Pink Shoulder Bag- Hand Purse for Girls

Ankita Fashion World seller on Flipkart is selling this Flipkart hand purse for women in such a cheap cost because you can get this women’s purse for just Rs 333. It is a synthetic leather material-based ladies purse on Flipkart.

Price of Product– 333

Color Availability-Red, Pink, Blue &  Gold 

5). Black Women Sling Bag Regular Size – Purse for Ladies 

The latest ladies purse is black and it is a sling bag. It is a small purse and women’s handbag Flipkart online that you can check in the design list of Flipkart ladies handbag. 

Price of the Product-969

Color Availability-Red, Black

6).  Green Women Sling Bag – New Design Purse

When you are thinking to buy a stylish and unique design purse then this ladies purse Flipkart which is green women’s sling bag by Fastrack (A leading brand in Indian market) is a good choice for you. The price is a little bit high but works as the party ladies’ handbag for customers.

Price of the Product-970

Color Availability-Green, Beige 

7). Tan Women Sling Bag – Ladies Purse on Flipkart

A college-going girl must go with this stylish and amazing bag quality. It is another branded bag by Fastrack that you can buy as the ladies purse. This purse is available in black, red and orange color. It looks very cool.  

Price of the Product-1033

Color Availability-Red, Black & Orange 

8). Green Women Sling Bag Regular Size – Flipkart Ladies Purse

Amazing design and amazing finishing that you can get in this green women sling bag in the regular size. It is like Flipkart handbags and you can choose this amazing stuff to carry the party, college, and even the market as well. The size is small and you can carry your purse, phone and some makeup stuff as well in this bag. 

Price of the Product-1178

Color Availability-Green, Gold, Maroon & Yellow

9). Women Black Shoulder Bag-Best Ladies Purse in Flipkart

You can’t miss this shoulder bag in the range of top 10 ladies’ purse Flipkart because it is a fully-elegance-loaded bag and came with a gold chain. What is the best thing in this bag? Lock to open and close this bag is elegant and stylish. 

Price of the Product-1109

Color Availability-Black and Brown

10). Brown Women Sling Bag Regular Size- Top 10 Flipkart Ladies Handbags 

A stylish and round figure bag is not easily available in the markets and that’s why you should take a look at this brown women’s to sling bag in regular size. It is not hand bag properly but a bag that can carry small items. This ladies purse Flipkart is too cute due to its amazing design and versatility of color combination.  

Price of the Product-459

Color Availability-No

The Bottom Line: 

Hence, these are the things that you need to keep in your mind to know about the top 10 designs of ladies purse Flipkart and you can add any of them in your wardrobe to look stylish wherever you go. 

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