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Ten best luxury handbag brands in India

Luxury Handbags

We live in an ever-evolving world of social media and influencers who bring in new fashions every day. Today, fashion has moved beyond clothing and apparel and is representative of how you present yourself. Fashion enthusiasts and style bloggers also showcase their variants and collection of accessories.

Handbags in India have become one of the most sought-after accessories. Your choice of handbag defines your overall style statement. They are a strong reflection of your taste and status symbol. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or a simplicity lover, you need to carry a handbag suiting your personality. This increasing attention of luxury handbags in India has led to a massive growth in the handbag industry and is filled with an array of brands. To help you choose from this pool of brands, we have researched the ten best handbag brands in India.

Ten best luxury handbag brands in India

From classic clutch bags to evergreen potlis, here’s presenting the ten most popular luxury handbags in India that can complement your style.

1) Hidesign

Hidesign is a renowned handbag brand started by Dilip Kumar that offers genuine leather products. Initially started as a hobby, it has now reached to become one of the best handbag brands and offers durable and long-lasting products. The designs are handcrafted for fashionable women and are used by a lot of celebrities and fashion bloggers.

It comes in a variety of colours and designs, including wallets, clutches, travel bags, handbags, etc., and is sold in over 2000 stores worldwide. These bags are made with high-quality leather are stylish, sturdy, and attractive.

Price: Rs. 3000 onwards

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2) De Milano

De Milano sounds like an Italian handbag brand but is completely Indian. In fact, it is one of the leading brands for luxury handbags in India, with a presence of more than 60 years. The high-quality leather, fashionable style, state-of-art manufacturing technology, and sturdy designs contribute to its popularity among women. These handbags have a gorgeous look and feel and can complement your outfit perfectly.

It sells a variety of products and comes in enduring styles and colours. They have something for every woman and keeps pace with the latest changes in the fashion industry.

Price: Rs. 4000 onwards

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3) Baggit

Baggit is a popular brand that sells luxury handbags using vegan and non-leather materials. It offers a perfect blend of quirk and elegance with its colours and prints. It combines sophisticated designs with abstract prints and vibrant colours to appeal to all fashion-conscious women.

You can choose from its collection of handbags, slings, and wallets. The affordable range of Baggit products makes it accessible to the common people. You can pull of these bags with any outfit and look amazing. Being a vegan brand, it is available in a wide range of materials like synthetic, faux leather, canvas, and others.

Price: Rs. 1000 onwards

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4) Caprese

Owned by VIP industries, Caprese has very well carved its way to the ten best luxury handbag brands in India. Once endorsed by Kareena Kapoor Khan, this brand inspires women to become carefree and free-spirited. The products and handbags also manifest the same tone. It offers eye-catching shades and glamorous designs to suit your personality and uplift your mood.

You can accessorize your favourite outfits with Caprese handbags and give a stylish twist to your monotonous handbags. The chic design, peppy hues, and durable quality all shout out loud of the goodness of this luxury bag.

Price: Rs. 1500 onwards

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5) Lavie

A recent entrant in the luxury handbag brand, Lavie has made its mark among the best handbag brands in India. It has built trust among the Indians and help women make a unique style statement with their premium handbags. The bags come in a variety of patterns and colours to introduce new trends in the fashion industry.

It offers a range of handbags with an aesthetic sense, youthful fabrics, eye-popping colours, sleek cuts, and an impressive voice to suit every occasion. Choose from a plethora of styles like clutches, totes, hobos, baguettes, etc., and redefine your style quotient with Lavie handbags.

Price: Rs. 1000 onwards

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6) Lino Perros

Lino Perros offers the best handbags in India that are trendy, durable, and affordable. The bags are lightweight and are a mix of elegance and ease. The leather material, smooth texture, appealing colours, and exclusive designs are sure to bring out a unique aura in every woman.

They are a premium choice for all fashion lovers, especially college students. Match it with your summer dresses and grab all the eyeballs to brighten up your day. From colour blocks to bold prints, ace your style game and step out in style with a Lino Perros luxury handbag.

Price: Rs. 800 onwards

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7) Satya Paul

Established in the early 80s, Satya Paul is among the first few brands to introduce the concept of designer and luxury handbags in India. They introduced this idea coupled with some amazing designs and collections and increased the popularity of handbags in India.

The chic designs, classy look, and sturdy quality are complete heart-stealers. From elegant to bold, for dresses to sarees- you can find a Satya Paul handbag to complete your outfit for any occasion. Each handbag has its unique style to appeal to women with different fashion and requirement.

Price: Rs. 900 onwards

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8) Peperone

Peperone has made its mark in India’s finest luxury handbag brands and offers an extensive range of products. Whether you are going out for a casual lunch or a business event, you can find a Peperone bag to suit your need. It provides exemplary comfort, progressive styles, exquisite designs, and modern colours to appeal to women of all ages.

The pocket pinch is easily suited for college goers and students.

Price: Rs. 500 onwards

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9) The House of Tara

Another recent entrant in the luxury brand industry, House of Tara, has been selling with the objective of making women independent and free. It offers a broad collection of handbags, totes, cross body, slings, and hobos to suit the need of every woman in India.

It intends to break the cliché of monotonous handbags and surprise the fashion industry with its innovative designs. They are quite popular among young fashion enthusiasts because of their stylized designs, eye-popping shades, increased comfort, and reasonable pricing.

Price: Rs. 800 onwards

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10) Esbeda

Based out of Mumbai, Esbeda aims to inspire women’s fashion with new and trendy designs. It showcases its luxury in the products and is a treat for fashion-forward women. It hosts various styles like handbags, totes, slings, bulky bags, clutches, etc.

It makes use of accessories and embellishments to further stylize its design and add a dash of glam to the handbags. They can add a unique spark to your personality and complete any outfit.

Price: Rs. 1000 onwards

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These ten luxury handbag brands in India are quite recognized and popular among the women. Each of them has its uniqueness and exclusivity to help you enhance your style.

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