Top 13 Slipper Brands in India 2023 | Price list – Ultimate Guide

13 Best Slipper Brands in India 2023

Best slippers brand in India: Slippers are usually our first preference while going for a leisurely, comfortable walk, whether we’re at home or on the beach. You can choose from a variety of possibilities in terms of designs, costs, and colors. If you’re considering investing in a good pair of slippers but aren’t sure which brand to choose, you’ve come to the perfect spot. The diversity and increased use of footwear are driving up demand, indicating greater growth potential for the footwear business. By 2023, it is anticipated that the Indian footwear market would have experienced double-digit growth. Branded slippers are a must-have in your house. Here are the top 13 best slipper brands in India for 2023, as briefly covered in this article. Below we have listed the slippers’ company names.

13 Top Slipper Brands in India 2023

  1. Adidas

adidas slippers

Never accepting anything average is Adidas’s guiding principle. For every athlete’s safety, it produces some of the top sporting goods, including footwear and accessories. It is India’s top-selling slipper brand and prioritizes sustainability. The organization leads the sector because it is reputable, sustainable, and inclusive. The soft straps that provide an excellent hold over the foot are a standard feature on all Adidas slippers. Adidas is known for being the best footwear brand in India.

  2. Sparx

Sparx slippers | Best Slipper Brands in India 2023

Due to its ability to provide comfort at reasonable costs, Sparx has won the trust of a significant number of Indian customers. This brand originates from the Relaxo company, which has been a reliable name since 1984. This company offers a wide selection of flexible shoes for various occasions, whether they are casual or dressy. In order to manufacture comfortable, trending slippers and branded chappals, Sparx uses excellent craftsmanship.


  3. Nike – Trending slipper brand

Nike chappal | branded slippers

Nike creates innovative items with an eye toward the ongoing development of sports enthusiasts and professionals. Since its inception in 1972, the legacy has put sports and athletes at the forefront of all activities. The organization has come a long way by sponsoring the best in the sports industry for developing and nurturing skills. Water-resistant synthetic materials are used to make Nike the best slippers brand.

  4. Bata – Long-lasting Slipper brand

bata slippers | Best Slipper Brands in India 2023

Having a long history, Bata is a global manufacturer of shoes. During the years leading up to independence (1932), it began with a modest endeavor in Kolkata, India. The brand has grown to become one of the top choices for Indians with more than 1300 locations distributed across the country’s many nooks and crannies. Price and quality are on par, and diversity is still its key selling point. The slippers produced by Bata are attractive and suitable for usage all year round and branded slippers for women are another big reason for its well-known reputation.


  5. Crocs

Crocs slippers

Crocs was introduced in 2002 with the goal of giving customers from all over the world a singular experience. The company’s main goal is to produce inexpensive, closed-cell resin footwear for everyone. Every pattern and design still has a playful quality to it. Because of their adaptability in various circumstances, crocodiles are the inspiration for the company’s name. Croc slippers can be worn everywhere with equal ease and is the best slipper for men in India.

  6. Solethreads – slippers brand

solethreads slippers paisawapas blog

The company primarily produces slippers under the name Solethreads. Making products using environmentally friendly processes has an impact. It produces innovations with reduced carbon footprints in each one. To create the best footwear for you, every raw material is fashioned using technology. One of the top slipper manufacturers is Solethreads, which creates its footwear using recycled EVA footbed technology.

  7. Clarks

Clarks slippers

The inventor James Clark created a pair of slippers out of leftover sheepskin about 200 years ago, beginning the narrative of Clarks. Since its inception, the company has been producing ground-breaking fashions with the highest quality materials. Some of the top men’s slippers in India’s high-end market are made by Clarks.

  8. Khadim

Khadim slippers

Since 1981, Khadim has delivered high-caliber goods to guarantee client pleasure. In order to provide customers in close proximity with reasonable products, the company maintains a vast retail network. To provide everyone with stylish footwear is Khadim’s primary goal. It sells slippers with synthetic materials and both soft and firm soles.

  9. Miniso

Miniso slippers

Jack Ye, who came up with Miniso while on vacation in Japan, is the creator of this intriguing project. This firm was founded to collect goods for young people around the world, drawing inspiration from tiny shops in Japan. Miniso offers several products in a variety of areas, from stationery to accessories. Long treks are perfect for the flexible Miniso slippers.

  10. United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton slippers

This brand of casual apparel is well-known for its knowledge of knitting and social commitment. While keeping a high standard for each product, it creates eco-friendly clothing and accessories. It combines general research with Italian style in order to connect with people worldwide while also adding a touch of originality and relatability. These slippers include a compressed EVA outsole for appropriate cushioning and comfort.

  11. Flite

Flite slippers

Flite sells a selection of stylish and reasonably priced slippers and is owned by Relaxo, one of the biggest shoe manufacturers in India. In India’s top 500 most valued enterprises, Relaxo, founded in 1984, is today one of the most successful. Other sub-brands include Mary Jane, Sparx, Bahamas, and Boston. These slippers provide men’s and women’s formal and semi-formal attire.


  12. Woodland

Woodland slippers | Best Slipper Brands in India 2023

Since the early 1950s, Woodland has been one of the top shoe manufacturing names. For many decades, it dominated the global market for outdoor footwear and dominated many nations’ markets. The company currently produces goods in a variety of industries to uplift the spirits of adventure seekers.

  13. Red tape

Best Slipper Brands in India 2023

To meet the requirements of the aspirational members of the next generation, the brand Red tape was created. The brand has gone a long way since its founding in 1996, curating footwear while addressing global fashion. After establishing internationally recognized standards, designers from the UK and Italy build the Red Tape footwear styles. It displays a worldwide footprint that includes multiple nations. The breathable, long-lasting, and firmly-gripped EVA used to make the slippers is also breathable.

List of top 13 Slipper Brands in India 2023

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Wrap up – Top Slipper Brands

Some people say slipper in Hindi slipper chappal. Finding a few excellent options for warm, fuzzy leisure footwear can be challenging because more people than ever are using slippers. Given that slippers are a necessary component of our daily lives, we thoroughly reviewed all the slipper brands available in India and compiled this list to provide you with the top choices. All of these brands offer the previously mentioned comforts. With this, we have included companies that sell slippers in a range of patterns, styles, and pricing points. Pick the one that best fits you after looking through the selection of the Best best slippers brand in india 2023 in this article.

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