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Top 10 Bra Brands in India

Top 10 Bra Brands in India

Attention ladies! In this blog, we are going to focusing on the most critical element of your day-to-day life. Yes, if you are guessing about bras and innerwear, then you are right. Maybe you also get shy while talking about lingerie, but there is no doubt that it is also the most comfortable thing in your body. Selecting the right bra brand is also a challenge for women because sometimes you may pay a higher price for the wrong brand.

Are you wondering what are the top bra brands in India that you can trust for the best quality? This is the most common question of many females!  So, let us get in solving this doubt for you and check the best lingerie brands in India.

Why Must You Buy a Branded Bra?

Many female customers think that buying a branded bra is a waste of money because it is only for the inner appearance and not for the external appearance. Thus, they don’t want to waste money on the appearance that is not visible in looks. First of all, a bra is not just for your appearance and your looks, but it’s about the internal satisfaction that you will indeed feel when you buy a branded bra. Wearing a cheap bra means you may feel uncomfortable, and sometimes your bra may be too much tight or loose or not according to your shape and size. A bra that can fit easily and give you a peaceful feeling is always a remarkable choice for you. Hence, it is important to invest in a branded bra.

Select Bra Best Brands in India to Make Sure Your Comfort: 

Are you exciting to explore the bra best brands in India? This blog is helpful for you in terms of finding top bra company names which are popular in the market due to the best quality bra material. The importance of a bra for a woman is crucial. As a woman, you can’t compromise with the material and comfort in your bra. Bra’s best brand makes your comfort level always high and that’s why you feel good.


Top Bra Company Names:

Understanding the name of top bra brands in India has become mandatory for women to ensure purchases are quite better and cost-effective.  Not even foreign bra brands but Indian bra brands are very popular in the market due to durability and good stuff. 


Best Bra Brands in India Shop Online to Save More:

Online shopping of the best brands in India is the right choice for the customers to save more. As a matter of fact, online shopping gives more exciting offers, discounts, and deals. Confusing about bra brand name and wanting to explore the collection of best bra brands in India means you are on the right blog. We mention all 10 top brands of bra in India here. 


Top lingerie brands in India are different from top bra brands in India because lingerie includes other undergarments too. With this blog, you can understand the branded bra name for your wardrobe. 

1. Triumph

The first one to make it in the list of best Indian bra brands is Triumph. It is also the oldest brand and famous for its high-quality bra brand in India. Mainly the company name is Triumph International, and this brand is working under a Swiss underwear manufacturer. When you are confused about the right bra brand for your lingerie shopping, you must try the bras from Triumph.

Detail Information About Triumph

Triumph is among the most well-known bra companies in India, and most girls love to wear sports bra by Triumph because they design comfortable and sexy bras for women that are always appealing to the customers. Triumph Bra brand was founded in 1886 in Germany. Right now, the company is selling products in 45 countries. Quality, Style, and Design are three things that attract buyers to purchasing this Bra.It is one of the best bra brands in India. You can choose this top branded bra in India for better stuff and quality. 

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2. Jockey

In the second position, we will talk about the most awaited bra brand in India that is the favourite of every woman, and the brand name is Jockey. There is no need to write an eye-catchy introduction to this brand because it is one of the leading brands to purchase for your lingerie goals. Don’ think that Jockey is an Indian Company. Still, the brand is available in India, and Jockey International Inc. is the Retailer and manufacture of underwear and sportswear from the United States. They design underwear and sportswear for both men, women, and children.

Detail Information About Jockey

Bra Section of Jockey has lots of things to see for the customers. Jockey International was founded in 1934, and it is also one of the oldest lingerie brands in India. Right now, the company is offering its products in 120 countries across the globe, and that’s impressive. For Jockey bra in India, we can say that it is the market leader in the lingerie  industry. The manufacturing headquarters of this company is in Bangalore.

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3. Zivame

No doubt that Zivame has become the next ruler in the lingerie industry because of its grand success. It is an e-commerce lingerie shopping brand website. Some women are pretty shy and do not express bra shopping, and they feel hesitant while visiting the lingerie shop. Thus, to break all norms for women, Zivame introduced the online lingerie shopping concept for women. Now one of the leading actresses in India is also endorsing and branding Zivame. An extensive collection of comfortable and affordable bras can find at Zivame online stores in a particular colour range. Undoubtedly, Zivame hosts the top Indian bra brands.

Detail Information About Zivame

Zivame is an Indian bra brand founded in 2011 in Bangalore. The company’s primary aim is to make hassle-free intimate free shopping for women, and that’s why the company launched this brand in the e-commerce market especially.

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You can also check out the best deals at the upcoming Zivame Independence Day Sale.

4. Kestos

Next, we reach the fourth top brand of bra in India, and the brand is known as Kestos. It is another affordable branded bra that you can buy for your lingerie shopping. We are talking about the bra brands in India and not about the Indian brands; thus, Kestos is another brand from India. Bra shopping will always be hassle-free for you when you know about the name of leading bra brands. Thus, this list is beneficial for you to understand the significant bra brands for your lingerie shopping.

Brief Information About Kestos Bra

Customs is the Britain-based lingerie Brand that was founded in 1925 in London. Kestos Bras are popular in India and famous in the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, European and Asian Countries. This branded bra is the most popular brand in India because of its comfort and alluring design.

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5. Calvin Klein:

When we talk about the best international luxury bra brands, we can’t forget the name of Calvin Klein. It is one of the topmost international and global luxury fashion houses. With the brand name of Calvin Klein, customers know this brand. The company is mainly designing products for women’s lifestyles such as clothing, watches, jewellery, and bra brands.

Brief Information About Calvin Klein:

The priority of this brand is to introduce a new style and trendy lingerie in the market. With Calvin Klein bra options, you can buy comfortable, smooth and better fabric quality. Strapless bras are also the primary bra type offered by this brand to the customers.

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6. Rosaline

We can’t miss one more brand in this list of top bra brands in India is Rosaline. When it comes to buying a sexy bra, then we can say that you must consider only and only Rosaline because it is one of the compelling bra brands that give you a fantastic look that you always want in lingerie. What kind of stuff do you like in Rosaline? This brand is mainly for contemporary age women, and not only is comfort the priority of this brand, but the design also matters a lot.

Brief Information About Rosaline Bra

It is a private label bra brand by leading e-commerce lingerie store Zivame. You can buy the trendy collection of bras with Rosaline. The best part of this bra is the material and fabric because both are ultra-soft and not too hard, giving a calm feeling when you wear this Bra. On the other hand, beginners or young girls who are pretty shy or new to wear this kind of bra may never face any difficulty because it is super soft and easy to wear Bra. Rosaline is one of the most comfortable ladies innerwear options for women.

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7. Enamor

To look confident, you must wear a fantastic set of lingerie. If you are looking for something stylish and confident for bra shopping, don’t ignore the latest bras available at Enamor.

Enamor is also the leading bra brand in India famous for its comfortable and stylish lingerie. When you are looking for sexy lingerie brands in India, especially for your special occasion or wedding collection, Enamor is the right brand choice.

Brief Information About Enamor Bra:

The brand was launched in 2011 as a Joint Venture between Gokaldas Images Private Limited and Barbara of Paris. The company’s primary focus is providing a premium lingerie experience to women and not a complicated and diplomatic experience. Prices may be pretty high for this brand, but you may love the fabric they offer to customers for Padded and Non-Padded Bra Both. You can also try the push-up bra of this brand.

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8. Clovia Bra:

Clovia is another bra brand that is sure to make its mark on this list of premium lingerie brands in India. Clovia is the leading premium bra companies for women. When you prefer a comfortable and quality bra with the modern, stylish feature, then designs of Clovia bras are unique for you to ensure admirable pleasure by wearing this kind of premium lingerie. Designers are unique to this brand, and you love to wear the Clovia transparent bra as well under western wear.

Brief Information About Clovia Bra:

Don’t think that it is not an Indian brand because Clovia is an Indian bra brand. The company is mainly engaged in manufacturing women’s lingerie, sleepwear, sportswear, and swimwear. Ivy Cap Ventures and Zurich Based Mountain Partners AG are two joint-venture partners of this company. The company was founded in 2019 as the Clovia Lingerie Brand.

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9. Amante Bra:

In Asia, one of the leading bra brands that are ruing is Amante. Yes, this product is mainly design according to the needs of Asian Women. When you are looking for the best bra brands in India, this International bra brand is a perfect choice because it is pretty comfortable, trendy, and sensual. The bra band is known for its superb comfort and fit.

Brief Information About Amante: 

Maybe you are also guessing about the origin country of Amante, but it is not an Indian brand and a Sri Lanka Brand that is offering lingerie products in overall 40 countries in the world. Sensual Lingerie is the brand’s priority, and when it comes to checking the outlet of this brand, we can say that you can find countless design options for you.

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10. Lovable:

The next generation bra brand is known as the Lovable Bras. The brand is from the United States and is highly demanded in India. Thus, if you are looking for options in daily wear bra that is not too irritating for your body, you must try the Lovable products because it is one of the finest bra brands for the fitness freak women looking for the best sports bra options.

Brief Information About Lovable:  

Maxwell Industries Limited owns the Lovable Bra Brand. Not too much premium but comfortable for your daily wear lingerie requirement is Lovable Bras. You can trust this brand because of its fantastic ladies innerwear.

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The Best and Latest Bra Types

Wired and Non-Wired Bra: 

A wired bra is a kind of traditional bra but is still in trend. Many mature women still believe that a wired bra is a much better option for them.

On the other hand, the non-wired bra comes to give more comfort and relaxed mode to women.

Padded and Non-Padded Bra: 

When we talk about the latest bra typeswe can’t ignore Padded and Non-Padded Bras. These are the major types of Bras, and a Padded Bra is quite expensive than a Non-Padded Bra if you are going to buy it at the branded store.

Significant and Latest Bra Styles

Before going to explore the top 10 Bra Brands in India, you must know about the major types of Bras:

  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Sports Bra
  • Minimiser Bra
  • Plunge
  • Balconette
  • T-shirt Bra
  • Push-up Bra
  • Front closure bra
  • Strapless/multiway Bra
  • Bralette

Let us now check the best ladies innerwear and bra companies in India

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Bottom Line

That is all about the list of the top bra brands in India. We hope you love to find your favourite brand for lingerie online shopping. We can say that in the end, bra is the most important aspect in your life and when you want to shop only for the reputed and leading Indian bra brands, then you must consider this checklist of top bra brands before buying the right brand.

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