15 Best Healthy Snacks to Keep You Active in 2024

best healthy snacks

Best Healthy Snacks Ideas: To put it in simple words, a snack is a type of food that you eat in between meals for munching purposes. There are so many types of snacks, but healthy snacks are foods that help you feel full in small quantities without putting in too many calories and provide vitamins, nutrition, and much-required energy. 

Healthy snacks help you stay focused, keep you energetic toward the work you are doing, reduce fatigue, and help you be disciplined by reducing the need to take a full meal. Healthy snacks usually provide a good amount of nutrition like vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, and a lot more. 

Healthy snacks promote good gut health, keep your appetite in check, and save you from taking unwanted calories. Whether someone is focused on building muscles or if someone wants to live a healthy lifestyle, healthy snacks are the underdog of a nutritious diet. There are so many options available that you can take into consideration with quality snacks. 

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15 Best Healthy Snacks Ideas 2024:

However, here is the list of the 15 best healthy snacks hand-picked by expert nutritionists, Dietitians, and Health coaches. Let’s get started:

1. Mixed Nuts:

mixed nuts | best healthy snacks

Eating a variety of nuts is better than eating a particular nut due to the many benefits one can avail. Mixed nuts have a nutrition-rich composition, offering healthy fats like omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. Mixed nuts can help reduce LDL or bad cholesterol.  Mixed nuts are also beneficial in keeping your appetite in control, enhancing healthy digestion, improving metabolism, reducing craving for more food, and keeping you full. Mixed nuts are the best healthy snacks due to their convenience, portability, and prolonged shelf life. 

2. Chana (Roasted Chickpeas):

channa | healthy snack foods

Roasted chickpeas or Chana is a common snack available in every home in India. Elders used to say eat Chana and you will have the power of a horse inside you. To put it in simple words, old people used to eat plenty of Chana as a snack and they have seen this common snack working quite effectively. Chana Roasted chickpeas are rich in plant-based protein, contain a higher amount of fiber, have a low glycaemic index, and so on. With that said, Chana is rich in vitamins, making it a perfect snack for munching. 

3. Roasted Makhana (Foxnuts):

roasted makhana | snacks healthy

If you want something tasty, healthy, and lightweight for your munching time, roasted makhana is a perfect companion to your healthy diet during snacks. Makhana can help with weight management as you feel full by eating a small quantity. The convenience of eating roasted makhana, improvement in digestion, reduction of blood sugar levels, and extensive heart health benefits make it a great alternative to junk snacks. 

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4. Poha (Flattered Rice):

poha | healthy snacks list

Poha is already considered a healthy breakfast in India and people love to have Poha with their morning tea. Poha tastes delicious, but it has much more than just the taste. Poha has many ingredients and some of them are peas, carrots, and potatoes which provide extra nutrition. The only issue with Poha is the effort in cooking, it takes less than 10 minutes to make one plate of poha. 


5. Khakhra:


Khakhra, a popular Gujarati and Marwari cuisine, is well-known for its delicious taste. Traditional Khakhras are made of whole wheat flour, moth bean, oil, and various spices. Khakhra is low in calories, high in fiber and protein, low in sugar, and a lot more. Khakhra is an easy-to-cook snack that provides various advantages. However, avoid buying Khakhras that are only made of Maida (Refined flour). 


6. Fruit Chaat:

Fruit Chaat

What’s better than selecting your favorite fruits, peeling the top layer, and making small but easy-to-eat pieces for snacks? Fruit chaat is undoubtedly an easy hack for healthy snack foods that provide excellent nutrition, vitamins, healthy fats, and protein without adding too many calories. Choosing the right fruit is all about ensuring that you eat fruit chaat in appropriate quantities. 

7. Yogurt with Fruit and Nuts:

Yogurt with Fruit and Nuts

In this list of nutritious snacks, you can find mixed nuts and fruit as a great option. You can mix both and put them in the yogurt of your choice and get a delicious taste along with a healthy composition. Yoghurt promotes healthy gut health which leads to adequate appetite, better metabolic health, and improved digestion. Yogurt is also a good source of protein just as fruits and nuts are. 


8. Sprouts:

Sprouts Salad

Sprout sellers are common on Indian streets and if you are away from home, then sprout sellers can be your go-to choice. Why? Sprout lentils or beans provide excellent nutrition and these are easy to digest as well. With the composition of high amounts of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, one can feel full without eating excessively. By sprinkling some lemon juice, black salt, or a little bit of Chaat masala, you can get a great taste without compromising the nutritional value. 

9. Steamed Corn:

Steamed Corns

Steamed corn, also known as sweet corn in India, is an extraordinary but tasty snack choice that provides fiber and protein. Corn contains 3 grams of protein per ear which undoubtedly provides a high amount of protein as compared to many other foods. One can get antioxidants which will improve immunity, 270mg of potassium, and vitamin C. One more advantage of eating sweet corn will also provide folic acid and iron. 


10. Boiled Eggs:

Boiled Eggs

A simple but popular choice among protein-intake-conscious people is none other than boiled eggs. There is no denying that eggs provide the best value if you consider one gram of protein intake for every rupee you spend. Boiled eggs are affordable, yet they offer eye health, skin health, brain and nervous system, immunity, reduce stress, assist with quality sleep, and so on. Buying an egg boiler can save you time and water as well. 

11. Sweet Potato Chaat:

Sweet Potato Chaat | best healthy snacks

If you can spend a few minutes to half an hour for a quality and delicious snack, then sweet potato chaat is the perfect choice. Whether you like to boil sweet potato or bake it in a wood fire, both methods will provide you with a healthy snack. Cut small pieces of sweet potato, add spices of desire, and sprinkle lemon juice. Now, you have a delicious sweet potato chaat with an excellent taste. 

12. Paneer Tikka:

Paneer Tikka

Paneer is a common food item available in every Indian house and it is one of the most delicious healthy snack items among vegetarians. Whether you cook paneer tikka yourself or buy it from a hygienic place, Paneer Tikka can provide a good amount of protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin b12, and more. Adding a few spices to your paneer tikka will make it extra yummy. 

13. Cucumber Sandwich:

Cucumber Sandwich

A cucumber sandwich is an easy-to-make snack that can be healthy when made using whole or multigrain bread, homemade sauces, and vegetables. There is no hard rule of putting cucumbers only as you can customize this dish with other vegetables like onion, cabbage, hummus, avocados, and a lot more. 

14. Oats and Nuts Ladoo:

Oats and Nuts Ladoo

Oats and Nuts Ladoo made with the use of jaggery is a tedious option when in making but it will last you for quite a long time. In this list of healthy snacks, oats, and nuts Ladoo will take some time to make, but you can prepare it for a week. These Ladoos will provide you with nutrition, vitamins, antioxidants, and more.  

15. Protein Shake with Smoothies:

Protein Shake with Smoothies

If you are a health-conscious person and want to build muscles, then making smoothies will be a good-to-go choice. In these nutrition snacks, you can customize what you want to eat for health as well as for your taste buds. Adding a little protein powder into your desired smoothies will offer you immense taste along with vitamins, minerals, LDL, etc. 


  1. Are Protein Bars good healthy snacks?

Answer: Protein bars are usually a good option for people who are traveling or lack time. However, a homemade health snack is a better option due to no use of preservatives. 

  1. What’s the best healthy snack in Indian Cuisine?

Answer: Roasted Chana, sprouts, whole wheat khakhra, and poha are some of the most delicious and nutrition-rich healthy snack options in Indian cuisine. 

  1. What are Healthy Snack options on Budget?

Answer: Fresh fruits, vegetables, boiled eggs, homemade popcorn, Poha, sprouts etc. are quality healthy snack items on a budget. 


Incorporating a variety of snacks and healthy options like roasted chickpeas, mixed nuts, and fruit chaat into your diet will be a great option. 

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