The 10 Best Butter Brands in India 2024 | Price List

Best Butter Brands In India

Butter brands in India

Best Butter Brands: Whether making cupcakes, preparing morning toast, or pairing with curries, butter is one of the crucial and integral parts of our everyday life. From regular dishes to signature dishes of chefs butter should be there as one of the prime ingredients. To extract fat particles from the buttermilk, milk or cream must be processed to make butter. Therefore having butter daily is our first love.

which butter is best in India

There are plenty of companies that produce both salted and unsalted versions of butter. Today our prime focus is all about that. Here we are going to give the seven butter brands in India. So let us move in that direction.

Top 10 Best Butter Brand Names | Price List

Brand Quantity (per pack) Price Range 
Amul 100g ₹40 – ₹60
Amul 200g ₹80 – ₹120
Amul 500g ₹150 – ₹200
Amul 1kg ₹280 – ₹300
Britannia 100g ₹45 – ₹70
Britannia 200g ₹90 – ₹130
Britannia 500g ₹180 – ₹220
Britannia 1kg ₹ 250
Mother Dairy 100g ₹40 – ₹65
Mother Dairy 200g ₹75 – ₹100
Mother Dairy 500g ₹150 – ₹200
Mother Dairy 1kg ₹250 – ₹280
Patanjali 100g ₹40 – ₹70
Patanjali 200g ₹80 – ₹120
Patanjali 500g ₹150 – ₹180
Patanjali 1kg ₹180 – ₹200
President 100g ₹80 – ₹100
President 200g ₹150 – ₹180
President 500g ₹280 – ₹320
President 1kg ₹350 – ₹400
Gowardhan 100g ₹50 – ₹70
Gowardhan 200g ₹90 – ₹120
Gowardhan 500g ₹170 – ₹220
Gowardhan 1kg ₹280 – ₹300
Verka 100g ₹60 – ₹80
Verka 200g ₹100 – ₹130
Verka 500g ₹200 – ₹250
Verka 1kg ₹300 – ₹350
Vijaya Butter Mill 100g ₹55 – ₹75
Vijaya Butter Mill 200g ₹100 – ₹140
Vijaya Butter Mill 500g ₹200 – ₹250
Vijaya Butter Mill 1kg ₹300 – ₹320
Milky Mist 100g ₹50 – ₹70
Milky Mist 200g ₹90 – ₹120
Milky Mist 500g ₹170 – ₹220
Milky Mist 1kg ₹250 – ₹280
Aavin Buttermilk 100g ₹45 – ₹60
Aavin Buttermilk 200g ₹80 – ₹100
Aavin Buttermilk 500g ₹150 – ₹180
Aavin Buttermilk 1kg ₹220 – ₹250

Disclaimer: Please note that the prices are approximate and may vary based on location, retailer, and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Top 10 Best Butter Brands In India 2024

1. Amul
2. Britannia
3. Mother Dairy
4. Patanjali
5. President
6. Gowardhan
7. Verka
8. Vijaya Butter 
9. Milky butter
10. Avin butter

1. Amul

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No person has not heard about the Amul brand. Established in 1946 this is one stop for all your needs for dairy products. For those who grew up in India, the flavor of this butter will be remembered. It is an Indian business that successfully launched its product and won over millions of hearts. This brand is well-liked in Western nations as well. Amul butter is good for health and healthful because it is produced using the best manufacturing technology. It contains no cholesterol and no preservatives. Let us examine a few aspects of this brand.


  • The butter comes in 100 and 500 grams of pack and it has 12 months shelf life.
  • It comes in other variants as well such as salted, unsalted, herb, and garlic flavored.
  • From curries to pastries you can use it for any dish.
  • It is yellowish.
  • It contains natural salt, color, and creamy butter.

2. Britannia

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Although we are all widely aware of this famous biscuit brand it offers a wide variety of dairy products. Among them, butter is one of the most demanding products. Within the dairy industry, Britannia provides a wide variety of products. Additionally, their butter has a rich, creamy texture and is of the highest quality. The butter comes in different-sized packs and is easily spread because it is made from the highest-quality cows’ milk. All these qualities make this brand one of the best butter in India.


  • Unique packaging and an affordable price.
  • Free of trans fat.
  • It comes in a 100-gram pack.
  • Around 12 months are covered by it.
  • It includes iodized salt and milk solids.
  • No artificial flavor is included

3. Mother Dairy

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We all are too much fond of the rich and creamy taste of Mother Dairy brand’s ice cream but have you ever tasted the butter from this brand? If not then you have missed a lot. This brand stands out differently from the list of butter-producing brands in India. It comes in two variants one is classic and another one is white butter. Spreading and tasting butter is simple and it tastes creamy. The brand maintains proper hygiene way and the food grade that offers such delicious butter to all of us. This butter is made with rich, delicious milk, which guarantees a premium final product.


  • Only the inherent goodness and taste are present.
  • No artificial colors are used.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It comes in 100 grams pack and the shelf life is up to 12 months.
  • Ideal for making pastries, curries, cakes, desserts, and brushing on chapattis.

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4. Patanjali

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We all know that Patanjali is well-known for its ayurvedic products, but its menu also includes a variety of dairy products like desi ghee and butter. This is a well-known chip company in India with multiple locations across the nation. Swami Ramdev and Balkrishna Acharya established the Indian consumer packaged goods company Patanjali Ayurved Limited. It manufactures a broad range of cosmetic products with pulses, soaps, and richly flavored butter. Cow milk is used to make Patanjali butter, which is made up of butterfat encasing tiny droplets that are primarily made of water and milk proteins. This is one of the most trusted brands for its manageable butter price.


  • It tastes great, has no oxidation, and is highly nutritious.
  • The cream in this collection is made entirely of pure cow milk and is spreadable.
  • It comes in a 100-gram pack at a very reasonable price.
  • It contains sendha namak, milk solids, and pure cow milk.

5. President

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Are you looking for a rich and smooth texture in butter? Then must go for this brand. It is almost 90 years old and this French brand entered in Indian market a few decades back. It produces butter that satisfies global standards for hygiene and health. Besides butter, it manufactures other dairy products such as cheese, milk powder, fresh cream, etc that are equally rich in quality and trusted by countless homemakers and restaurant chefs. It smells delightfully fresh and the taste confirms the high caliber of the product. Known for its creamy texture and naturally occurring milky flavor, this brand is among the purest with a manageable president butter price.


  • The brand offers low cholesterol and low salted butter.
  • It produces butter from the finest milk with food-grade technology.
  • It offers a 100-gram pack that comes at a quite affordable price.
  • The self-life is about six months.
  • It contains salt and rich butter.

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6. Gowardhan

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We do not doubt that this brand is well-known for its ghee and other dairy products. In addition, it contains revolutionary yellowish butter. Parag Milk Foods is a supplier of dairy products under the Gowardhan butter brand. The business was founded in 1992 by Devendra Shah. This brand is one of the top business brands that produces, distributes, and sells dairy products not only in the nation but also across the border. The butter from this brand is ideal for preparing desserts and cooking all kinds of meals. The texture of your meal gets enhanced by including the butter of this brand.


  • The butter is produced from pure cow milk cream.
  • It has no artificial color or preservatives.
  • The butter has a 12-month shelf life and is packaged in 100-gram portions.
  • It includes only iodized salts and milk solids.

7. Verka

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This brand is one of the best butter brands in India for producing butter because it has offered a great range of dairy products like ghee, lassi, and dahi for a few decades. The company was founded in 1983 in Chandigarh. We all know that Punjab is famous for its unique native delicacies like parathas, halwas, and sarson ka saag. All these items are simply incomplete without adding a generous amount of butter at a manageable verka butter price. That is the prime aim of the brand Verka.

The best thing about the amazing packaging is that it has a resealable seal option, which elevates the brand even further. Because of the excellent packaging, you can keep them with you on a lengthy flight or transfer to a new address without sacrificing freshness. This brand is easily available for purchase at malls and on popular websites.


  • This Punjabi brand makes butter of the highest caliber and improves the flavor of a variety of foods.
  • Use this velvety, creamy butter in baked goods, gravies, and Indian dishes.
  • The brand sells salted butter that is low in cholesterol.
  • It provides a 100-gram pack at a very reasonable cost.

8. Vijaya Butter

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Victory butter is thought for its flavor and satisfaction. Vijaya butter is made from pasteurized cream, giving it a smooth and creamy texture that complements the flavor of any dish or baked item.

Availability and Quality:

Made with notable pasteurized cream.
Smooth and rich texture that spreads quickly.
It is understood for its consistency and dependable flavor.
It is available in both salted and unsalted variations to satisfy choices.
Consumers believe in first-rate and delicious taste.

9. Milky butter

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Milk Mist Butter is a relied-on name in the dairy enterprise, regarded for its wealthy texture and natural flavor. Milky Mist Butter is made with fresh cream, giving it a rich, creamy flavor that provides intensity on your culinary creativity.

Features and quality:

Made with fresh, brilliant cream sourced from reliable dairy.
Smooth and creamy texture that melts in your mouth.
Free of synthetic components or preservatives, making sure of purity and natural taste.
Packaged in a convenient percentage for smooth garage and use.
Customers adore it for its consistent quality and appealing taste in every chew.

10. Avin butter

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Avin butter is synonymous with purity and freshness, giving customers the flavor of actual milk. Made from clean cream, Aavin butter is known for its candy and creamy texture, making it a favorite in households across Tamil Nadu.

Features and Quality:

Made with sparkling, incredible cream sourced from Avin dairies.
Rich and creamy texture which adds richness to the dishes.
It was designed to be clean and sparkling with strict standards of first-class.
Available in convenient packs for clean garage and use.
Customers are satisfied by the excessive high-quality and scrumptious taste in each chunk.


We are confident that after perusing the aforementioned brands, you all have a general understanding of the top butter brands available in India. A significant portion of India’s populace, both in the country’s cities and its rural areas, regularly consumes butter. It has an ancient historical connection with India. As we all know the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna loves to have homemade butter and not only that he is popular by calling him “butter-thief”. Simply carefully consider the points, tell a loved one about them, and choose the healthiest butter brands in India to help you make wise decisions.


  • What brand of butter is the quality of bread?

    Butter manufacturers which include Amul, Britannia, and Milky Mist are popular alternatives for bread, because of their rich taste and creamy texture, which enhances the taste and texture of baked goods

  • Are these types of butter appropriate for spreading on bread?

    Yes, maximum of the top manufacturers of butter in India, including Amul, Britannia, and Mother Dairy, are precise for spreading on bread due to their easy creamy texture, making it best for breakfast or small snacks.

  • Are those kinds of butter suitable for cooking?

    Of path! Ingredients like Govardhan, Verka, and Avin butter are frequently used for cooking as they soften without difficulty, adding flavor to various dishes like curries, sautees, and sauces

  • Do these varieties of butter offer salted and unsalted?

    Yes, many pinnacle butter manufacturers in India provide salted and unsalted types to cater to exclusive alternatives and culinary needs Brands like Amul, Britannia, and Patanjali offer each option.

  • Where can I buy this butter in India?

    These butter manufacturers are widely available throughout India and may be bought from supermarkets, grocery shops, online stores, and dairies. In addition, a few agencies may additionally have their very own area of expertise stores or Web websites for comfort buying.

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