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Health v/s Taste: Battle of modern generation

Nowadays, each and every person is somewhat familiar with the importance of health. This is especially significant when it comes to the kind of busy life we have at present. Good health may seem something very difficult to achieve but let me assure you, it is not so. But when it comes to the preferences of our taste buds, in terms of food, health may become compromised. After all, not always what is appealing to our taste buds is beneficial for us.

You may definitely encounter people who don’t care much about their health as they are big foodies. They claim and in reality, their appetite is dependent for the taste they crave. But there is a different set of people who despite being great food lovers, believe in moderation and manage to stay fit and fine. So, here we with the much heated debate between health and taste for the people who don’t have control over either of them.

What we should have

Most of the people confuse by thinking of ‘health’ as just having a healthy body and a perfect figure. But you need to dispel this misconception asap as in reality it is not so. Health basically means the coordination between mind and body where both them should be the resistant to diseases, stress, injury and so on. Healthy body and mind should be the motive of each and every person but when it comes to the battle of health and taste, it becomes a challenge to achieve. To avoid any kind of pain and discomfort in your body, the you need to treat your body with care and respect. A useful step in this direction is by saying no junk food.

What we crave

Life would be so simple and happy and having a healthy and balanced life would be so simple- Only if delicious food would be healthy. The tongue is all that we care for to fulfill the appetite of it, and trust me taste does matter a lot. But leaving out fatty and junk food from our lifestyle, is something we can achieve for the sake of staying fit. A lot of people do not care about their health but focus on taste and satiating their appetite. They don’t know about the food and its health values. Every person must have a basic idea whether something is good for their health or can act like slow acting poison for your health.

What we can have

Having tasty oily food can turn into a dangerous addiction which most of the people have in this generation. Don’t you think that this somehow reflects the image of what future generation will bring? Junk food and delicious food are two different things in life. Junk food is something people crave for a short-term period but delicious food do not always have to be junk food, it can be healthy food as well. The type of food you eat does not only decide mental and physical health but at the same time defines your lifestyle.

Even if you crave so much of junk food, make sure you balance it out nutrition supplements, salads and loads of veggies. Also you should focus on compensating it with a proper exercising routine.
So, the battle between taste and health will not end, especially for die-hard food lovers like me. But the decision is up to you, as it is said: “Junk food you have craved for an hour or the body you have craved for the lifetime, the choice is yours”.

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