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15 Best Hair Colours for Men 2024 | with Photos

best hair colour for men

Best Hair Colour for Men: Time has evolved – both facial features and overall looks matter, be it a man or a woman. When it comes to hair styling, colouring is a major choice and the hottest trend these days.

While in years past hair coloring for men was initially designed for gray coverage, today, they are inclined toward self-expression and confidence. This would be possible by adopting a new look – especially experimenting with hair color. 

Thankfully, hair coloring for men has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Keeping in mind the demand for hair colors, more and more brands and companies are offering a plethora of hair colors, making it easier to choose from a variety of options.

Whether you admire bold bright or love natural hues, you have got all, tailored to your needs and style preferences. We have introduced a diverse range of hair colors that are ruling the world of men’s grooming in 2024. The 15 best hair colour ideas for men listed below are trendy and can become an inspiration for your next salon visit or DIY hair dyeing.

Table of Content: Hair Colour Ideas for Men

  1. Ash Grey Hair Colour
  2. Platinum Blonde Hair Colour
  3. Bronde Hair Colour
  4. Jet Black Hair Colour
  5. Smoky Violet Hair Colour
  6. Caramel Highlights
  7. Chocolate Brown Hair Colour
  8. Golden Blonde Hair Colour
  9. Rose Gold Hair Colour
  10. Icy Blue Hair Colour
  11. Copper Red Hair Colour
  12. Silver Fox Hair Colour
  13. Lavender Haze Hair Colour
  14. Dusty Pink Hair Colour
  15. Two-tone Hair Colour

15 Best Hair Colour for Men 2024: 

From bold colors to subtle highlights to vibrant colors, there is something for every taste and preference. Make sure you rely on the best hair colour for men by going through the below hair colour options: 

1. Ash Grey hair color: 

Ash Grey hair colour for men

Ash gray hair color for men gives a sophisticated and modern vibe. With the increase in demand for this color among men, it is being liked even more. Offering a striking look, this trendy, cool-toned color compliments any hairstyle and goes well with both formal and casual looks. If you want a youthful and attractive look with this hair color, pair it with textured or messy hairstyles.

2. Platinum Blonde hair color:

Platinum Blonde | best hair colour for men

For men looking for an attractive and wearable look, choosing platinum blonde would be an excellent choice. Continuing to be a popular choice for men, platinum blonde hair color makes an eye-catching statement. This key shade looks good with a variety of skin tones and can be styled in several ways, whether it’s textured waves or a sleek undercut.

3. Bronde hair colour: 

Bronde hair colour ideas

A stunning fusion between brown and blonde tones – bronde hair color creates an attractive, sun-kissed result that looks bright yet natural. This is the best men hair colour for the warmer months. A versatile brown hair color, bronde seamlessly transitions from weekend outings to office hours. You will obtain a perfect blend of blonde and brunette streaks going within your hair from the roots to the last. 


4. Jet Black hair colorwith : 

Jet Black

Shiny, luxurious, sleek, and timeless, jet black is the darkest form of black hair color. This stunning color has subtle hints of cool tones. Dark to light hair will look especially attractive in contrast to darker shades. It’s a gorgeous, deep shade that highlights well, although it can also be considered a neutral color.

5. Smoky Violet hair colour:


Another great option that will create a beautiful smoky glow against your darker complexion, the smoky purple hair color makes a bold statement. This mysterious, deep hair color for men displays individuality and confidence. It’s worth saying that the smoky purple color is perfect for the modern man not afraid to embrace his distinctive style.


6. Caramel Highlights: 

Caramel Highlights | hair coulor ideas for men

Somewhere between brunette and blonde hair, caramel highlights match well with warm or neutral skin tones that have a slight yellow or olive undertone. It adds dimension and warmth to men’s hair, providing an impressive yet subtle appearance. Caramel highlights add movement and texture, whether wicker within a brunette base or paired with a lighter shade.


7. Chocolate brown: 

Chocolate brown color

Give your burnt hair a dose of extra warmth and a rich, chocolate-brown color with a hint of red. The chocolate brown color remains a timeless choice for men seeking a sophisticated and classic appearance. This gentle, rich color enhances the natural texture of the hair and matches well with a wide range of skin tones.

8. Golden blonde hair colour: 

Golden blonde | best hair colour for men

A vibrant, warm colour, Golden blonde is best suited for both cool and warm skin tones – due to having both undertones.  This is the best hair colour for men, emanating vitality and warmth. The golden blonde evokes images of carefree days and sun-drenched beaches. No matter whether you choose overall color or subtle highlights, the golden blonde color will give you vibrant and youthful energy.


9. Rose gold hair colour: 

rose gold | hair color ideas for men

From changing gender norms to becoming a prominent choice for men’s hair coloring, rose gold hair colour makes you look more appealing. While the warm, golden variation looks great on dark or warm skin tones, this color looks best on cool-toned, fair skin. Called the best hair colour for men, rose gold is a warm hue that adds a luxurious and soft allure to any hairstyle.

10. Icy blue hair colour: 

Icy blue hair colour

If you are looking for great tones in men’s hair color options, this is going to be a game-changer. The light shade of blue and icy blue hair create an attractive look while adding a pop of color and personality to men’s hairstyles. It doesn’t matter if you go with subtle accents or full coverage, this shade will turn heads.


11. Copper Red hair colour:

Copper Red | best hair color men

This hair colour men deliver the finest bold and fiery look, making you stand out. Being a vibrant shade among all, copper red colour adds intensity and warmth to any hair look, imparting charisma and confidence. 

12. Silver Fox hair colour:

Silver Fox | hair colour ideas

Today the silver fox is not just associated with middle-aged men; it has become a desirable look among modern men. However, the silver fox’s shade can range from bluish-gray to black and silver as well as a white-tipped tail. The silver locks in this shade reflect sophistication and self-assurance, making a style statement whether you wear office attire or baggy clothes.

13. Lavender Haze hair colour:

Lavender Haze hair colour

If you want an ethereal and dreamy charm, choose the lavender haze shade without any second thought. Lavender men hair color is ideal for men with a tendency to eccentricity. This pastel, soft shade brings a touch of romance to your personality and a charming look.

14. Dusty Pink:

Dusty Pink | best hair colour for men

A modern twist on ancient pastel colors, dusty pink offers an edge and a touch of sophistication. This light color matches well with a variety of skin tones and can be styled in many ways.

15. Two-tone hair colour boy:

Two-tone hair colour for men

If you want to experiment with hair coloring, here you go. This hair color trend involves painting a different color on either side of your head for a half or half effect.  Get more ideas from the web and do it!


As you have seen, we have discussed the top 15 best hair colors for men that have ruled the hair color world in recent times. Undoubtedly, the field of men’s hair color is full of limitless creativity and innovation, inviting every man to explore new self-expression and dimensions. The market is filled with hair colors to suit the diverse interests and personalities of modern men. What would be your choice that matches your style and preferences? Do comment below and share with us!

FAQs: Hair colour Ideas for Men

  1. What is the best hair colour for men?

Here it is: 

  • Copper Brown
  • Jet Black Hair 
  • Platinum Blonde 
  • Ash brown 
  1. Is it mandatory to bleach hair before applying hair color?

Probably, bleaching is recommended for people with darker hair. And whenever such individuals apply certain hair colors, bleach will help to achieve vibrant results, but it is based on the natural hair color and shade you want to achieve.

  1. What is the duration of hair colour for men?

How long men’s hair color lasts depends on several factors, including maintenance routine, porosity of the hair, and the type of dye used. However, it usually lasts between four to eight weeks.

  1. Are there any alternative options for men’s hair color?

If you want temporary hair color instead of permanent dye, you can use sprays, hair mascaras, and gels. As a temporary hair color option, these products do not last long, while still giving you a fantastic look for a short period.

  1. How can I achieve a unique look through hair colour?

To obtain a unique look, you need to mix and layer multiple hair colors you like. By choosing a personalized hair color, one can achieve a multi-dimensional effect that best suits individual style preferences and needs.

  1. What are the care and maintenance tips for men’s hair color?
  • Always use a mild shampoo to wash your hair
  • Don’t use hot water to wash your hair
  • Pat your hair to dry thoroughly
  • Remember, vibrant men’s colours may require more often touch-ups to preserve their intensity.
  1. Does frequent hair coloring harm men’s hair?

While frequent coloring can cause intense damage, using premium quality hair products and an incorporating adequate hair care routine can help minimize any potential damage.

  1. How to know which hair colour suits my skin tone?

It’s suggested to get in touch with a professional hair stylist to know the right options for your skin tone. 

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