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30 Different Beard Styles for Men

30 Different Beard Styles for Men

Set out on a grooming journey as we unveil the Top 30 Beard Styles for Men, where facial hair transforms into an art form. Learn the minute details of a style beard that complements every man’s unique personality. From classic shaving styles to contemporary designs, explore the curated list that defines the essence of beard styles for men. Let your facial hair make a statement with the perfect beard design for the modern man.

How to Choose the Right Beard Style

So if you are on the journey of transforming your beard and giving it a stunning look, here is a quick tip – you must know how to choose the correct beard style according to your face shape. Your face shape will help you to make a correct choice of which type of beard style you must change. Will check out some of the suggestions. 

Oval Face Shape

Beard Styles for oval Shape Face

Versatility is key for oval faces. Experiment with various beard styles like a full beard, stubble small beard styles, or a classic goatee. The oval face accommodates almost any beard design effortlessly.

Oblong/Rectangle Face Shape

Beard Style For Men with Rectangle Face Shape

Balance is the mantra for an oblong face. Opt for a beard length that complements your head hair. Shorter beard styles or longer beards can work, but symmetry is crucial.

Square Face Shape

Beard style for Square face Shape

Consider a chin-centric approach for square faces. Styles featuring more hair on the chin and a slightly reduced presence on the sides and neck, like a well-groomed Van Dyke or a Balbo beard, enhance the square face’s inherent charm.

Round Face Shape

Beard Style for Round Face

Soften the features of a round face with a strategic beard cut. Consider shorter sides and a longer bottom, such as a goatee or a soul patch. Trim sideburns and cheeks for a well-defined look.

Diamond Face Shape

Beard Styles for Diamond Face Shape

Highlight the cheekbones while maintaining balance. A beard style like a medium-length beard with slightly rounded edges or a boxed beard can offset the prominent cheekbones and enhance the overall symmetry.

Triangular Face Shape

Triangular Face Shape Beard Styles

Draw attention away from the broad jawline with a beardstache or any style that shifts the focus. Avoid overly pointy beards and keep the chin hair well-groomed to achieve a harmonious look that complements the triangular face shape.

Tips to Take Care Of Your Beard Hair

  • Clean your beard with a mild beard shampoo and conditioner to remove dirt and prevent dryness.
  • Keep your beard and the underlying skin hydrated by applying beard oil regularly to promote softness and reduce itching.
  • Trim your beard regularly to maintain its shape and prevent split ends. Use quality grooming tools for precision.
  • Consume a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients to promote overall beard health and growth.
  • Limit exposure to excessive heat from styling tools, as it can strip the beard of its natural oils, leading to dryness.
  • Be patient during the growing phase, and resist the urge to trim too frequently. Allow your beard to achieve its full potential over time.

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List of Top 30 Beard Styles for Men

1. The 5 O’Clock Shadow – Short Beard

Best Short Beard Styles for men

The 5 o’clock shadow, synonymous with the stubble beard/short beard, represents a classic and timeless beard type. Effortlessly blending a rugged charm with class, this beard style is universally well-received. The allure of the 5 o’clock shadow lies in its simplicity and the speed at which it becomes visible, highlighted in particular by darker hair.

2. Long Beard Styles for Men

Long Beard Styles for Men

The Long Beard, a timeless beard style, exudes a sense of controlled length that gracefully elongates the face. Achieving this style involves allowing whiskers to grow freely and resisting premature trimming. Once sufficient length is attained, precision comes into play by trimming the sides in line with the face and maintaining the longest part parallel to the chin, defining a look that epitomizes the artful mastery of styles of beard.

3. Scruffy Beard Look for Men

Scruffy Beard Look for Men

The scruffy beard, a rugged and effortlessly cool beard style, is perfect for those embracing a laid-back charm. Whether your beard is patchy or thick, let it grow for two to four weeks, ensuring a touch of messy authenticity. This style, exuding a hint of grit, exemplifies that the scruffy beard is a versatile and accessible choice for those seeking a nonchalant yet stylish appearance.


4. Egg-Shaped Beard Cut for Oval Shape 

Beard Styles for Oval Face

The Egg-Shaped Beard, a subtle and rounded style, proves to be a tactical decision for square-faced men aiming to elongate their facial appearance. By allowing gradual growth and skillfully trimming the sides while maintaining length on the chin, this beard style creates a visual oval shape. The softer contours not only enhance facial symmetry but also impart a leaner and elongated charm, particularly beneficial for those with square faces.

5. Corporate Beard Styles for Men

Corporate Beard Styles

The corporate beard, a refined and close-cropped beard style spanning two to three inches, height of professionalism. In keeping with the company environment, this requires regular and careful grooming to ensure a good look. Its versatility makes it the go-to beard style for men who want a sophisticated yet work-appropriate look.

6. Goatee – Best Beard and Moustache Style

Goatee Beard Style

The goatee, a classic beard cut, offers a refined and adaptable look for men. With variations similar to a full-face beard on a smaller scale, it’s easily achieved by defining lines around the mustache and chin while maintaining a groomed length. This beard style not only complements various face shapes but also exudes a timeless charm in the realm of small beard styles.


7. Faded New Beard Style

Faded Beard Style

The Faded Beard, a contemporary beard look for men, is similar to a skin fade for your face, showcasing a sleek and crisp aesthetic. Attained by careful fading at the sideburns and face or cheek, this style strategically removes cheek bulk, creating a slim and elongated facial outline. Best suited for a beard length of three to six inches, the Faded Beard exudes a modern charm, seamlessly blending precision and style for the smart man.

8. Black Tie Scruff Beard Cut

Black Tie Scruff Beard Cut

Black Tie Scruff is a wonderful beard style that goes beyond traditional scruff with careful cutting and care. Balanced between a short beard and scruff, this style requires several days of growth, usually four or five, it reflects harmony and skin philosophy in a well-groomed beard. Achieve the polished look by keeping the length precise, maintaining crisp lines along the cheeks and neck for a refined, yet effortlessly stylish, beard design.

9. Hollywoodian Beard Design

Hollywoodian Beard Look

The Hollywoodian, a sophisticated beard style for men, strategically shifts attention from the cheeks to accentuate the jaw and chin. Lower cheek lines, create a distinguished jawline. Ideal for men seeking a fuller jaw dimension, this versatile beard style adds a touch of Hollywood charm beyond the realm of actors, offering a solution for those aiming to enhance their facial structure with style.

10. Defined Men’s Beard Style

Different Beard Styles for Men

The defined beard stands as an indication of careful grooming, emphasizing short length and razor-sharp lines. This beard style strikes a balance, maintaining a full appearance while ensuring precision by regularly defining the cheeks, neck, and mustache. It epitomizes a sleek and well-maintained approach to styling a beard, adding a touch of sophistication to the diverse world of beard styles for men.

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11. Well-Groomed and Trimmed beard

Different Beard Styles for Men

The well-groomed beard emerges as a refined choice for those favoring a shorter beard style. With the option to keep it slick and precisely defined, this beard style adds a touch of elegance. By maintaining crisp lines and a uniform length, it not only highlights the jawline but also draws attention to the wearer’s distinctive cheekbones, showcasing a polished approach to the diverse spectrum of beard styles for men.

12. Verdi Beard Style

Different Beard Styles for Men

The Verdi, inspired by the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, exudes timeless class. This distinguished beard style features a rounded three to four-inch beard complemented by a waxed handlebar mustache, creating an elegant and cultivated look. Achieving the Verdi requires patience, with four to eight months of beard growth for the perfect blend of style, making it a standout choice in the array of beard styles for men.

13. Beardstache – New Beard Style

Different Beard Styles for Men

Embrace the effortlessly cool Beardstache, a unique beard style that elongates a full mustache with a hint of stubble ranging from a few days to a few weeks. This fusion adds definition to the chin and cheek lines, creating a bold and badass contrast between a full beard and stubble. Among beard types, Beardstache stands out as a unique style of beard.

14. Bandholz Beard

Different Beard Styles for Men

The Bandholz beard, epitomized by its bold and untamed nature, is a distinctive beard style that embraces full growth and length. Named after Eric Bandholz, it celebrates a fearless approach to style beard, allowing facial hair to flourish with an unapologetically rugged charm. Among the diverse styles of beard, the Bandholz stands as a symbol of individuality and a commitment to an authentic, free-spirited beard journey.

15. Long Goatee Beard Style

The long goatee, a distinguished beard style, adheres to the principles of sharp lines while introducing a distinctive element—length. Achieving this style involves keeping the cheeks and jaw neatly shaved with carefully defined lines. Ideal for older men, the long goatee offers a refined and unique addition to the diverse spectrum of styles of beard, showcasing a perfect blend of precision and class.

16. Square Beard

Different Beard Styles for Men

The square beard, an adaptable beard style, contrasts with the egg mustache and beard style by emphasizing length on the sides rather than the chin. This medium-length beard aims to widen the face and enhance the jawline’s angular appeal. Ideal for those with longer, oval face shapes, the square beard introduces well-defined angles, showcasing the artistry within the diverse styles of beard grooming.

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17. Pointy Men Beard Style

Different Beard Styles for Men

The pointy beard, a bold and assertive beard style, adds a touch of drama to your facial contours. Maintaining crisp angles and trimming the beard into a pointed shape below the chin, creates a distinctive and more aggressive appearance. This style, celebrated among various styles of beard, elongates the face, embodying a look that is both striking and effortlessly elegant.

18. Royale Beard Styles for Men

Different Beard Styles for Men

The Royale Beard exudes regal charm with its distinctive style, featuring a mustache anchored by a chin strip. This unique beard style illustrates a refined and refined approach, adding a touch of royalty to the realm of style beard. Embrace the elegance of the Royale Beard for a distinguished and polished appearance.

19. Anchor Men’s Beard

Different Beard Styles for Men

The anchor beard, a distinguished beard style for men, crafts a bold statement with its pointed design gracefully tracing the jawline. This style pairs the sharp jawline emphasis with a mustache, creating a unique and eye-catching anchor-shaped configuration. Raise your style beard game with the anchor beard, a fusion of precision and individuality in the diverse world of shaving style.

20. Petite Goatee Beard Style

Different Beard Styles for Men

The petite goatee, a charming beard style for men, artfully elongates the chin with a small yet impactful design. This style of beard is characterized by its subtle and precise touch, adding a touch of sophistication to facial grooming. Embrace the minimalist allure of the petite goatee for a stylish and refined beard statement.

21. Van Dyke Beard

Different Beard Styles for Men

The Van Dyke Beard, a classic beard style for men, exudes timeless charm with its unique charm. This style combines a full goatee with a detached mustache, creating an appealing and well-defined look. The Van Dyke Beard stands as an enduring symbol of individuality and a classy shaved beard.

22. Chin Strip Beard

The Chin Beard, a minimalist and distinct beard style for men, features a vertical line of hair gracefully adorning the chin. Embodying simplicity and precision, this beard style adds a touch of refinement to the art of grooming, making it a stylish choice for those seeking a subtle yet impactful statement in their overall beard style.

23. Three-Day Scruff Beard Style

The Three-Day Scruff, an essential small beard style, represents effortless coolness reminiscent of a laid-back, unshaven vibe after a few days of grooming. Less maintained than perma-stubble, this beard style allows for errant hairs, embracing a casual and slightly wild aesthetic. Perfect for those seeking a relaxed yet stylish approach to styling a beard, the Three-Day Scruff exudes an easygoing charm.

24. Patchy – Best Short Beard Styles for Men

Different Beard Styles for Men

Embrace the uniqueness of a patchy beard, where individuality shines through uneven growth. Despite concerns about patchiness, this beard style, championed by icons like Keanu Reeves, turns imperfections into a distinctive statement. Letting your beard flourish, it becomes a style in itself, celebrating the authenticity and character that patchy growth brings to the world of style beard.

25. The Wolverine Beard Design

Different Beard Styles for Men

Embrace the heroic charisma of The Wolverine Beard style. Reserved for the daring, it’s an inverse of the Goatee, where facial hair flourishes on cheeks and jawline but is shaved around the mouth and chin. This avant-garde beard style exudes an edgy flair, defining a unique chapter in the ever-evolving landscape of style beard.

26. Baby’s First Beard

Different Beard Styles for Men

Baby’s First Beard, more than just a style, embodies the laid-back charm of embracing the early stages of beard growth. This vibe encourages men, especially first-time beard growers, to endure the initial itchiness and discomfort, relishing the scraggly phase as an integral part of the process. With this beard style, resist the temptation to trim or shape prematurely, allowing the beard to evolve authentically before diving into a more defined style.

27. Hungarian Mustache

Different Beard Styles for Men

The Hungarian Mustache emerges as the bold icon in the realm of beard-cutting style, reclaiming its place in pop culture with a powerful comeback. This style exudes a sense of power and rugged masculinity, making it the mustache equivalent of a formidable power beard. Its bold and vibrant style becomes downright intimidating when paired with the right jawline and a piercing gaze, establishing itself as a commanding presence in the diverse landscape of style beard.

28. Short Beard

Different Beard Styles for Men

The short beard, rich in fullness, defies its brevity by enhancing definition and highlighting cheekbones, especially suited for round or oval faces. Achieving this style requires a few months of growth, allowing for sufficient facial hair length before precision trimming. Utilize the longest setting on your beard trimmer for a consistent jawline length, gradually shaping it to achieve the desired short beard style for a refined and distinctive look.

29. Viking Beard

The Viking beard, a pinnacle in rugged masculinity, exudes a devil-may-care attitude with its untamed charm. This beard style revels in its long, flowing, and unshaped nature, rejecting the need for frequent trimmings or the precision of a beard trimmer. Achieving a wild aesthetic, the Viking beard stands as a distinctive and bold choice in the realm of hair and beard styles, embracing the essence of unbridled masculinity.

30. Full Chin Shaving Style for Men

Different Beard Styles for Men

The Full Chin Beard style embraces a bold and distinctive approach, allowing the chin hair to flourish into a long, bulbous shape that spans the entire width. Unlike pointed or rounded alternatives, this beard style for men emphasizes a natural, untrimmed aesthetic, adding a touch of rugged charm to the diverse landscape of style beard choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does shaving grow a beard?

No, shaving does not directly stimulate beard growth; it’s a common misconception. Shaving only trims existing hair and has no impact on the rate or thickness of beard growth.

2. Does Beard Oil work?

Yes, Beard Oil works by moisturizing the beard and the underlying skin, promoting softness, reducing itchiness, and enhancing overall beard health.

3. Is daily shaving good?

Daily shaving may lead to skin irritation and ingrown hairs, so it’s advisable to adjust the frequency based on your skin’s sensitivity and needs.


As we conclude the exploration of the Top 30 Beard Styles for Men, the diverse landscape of beard style becomes a canvas for self-expression and individuality. From classic choices to avant-garde designs, each beard style offers a unique opportunity to style a beard and redefine masculinity. Embrace the versatility of beard design for men, making your facial hair a statement of personal flair in the world of men’s grooming.

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