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Top 10 Red Shirt Combination Ideas For Men with Photos 2024

red shirt combination ideas for men

Red Shirt Combination Ideas: Did you know that? The red color symbolizes energy, confidence, and passion, making it a perfect choice for adding a bold statement to men’s clothing. It is also said that the red showcases a sense of power.

A symbol of dominance, vitality, and strength, each variant of red adds a sense of charisma and power that helps make any attire extremely eye-catching. Whether you want to add a pop of color to your appearance or make a style statement, choosing a red shirt can take your style to new heights.

While red is undoubtedly eye-catching, it may not be as versatile as classic hues like tan, white, or black. However, choosing the ideal red shirt combination can be challenging. But, don’t worry, we are here to help you choose the perfect combination that suits your personality and look. Here we will discuss some bold, stylish pant ideas that pair beautifully with a red shirt!

Table Of Contents:

  1. Red Shirt and White Pants Combo
  2. Red Shirt Black Pants Combo
  3. Red Shirt and Brown Pants
  4. Red Shirt and Blue Jean Combo
  5. Red Shirt with Grey Pants Combo
  6. Red Shirt and Black Jean Combo
  7. Red Shirt and Cream Pants Combo
  8. Red Shirt with Khaki Pants Combo
  9. Red Shirt with Blue Pants Combo 
  10. Red Check Shirt matching jeans or Pants
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQs

Best Red Shirt Combination Pant for Men 

Let’s explore some fashionable combos that will make you stand out among the crowd while maintaining a chic appearance. 

1. Red Shirt and White Pants Combo

Red Shirt and White Pants Combo | red shirt combination pant

Looking for a red shirt combination pant that reflects confidence? Look no further! The red shirt and white pants pairing creates an amiable and cheerful look that exudes confidence in your personality. It is a perfect pairing for those who are comfortable in their masculinity and is perfect for outdoor events or daytime dates. This combination is also appropriate for the beach or summer holidays, imparting a vibrant and casual romantic look.

2. Red Shirt Black Pants Combo

red shirt black pants

A red shirt black pants together create a stylish yet classic look. Ideal for both formal and informal events, this combination creates an eye-catching and bold look. Wear your red shirt with black jeans or chinos to get a casual vibe, or wear a red dress shirt with black trousers for a more formal look. The contrast between sleek black and vibrant red creates confident and versatile attire. 


3. Red Shirt and Brown Pants Combo

Red Shirt and Brown Pants Combo

To create a sophisticated and warm look, pair a dark red shirt with brown pants. These rich, earthy colors blend together to create a versatile and evergreen look. The dark brown bottoms complement the deep hue of the vibrant red shirt, providing a balanced and harmonious outfit. This pairing is suitable for both semi-formal and casual events, bringing a touch of sophistication and elegance to your overall look.


4. Red Shirt and Blue Jean Combo

Red Shirt and Blue Jean Combo

This red shirt matching jeans combination is perfect for the summer and spring seasons. While red and blue are colors that don’t usually complement each other, if styled correctly, wearing a red shirt with blue jeans can create a casual yet stylish look. Choose the right cut and tone to avoid appearing clownish. Pair a red shirt with light blue jeans for a fun and comfortable outfit in the summer season. You can also try a dark red shirt which can be paired with ripped blue jeans for a more edgy look, + Complete the look with earrings, chains, and black watches.


5. Red Shirt with Grey Pants Combo

Red Shirt with Grey Pants Combo

When it comes to red shirt matching pants ideas, grey is a popular and evergreen choice in terms of a sleek and classy look. This stylish and classic pair can give off a vintage or modern vibe depending on the shade of grey you choose. While darker shades of grey offer a more vintage look, a slightly less dark shade ensures a bold contrast with a dark red shirt. It’s lastly up to you which ones you wish to wear. 

6. Red Shirt and Black Jean Combo

Red Shirt and Black Jean Combo

Not sure what to wear with a red shirt that don’t look odd? What about a red shirt combination jeans in black colour. Black is a color that always impresses, as well as never goes out of trend. The powerful impact of the red shirt is excellently complemented by the versatile and deep black jeans. Looks good on many occasions, you can wear them to nighttime events, casual outings, and other occasions. Whether you choose a relaxed or fitted style, the pairing of black jeans and a red shirt oozes confidence and makes a fashion statement that is both attractive and timeless.

7. Red Shirt and Cream Pants Combo

red Shirt and Cream Pant Combo

This combination creates an elegant and sophisticated look. The soft cream and vibrant red colors combine to create a unique contrast. It is great to wear to both semi-formal and casual events, adding flair to your look. Crafted to ensure a versatile and neutral base, the cream and red color combination helps take center stage. Whether it is a casual t-shirt or a button-up shirt, this pairing offers a confident and stylish appearance.


8. Red Shirt with Khaki Pants Combo

Red Shirt with Khaki Pants Combo | Red Shirt Combination

A dark red shirt matching pants in Khaki color is a versatile and classic pairing. It displays a sophisticated and evergreen look. Each of the shades of these colors complements each other, providing a sophisticated and balanced look. You can wear this combo to a semi-formal event or even a day-to-day outing, as it is a great choice for a stylish and polished look. No matter whether you choose muted tones or vibrant reds, the khaki bottom provides a stylish and neutral background to complete the collection.

9. Red Shirt with Blue Pants Combo 

Red Shirt with Blue Pants Combo  | Red Shirt Combination

Just like black pants, blue pants are another great option that looks great with a red shirt. Dark blue bottoms look great with a red shirt. Choose the combo for any dark blue pants that will enhance your look. You can choose this pair for any casual event, but these are even ideal for any casual outing.


10.  Red Check Shirt matching jeans or Pants

Red Check Shirt combination with jeans | Red Shirt Combination

Are you also wondering what kind of bottoms to wear with a red shirt? If yes, then instead of looking for a red color shirt combination pant, try some patterns in the red shirt itself. A patterned red shirt with any color jeans or pants will give you a different look. Choose a red shirt with small checks for formal occasions. Similarly, if you want a perfect pair for a casual go-out or a date night, choose large block checks.



Having a red shirt in the wardrobe will help you look confident and bold. And when it comes to mix-matching with a red shirt, the pant colour options are limited. Although the best bottoms colors to wear with a red shirt are black, white and grey. If you want to style your red shirt differently, then the pants should be of blue or in denim fabric. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy mix-matching, and adopt your customized combination and get a stylish look with your red shirt-matching pant combo.

FAQs on Red Shirt Combination

  1. Which pants color goes well with a red check shirt?

When looking for combination ideas for a vibrant print like checks, it is suggested to choose pants that complement it rather than overshadow it. Choosing neutral colors like gray, black, or navy blue creates a balanced background, making the red checked shirt stand out.

  1. Which pants are best for a red color shirt?

Choose a red polo-style shirt to make yourself stand out in the crowd. Ideal for both casual days and semi-formal occasions, pair your red shirt with blue jeans or khaki trousers and look stylish and sophisticated. Neutral colors like black or white also pair well with red.

  1. What color shorts would be good to pair with a red shirt?

When it comes to wearing shorts with a red shirt, you have many options to create a stylish look. Neutral colors like beige, khaki, or tan ensure a versatile and classic combo. If you want a contrasting and sophisticated look at the same time, try navy blue shorts with a red shirt. For a bold choice, opt for a monochromatic outfit by adding red shorts. In the end, choose a color that suits your personal style and ensures balance with the bold red shirt.

  1. Is khaki the best color to wear with a red shirt?

Pairing Khaki Pants with a red shirt ensures a classic look. Being a versatile combination, it showcases a refined and timeless appearance. 

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