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10+ French Beard Styles for Men In 2024 | Updated Beard Photos

Best french beard styles

French Cut Beards: Do you know how the French beard styles started? indeed, it originated in France and was the style of men, which was used there some centuries ago. But, it became popular in Western Europe at first and then started spreading worldwide. The primary reason is that it looks good, needs low maintenance as well, and does not require as much grooming as other styles.

Men, particularly youngsters, are now the statement for their appearance. They do proper care, and sittings, and go to the salon for facials and cleanups. While some men have already set the style statements and whose style has been legendary over the years.

french fork beard style

Top French Beard Styles in 2024:

Check out the curated list of top French Beard Styles suitable for all men.

  1. Thick French  Cut Beard
  2. Chin Strap Beard style
  3. Long French Beard
  4. French Beard with Braid
  5. Van Dyke Beard Style
  6. Thin French Beard
  7. W Shaped French Beard Styles
  8. Balbo Beard
  9. Goatee Beard
  10. Verdi Beard
  11. French Fork Beard
  12. Ducktail Beard
  13. French Cut beard by Actors

1. Thick French Beard:

thick french beard styles
Thin French Cut Beard

It is one of France’s most popular beard styles, and it’s been a favorite of men for ages with a long beard style. A thick beard is maintained just around the mouth and looks appealing on the face. This beard style is very popular among men in their forties and fifties. Old but you will have a good look with this beard style.

This French-style beard style in the middle also goes well with a white or grey beard. Moreover, it’s popular and gives your face an elegant and fashionable look and this is one of the best goatee styles.

2. French Chin Strap Beard style:

chin strap beard style
Chin Strap Beard Style

This French beard cut is quite fashionable and it works perfectly for younger guys. Those who do not grow a thick beard can have a thin beard and a lengthy strap to the ears in this style. In other words, for the youth who want beard styles small, this is for you. Apart from that, with this French shave, many people have an outlook on this beard style in the corporate world. Hence, this French cut style is always the top preferred.

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3. Long French Beard: 

long beard | french cut beard
Long French Beard Styles

Long French beard styles have different proportions lengths, patterns, and shaving styles. Many folks who don’t have a thick beard opt for the long but thin French beard style. On the other hand, this style is more appropriate for young boys. Moreover, it is the most popular beard style of many men who are in the modeling industry.

4. French Cut Beard with Braid:

beard with braid | french beard styles
French Beard With Braid

In this French cut beard style, the people with the long beard use keep a braid which makes it a unique pattern and adds charm to the beard style. Therefore, try this French-cut beard style and give your face a different look.

This French-cut long beard is also an option for bald with beard styles. This French-cutting beard look is perfect for even men in their forties and fifties. Additionally, those who are in the entertainment or modeling industries adore this style and prefer to have this for a while.

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5. Van Dyke Beard Style:

van dyke style | french cut
Van Dyke Style Beard

It is one of the oldest beard styles in France. Since Van Dyke was the first person to give this as a beard-style statement. Henceforth, the beard style is named after him till then this beard French cut has become a trendsetter.

The pair of mustaches is given special attention in this man’s hair beard style. The mustache’s two ends are directed upwards, and a thick beard is retained from the bottom of the lips to the neck in this form of French Beard. It is a very traditional and perfect beard for fashion events. The French cut shave makes you look smart and handsome.


6. Thin French Cut Beard:

thin french beard styles
Thin French Cut Beard Style

Many men prefer to groom their beards in this fashionable French style. A slender mustache and a straight French cut characterize this beard style. The beards on the rest of the face are also shaved. It is a beard style that is particularly popular among those who are involved in the sports, entertainment, and corporate worlds.

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7. W Shaped French Beard Styles:

w shaped french beard style
W Shaped French Beard

This style is highly trendy for young boys. It’s the latest beard style which is one of the most contemporary beard styles from different French Dhadi forms. Since the Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan had a particular sort of French Dhadi style in one of his movies named ‘Raees’, this style has gotten a lot of attention from Indian guys.

8. Balbo Beard:

balbo beard | french beard styles
Balbo Beard Style

Balbo style beard is a combination of a medium thick mustache and a thick beard grown under the jawlines. You shave the upper beard until a little above the jawlines to give a floating look. This look is best suited for men who have a round face. Growing a beard under the Jawline hides the roundness and gives a sharp look.


9. Goatee French Cut Beard:

goatee style | french beard style
Goatee Beard

The goatee is one of the most famous French beard styles. It joins your mustache and beard giving a blended look. You grow a short mustache and small beard patch only around the chin and connect both mustache and beard. This style is more suited for men with square faces and men who have fewer beards.

10. Verdi Style Beard:

verdi beard | french cut beard
Verdi Beard Style

Verdi beard suits for men with fully-grown beards and mustaches. This style usually has a Full beard rounded at the bottom and a long mustache styled with sharp ends. Verdi’s style gives you a bold and rough look. This style is suited for both round and square-faced men.

11. French Cut Fork Beard:

french fork beard
French Fork Beard

The fork beard style is one of the vintage French beard styles, it has a long beard split into two prongs resembling the fork. It gives a tough and bold look, mostly preferred by the old generation. This suits men who have thick and long beards. This style needs more care and is hard to maintain.

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12. Ducktail Beard:

duck tail beard style
Duck Tail Beard

This beard style is most preferred nowadays, as the beard trend is growing in India many youths choose to grow a beard. Ducktail beard style has a medium lengthy beard shaped to form a point at the chin which resembles the tail of a duck. It is famous because it suits most of the face types and is easy to maintain.

French Cut Beard by Actors:

Check out some French-style beards by celebrities for reference.

french style beard by celebrities
Hollywood actors Johnny Depp & Robert D Jr in French Beards
french dhadi style
Bollywood actors Salman Khan & Ranbir Kapoor in French Cut beard look
Celebrity french beard
The Rock & Christian Bale in French Beard
french beard style for indians
Hindi actors Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Amitabh Bachchan in French Dhadi Style

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  •  Which is the best short beard style?

 French Beard Styles are more famous for their short and sharp looks.

  • Best French Cut Beard styles for bald men?

Bald men can pull off many beard styles from long to short, but if you are looking for a rough look Long Braided Beard style is the best.

  • Best French cut beard for a round face?

The best French beard style of round face is Van Dyke beard style and Chin strap beard style.

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