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Zoom Vs JioMeet: The better rescue for connectivity in Work Frome Home

With the pandemic spreading like a wildfire, going back to the normal seems like a far off dream. Now that social interactions have shifted entirely to the virtual world, video calling apps have become a crucial part of our lives. Be it an office meeting, a class lecture or a fun session with friends, these apps are a good and safe way to interact. Zoom, an American application became quite popular around the world for online communication. Recently, Reliance Jio has also launched its own video calling app, called JioMeet and it’s getting a lot of positive response.

We have compared these two apps so that the users can choose the one which suits their needs better.

Similairties in Jio Meet and Zoom App

JioMeet and Zoom, both are video communication apps that allow you to hold meetings, set up conferences, webinars, live chats etc. They give a lot of control to the hosts for a smooth experience.

Sign in Jio Meet And Zoom App

Both Zoom and JioMeet can be used to join a meeting on any device without having to sign in. But if you are hosting a meeting, you are required to sign in. Both the apps offer a hassle-free sign in process and you can sign in with either your email id or phone number.

User Interface in Jio Meet And Zoom App

One of the first thing that the users noted when the JioMeet first launched, is its similarity to the Zoom. They appear almost the same and have a similar user interface. So, for people who are familiar with Zoom, switching to JioMeet won’t be a hassle.

Number of Participants in Jio Meet And Zoom App

Both JioMeet and Zoom allow you to host 100 participants at a time. But this li lit can be increased to 1000 participants in Zoom, using their paid plans. For now, you can not increase the limit in JioMeet as the company has not announced any paid plans yet. Both the apps have the facility of Waiting rooms and the meetings are password protected.

Time limit in Jio Meet And Zoom App

Zoom allows a limited duration of 40 minutes on their free plan whereas JioMeet has no limit and the calls can go up to even 24 hours. This makes JioMeet more appealing to the users who need to host longer meetings, seminars etc.

Encryption in Jio Meet And Zoom App

Zoom offers end to end encryption to both the paid users and the free users. JioMeet offers encryption but the company has not shared details about the end to end encryption yet.

Platform in Jio Meet And Zoom App

Both Zoom and JioMeet support Window, Android, Mac and iOS devices. And they can also be accesses easily through a browser.

Multi device Login in Jio Meet And Zoom App

One of the features claimed to be exclusive to JioMeet is that it allows Multi-device Login. The users can log in up to 5 devices. This feature enables the users to switch devices uninterruptedly, during the calls. This feature can prove quite handy. Zoom does not offer this feature.

JioMeet comes with almost all the same features as Zoom and there is an added benefit of the unlimited duration of calls. So if your participation requirement does not exceed 100 people, JioMeet is a good and free option for you. Both the applications have their pros and cons and the users can choose the one based on their specific requirements.

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