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7 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

Korean drama (Kdrama) has become a must-watch addiction for youths right now. As Korean short stories or be said Kdramas are hype currently. People love the romantic drama genre, some of them have even started to learn Korean for that matter. So in this article let us find out, through which apps can we watch Korean dramas for free.

If you are someone who is looking to watch Kdrama shows in regional languages like Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, or English. You can also find them in the below-mentioned list of apps. So, let us start with the list of the 7 best apps to watch Kdrama for free.


List of Top 7 Best Apps to Watch Kdrama Shows for Free

Free Apps to Watch Kdrama App Ratings & Downloads
Viki Rakuten 4.7 (50M+ Downloads)
Hulu 4.6(50M+ Downloads)
MXPlayer 4.4(1B+ Downloads)
Viu 4.1(100M+ Downloads)
YouTube 4.2(10B+ Downloads)
Disney + Hostar (Free + Paid) 4.5(100M+ Downloads)
WeTV 3.8(100K+ Downloads)

So, let us take a tour and see what these best apps offer for us to watch 2024 Kdarams online for free, and which are the top shows to start with.

1. Viki Rakuten– Top App in India to Watch Kdrama

Viki is the latest go-to app by users to watch Kdrama shows. You can find 100+ Korean shows and the app also covers almost all of Asia’s trending shows. From Chinese to Taiwan, you can find everything in the Viki app.

The Viki app also provides you with Korean show teasers and trailers of upcoming Korean dramas and all other shows. It is used by more than 10 million users, you can download this app on the Play Store and the App Store. Enjoy the best Korean dramas and make your own Kdrama playlist.

2. Hulu

Hulu is one best apps to watch Kdrama. It covers all of Asia’s top trending shows and you can binge-watch your favorite shows and watch them for free. You can also get a subscription to watch the latest Kdrama releases that have happened using the Hulu app. Binge-watch your favorite shows now and treat yourself to some Korean romantic/thrilling shows. Go through this created Kdrama shows a list that you can start on the Hulu app.

3. MXPlayer – Top Preferred App to Watch Kdrama for Free

You can watch Dubbed Top Kdramas for free on MxPlayer. MX provides Kdramas in Indian regional languages. You can watch Dubbed Kdrama in almost 4 regional languages i.e., Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam. With all the dubbed versions of Kdrama MXPlayer is one of the popular apps to watch Kdrama in India.

4. Viu – Korean Drama App

Viu is the latest released app stuffed with the best Korean shows. You might end up finding your favorites and also adding some more to your list. And the cherry on top you can get the best Korean dramas to watch for free and with nothing to pay. The app is available in both Android and Apple stores. And create your own Kdrama playlist and enjoy.

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5. YouTube – Best Free App to Watch Kdramas

Yes, on YouTube you can find some of the top Korean series. YouTube is a go-to server; YouTube is a home TV for everyone there is nothing to the hype because it is already hype. And a trending vlog app. If you are a beginner and looking for Korean shows to watch. Then YouTube is the best way to start.

6. Disney+ Hotstar – Latest OTT App to Launch Kdrama

Kdrama on Disney+ Hotstar

Yes, you heard it right you can now binge-watch the Top & Latest Korean Dramas of 2024 on Hotstar. Disney’s OTT platform has recently made this spectacular change and has got the trending Kdrama into their site. As we all know the audience loves dramas and the fan base is becoming strong.

So watch some of the best trending Kdramas of 2024 on Disney+ Hotstar. Also, if you’re a new member of the family then start with these Top Kdramas to Watch on Disney+ Hotstar – a guide that will help you find your genre.

7. WeTV/Tencent Video – Best app to watch Kdrama

Disclaimer: The Above Mentioned App is no longer available in India/ Available in the name of Tencent Video

WeTV (Tencent Video) is the trending app for Korean and Chinese Dramas. You can find all the latest released Korean dramas on WeTV. It is one of the best free apps to watch Kdrama and contains 100+ Kdrama in its playlist.

The app is available in both the Play Store and Apple Store. You can download it for free and binge-watch the latest Korean shows without any interruption.

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List of Top Best Apps to Watch Latest Kdrama – Paid

1. Netflix

The hub of shows, the trending OTT entertainer Netflix. You can find the latest Kdrama shows on Netflix. You have to subscribe in the first place to watch. It’s a pay-and-watch app. If you are planning for a subscription then use Netflix Coupons and earn cashback on your premium subscription with Netflix. And enjoy Kdrama in Korean, English, and Hindi languages.

2. KorTV – Korean TV

KorTv/Korean TV is famous for Korean series and TV shows. You can find all the latest Television and OTT-released shows in Korea through the Korean TV app.

Enjoy the Kdrama entertainment 24/7, with 500+ shows to watch. Download the app and start your binge-watch session with no further due.

3. AmazonPrime

Amazon Prime has newly joined the list of hosting/releasing Kdramas in Prime. You can find 85+ Korean shows on amazon prime.

If the prime subscription is what you’re thinking about stop right there. You can watch Korean dramas in their prime. Get Amazon Prime Coupons and get the subscription and earn cashback as well. Kdrama Bring it on!

4. KissAsian – Best App to Watch KDrama With English Subtitles

Kiss Asian is an official high-quality Korean drama show provider app with subtitles. You can find all over Asia’s trending shows and new releases cast and teasers in this app. You can download Kdrama and full fill your playlist and enjoy the show.

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List of Best Kdrama Shows to Watch for Free in 2024 – Beginners

1. Richman Korean Drama

Richman Korean Drama

2. I am not a robot

Iam Not a Robot Kdrama | List of Best Dubbed Kdramas on MXPlayer

3. Dr. Romantic

Dr. Romantic Korean Drama

4. Pinocchio

5. Melting Heart

Melting Heart Korean Drama for Free


1. Which is the Best App to watch Kdrama for free with Subtitles?

YouTube, Viki Rakuten, and MX Player are the top 3 free apps to watch KDrama in India.

2. Which is the Top-rated Indian App to Watch Korean Drama for Free?

MX Player is one of the Top-rated Indian apps to watch Kdrama.

3. Can I watch Free Kdrama’s on Disney+Hotstar app?

Yes, there are a few Korean shows that you can watch for free on Disney+

4. Which are some of the top Korean dramas to watch on MX Player?

Melting Heart, Perfume, Dr.Strange, Pinocchio, Richman, and more.


Overall, that was our made-up list of the best apps to watch Korean Drama for free with English subtitles. Start your Kdrama sessions and enjoy the show without any language barrier. Or try something new and learn a new language. It’s always the actions then the speaking!! Hope you watch Kdramas and enjoy your time.

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