Zomato Gold Membership Plan, Benefits & Price

Who doesn’t like tasty food? While satisfying food is the desire of every person, finding a quality place or service is not a cakewalk. Zomato is one such life-savior of many foodies who search for the best places to eat or drink. It is easy to order or dine in using Zomato. Out of all possible options available in the market, Zomato is a highly accepted and used app. Serving its customers in the best possible way, it is hard to miss is Zomato gold offer.

If you’re a devoted foodie and search for great restaurants, the Zomato gold is only for you. It includes every possible dining privilege, priority deliveries, and cost-effective dining.

From free dishes to free drinks, Zomato had developed its gold plan keeping in view the needs of modern diners only. Whether it is a reunion, a get-together, or a business lunch, nothing can stop you from the best food. Let us know more about this gold offering from Zomato.

What is Zomato Gold?

Zomato gold understands the pocket constraints of students and the young brigade. You don’t have to refrain from the exotic dishes as it offers great deals on fine dining restaurants. Zomato gold offer is a membership program for all the foodies who want to enjoy free dishes across the whole menu- feeling hungry? You must wait as there is a lot more to come.

Be it a restaurant, bar, or lounge, Zomato tagged places will make you forget to see towards the prices. There are exclusive deals for the members along with complimentary dishes on every order. Get-together could never have been so affordable without Zomato gold offers.

Do people recognize you as the one who read the menu from the price side than from the dishes side? Break the barriers of fine-dining with Zomato gold in which you can eat whatever you want to in cheap deals.

Zomato Pro

Don’t get confused, as it is all about some great upgrades. Zomato gold is upgraded to Zomato Pro. All the existing members of Zomato gold were taken to Zomato Pro at no additional costs. Zomato Pro offers exclusive deals on delivery orders and dining-outs and never forgets to ensure some significant savings with multiple discounts.

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3-Month Free Subscription

Zomato Pro comes with a 3-month free subscription. Thus, every user is entitled to a 3-month free offer without any terms and conditions. It is easy to get this free subscription from Zomato. The existing users of Zomato Pro can gift the 3-month free subscription to their family, friends, or colleagues.

Once you have the code from your foodie partner, you can go to the Zomato app to redeem this code. Once you enter the code, your 3-month free subscription will start with immediate effect. If you’re already a Zomato Pro member, you can go to my profile section to select the gift 3-month free subscription option.

The other simple way is to buy the Zomato 3-month free subscription from the company itself. Are you worried about the charges? Well, you don’t have to, as the 3-month free subscription plan is priced at INR 200 only.

Quick Steps for Zomato 3-Month Free Subscription:

  • Go to the Zomato Pro App.
  • Enter the unique code-shared by the Zomato Pro member in the activation code box.
  • Your membership will start immediately.
  • You can extend your current membership with the same code.
  • All you need to do is go to the membership section and then choose to extend the membership option.
  • You can enter the code to extend your membership.

Zomato Gold Membership Price

With so much so to offer, Zomato gold membership comes in affordable and unified pricing across India. Once you’ve availed of the 3-month free subscription offer, it is time to move to their plans.

There are choices to suit your needs. You can go for the Zomato gold membership plan for six months or one year. Subscribe to any of these plans to get the best out of online food orders and fine dining at your favorite restaurants.

The six-month plan is priced at INR 999, while the one-year Zomato gold membership plan is priced at INR 1800 only. The exciting part about these plans is that they come with validity but no limits.

Zomato Gold Membership: Exclusive Deals and Offers

  • Get 50% off on Gold Membership: This is a referral offer that can be availed at the time of checkout to get an instant discount on Zomato gold membership.
  • Get 3-Months Subscription Free: This is also a referral offer in which existing Zomato Pro members can gift the 3-months free subscription to others.

Apart from these, there are numerous deals like:

  • Zomato Gold for ICICI bank users
  • Zomato Gold Paytm offers
  • Zomato Gold Promo Code for Axis bank users
  • Zomato Gold Amazon offers

These offers and deals are available from time to time and cover discounts, offs, and flat savings.

Zomato Gold Benefits: A Kitty Full of Benefits in One Umbrella

  • Get Complimentary Dishes and Drinks:

You can leverage the complementary dishes and drinks in the Zomato gold membership at all its partner restaurants. Each restaurant provides a tag featuring the dishes and drinks partner. You are eligible for the second-most expensive offering of the restaurant as a complementary dish. For drinks, you get the same drink as complimentary that you’ve ordered. 

  • Perfect for Seamless Diners:

The different packs of Zomato gold are ideal for varying needs of professional diners who want to lock a deal in minimalist investments. The starter pack allows three-time dining at the partnered restaurant, the medium pack allows ten times dining, and the unlimited pack is valid for one year. These packs are rated at affordable prices of INR 300, INR 700, and INR 1800.

  • Perfect Gift Cards:

Zomato gift cards are perfect for festivities, birthdays, and anniversaries gifts. No more fuss in choosing the materialistic gifts when you can go for a high-quality fine dining experience. This is not only limited to your family, friends as you can gift the Zomato corporate card to your colleagues. Thus, with Zomato membership, you’re never short on the gifting options.

  • Serves Wide Audience:

After a quick look at the Zomato gold membership offers, it is evident that whether you want to spend INR 200 or INR 1800, you’re always on the upside of the deal. There are no limits on dining and excellent customer service from free subscriptions for three months to yearly plans.

  • For Those Who Don’t Want To Carry Cash:

Many of us don’t like carrying cash. When it comes to top-notch restaurants, cards are other options, but what about the students and early corporate bees? Zomato gold app offers direct payments from your gold plan to the restaurants. You have to pay through the app and show it to the server, and it’s done!

  • Affordable Online Food Orders:

Zomato gold membership benefits are extended to online food orders as well. All Zomato gold members are eligible for a one-free dish in their order. It excludes the combos and special dishes. All you need to do is place an order greater than INR 300 to avail of its benefits. The maximum discounts so allowed are up to INR 300 only.

  • Additional Benefits:

The benefits don’t end at 1+1 dishes and 2+2 orders. All Zomato Pro members are eligible for invitations to exclusive events at partner restaurants. Thus, no food walks, menu tasting sessions, wine-tasting sessions, new restaurant launching, and special chef-cook sessions are complete without Zomato gold members.

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How Does Zomato Gold Membership Work?

Are you ready with your Zomato gold membership? You can explore more than 3500 partnered restaurants for free dishes and drinks along with subsidized meals. All you need to do is visit any of the partner restaurants and open its page on the Zomato Pro app.

You need to unlock your visit on the Zomato Pro app and provide your details to the restaurant staff before placing an order. You’re now eligible to place the orders and enjoy your complimentary dishes.

Thus, the Zomato gold membership works smoothly in more than ten cities with great options in highly rated restaurants. It is currently active in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Chandigarh.

Zomato Gold Membership- Quick Terms and Conditions:

  • Zomato Gold is valid for two or more than two persons on a table.
  • Zomato believes in its quality, and its gold membership is non-refundable.
  • Zomato allows its Gold membership only once per day at any partnered restaurant.
  • Combos, platters, buffets, take-away orders, and home delivery orders are not covered.
  • These offers are not valid on special occasions.

Zomato Gold Membership- FAQ

  • What is Zomato Gold Membership?

Zomato Gold Membership offers different deals and discounts on ordering or dining at its partnered restaurants.

  • Can I get a free subscription to Zomato Gold Membership?

Zomato offers referral type and buying type 3-month free gold membership subscription.

  • Can I order online using Zomato Gold Membership?

Yes, it is applicable to online orders.

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