15 Best Food Delivery Apps In India 2024

Best Food Delivery Apps In India

In the fast-paced world filled with modern living, the best food delivery apps have become an important part of people’s everyday lives in India. These online food delivery apps offer at-time delivery and a diverse range of culinary delights at the tap of a button. From satisfying late-night cravings to enjoying restaurant-like meals at home. And the exciting part of train food delivery apps has entirely changed the way people used to experience dining.

Here are the best platforms that provide an easy, user-friendly interface, allowing customers to explore a range of dishes from Samosas to South Indian Idli, track their food orders online in real-time, and enjoy the ease of having their required meals delivered to their doorstep.

List of 15 Best Food Delivery Apps in India

1. Zomato – Top Food Delivery App in India

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

India’s leading and most owned local app for online food delivery in India is Zomato. Renowned for its extensive type of listings and user-friendly interface, Zomato Offers one of the best & fastest online food delivery apps. It offers a gigantic assortment of alternatives in nourishment and gives real-time following for a much better client experience.

And in case of late delivery or any other queries go through the app and understand or you can contact the customer team for how to cancel an order on zomato.

Zomato Customer Care Details

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2. Swiggy – Best Food Ordering App

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Known for its lightning-fast conveyance, Swiggy has become a household name in India. With an extensive chain of restaurant partnerships and a user-friendly app, Swiggy stands out for its aim to provide quick and reliable online food ordering.

Swiggy offers great coupons and cashback on online food delivery. Also with a UI-friendly app, you can now order groceries using the swiggy app as well. In case of any queries on the swiggy order cancellation process, you contact them with the below details,

Swiggy Customer Care Details

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3. Uber Eats (Now Uber Food)

Leveraging its reliable transportation network, it has seamlessly transitioned into one of the best food-ordering apps. With an easy-to-navigate app and a wide selection of restaurants to choose from, Uber Food ensures on-time delivery.

Note: Uber Eats is currently not available in India

4. Foodpanda – Best Online Food Delivery App

Giving a good range of dishes and exciting discounts, Foodpanda is a popular choice among food enthusiasts in India. The app’s user-friendly interface and efficient delivery make it a reliable option for online food ordering.

5. Dunzo

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Beyond being just an instant delivery app in India, Dunzo is a hyperlocal delivery service that caters to various needs, including groceries and medicines. It’s versatility and prompt service make it a preferred choice for users seeking a one-stop solution.

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6. Faasos (Now Rebel Foods) – Best Online Food Delivery Service

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Faasos, now under Rebel Foods, focuses on providing a curated menu of delectable dishes. Known for its quality and consistency, Faasos is a go-to option for those craving delicious and wholesome meals.

7. Swiggy Genie

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

As an extension of Swiggy, Swiggy Genie goes beyond the best food-ordering apps. It offers users the convenience of sending packages documents, and even picking up items from stores, making it a versatile option for on-demand delivery services.

8. Box8

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Specializing in a diverse menu of Indian and fusion dishes, Box8 is a favorite among those looking for a delightful blend of flavors. With its emphasis on quality and taste, Box8 continues to gain popularity in online food ordering.

9. Licious – Best Online Meat Delivery App in India

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

For meat lovers, Licious is a dedicated platform offering fresh and high-quality meat products. From chicken and mutton to seafood, Licious ensures that customers receive premium meat at their doorstep.

10. Domino’s – Top Online Pizza Delivery App

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

A household name in the pizza delivery sector, Domino’s app stands out for its user-friendly interface, exclusive deals, and quick delivery services. It remains a top choice for pizza enthusiasts across the country.

11. McDelivery – Best Food Delivery App List

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Catering to the cravings of fast-food lovers, McDelivery by McDonald’s brings the iconic menu to users’ doorsteps. With a simple ordering process and efficient delivery, McDelivery is synonymous with the joy of enjoying McDonald’s favorites at home.

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12. SpoonJoy Food Delivery

With a focus on providing healthy and wholesome meals, SpoonJoy offers a menu curated for those conscious of their dietary choices. The app delivers nutritious meals, making it a preferred option for health-conscious individuals.

13. FreshMenu

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Combining culinary creativity with the convenience of online food delivery, FreshMenu offers a regularly updated menu of chef-crafted dishes. Its commitment to freshness and unique flavors sets it apart in the fast delivery app landscape.

14. Yumist (Now Part of Licious)

Acquired by Licious, Yumist focuses on providing homely and comforting meals. While the brand has evolved, its commitment to delivering delicious and satisfying meals remains unchanged.

15. Eat. fit (By Cure. fit)

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

As a holistic health and fitness platform, Eat. Fit, by Cure. fit, emphasizing balanced and nutritious meals. With a range of healthy options, it caters to those seeking nourishing food without compromising on taste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these food delivery apps available throughout India?

Yes, the featured food delivery apps have a widespread presence, catering to various cities and regions across India. Users can enjoy their services in metropolitan areas as well as semi-urban locales. The expansive reach of these apps ensures that a diverse range of users can access their convenient and efficient food delivery services.

2. How do these apps ensure the safety of the delivered food?

Food safety is a top priority for these apps. They implement stringent hygiene measures in collaboration with their partner restaurants. This includes guidelines on food preparation, packaging, and transportation.

3. Can users customize their orders on these apps?

Absolutely. Most food delivery apps understand that individual preferences vary. Therefore, they allow users to customize their orders according to their specific tastes and requirements. Users can easily make specific requests or modifications through the app’s interface, ensuring that their delivered meals align perfectly with their preferences.

4. Do these apps offer contactless delivery options?

Yes, contactless delivery options are commonly available on these apps. Users can opt for contactless payment methods, reducing the need for physical interaction during the delivery process. Additionally, users can instruct delivery personnel for a no-contact delivery experience, promoting safety and adhering to social distancing norms.

5. How can users track the status of their orders?

Food delivery apps provide robust real-time tracking features that empower users to monitor the status of their orders seamlessly. From the moment an order is placed to the point of delivery, users can track the progress through the app.


As the culinary landscape in India continues to evolve, the 15 best food delivery apps for 2024 offer a delightful array of choices for food enthusiasts. Whether it’s the lightning-fast deliveries of Swiggy or the diverse cuisines on Zomato, these apps bring the best Indian and international flavors to your doorstep.

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