Why are modern relationships falling apart so easily?

“There cannot be relationships unless there is the commitment unless there is loyalty unless there is love. Patience and persistence.”- Cornel West

The word ‘relationship’ has meanings and implications so wide that no one ever was able to understand it. After experiencing your broken relationship you are now able to understand that it’s not a bed of roses but a path laid with thorns on which you need to tread carefully. But why did that happen? Ever wondered even if you loved that person with the core of your heart but still not able to keep them for your life?

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You must have heard of the stories of great lovers like Romeo-Juliet and Heer-Ranjha or even your grandparents love story. But today’s relationships are not what it was ages ago. What is the reason that modern-day relationships are crumbling so easily? We definitely need to know why modern relationships are so hard to keep. We haven’t forgotten to love but what is happening in this era that people are ready to leave the track instead of working hard to keep it?

Unconditional love:

What is unconditional love? It’s rare to find now. A relationship is not a fancy cake served on silver platter. If no one is ready to sacrifice and compromise, then that relationship will never work out. It seems easy when just said, but takes your heart out to work for it. At present, people are not selfless enough and ready to devote much to their relationships to make it an ‘unconditional’ love.


One of the major causes of having a wrong relationship is that today, people don’t know the difference between true love and attraction or lust. We are now so greedy that all we need to have is a perfect partner with whom we don’t give any chance of staying forever. The moment we find someone better takes the present relationship to death and move on to next because we are in ‘love’. We choose instant gratification over long-term commitment.


We want the best of everything but are not ready to work hard for it. People, nowadays, are ready to spend as much time as possible with their friends or having fun with technology, but not ready to pay attention to that one person. Everybody have their life but that doesn’t mean that you forget about the person who adores and cares for you.


We see people from schools or colleges jumping into relationships but there are only few who go long way with the person they are with. Relationships formed early on do not have a rock solid future, because partners are struggling to make a mark in their careers. Career is important but as people grow older, life teaches you at every step, even to live without the person who was your everything at some point in time. Only a select few can balance their career with personal lives.


Most people around the world, have fallen in love and suffered from a major heartbreak. But why does this become the cause of not giving chance to anyone else? We have become afraid of commitments, and skeptical about giving our hearts to someone and get it broken again. Our experiences mould us and often leave deep imprints on us, thereby affecting our future. 

We might consider all these things as irrelevant but when you are in a relationship; loyalty, honesty, life, and everything related to that person becomes everything. Don’t be scared of risks. You can find the person you were always looking for, very unexpectedly. Don’t be afraid to fall in love. Anyone can have that amazing love story so why not you? Love and live a beautiful life.