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How to protect your skin and hair this Holi

India is a country with a large number of festivals, and we pretty much stay occupied with these diverse festivals throughout the year. But , there are certain celebrations that are celebrated with unique pomp and grandeur  in all parts of the country. One such festival is Holi for which almost every Indian waits eagerly for days. So here we are at the brink of the festivities, now all you have to do is just think how much fun you are going to have with your family and friends.


Festivals do mean that you forgetting yourself in those gratifying days. But forgetting to look after yourself on Holi can have adverse consequences. So, here we are with something that can help you to protect your skin and hair on this Holi season. You never know how and when someone going to put those beautiful colours on you, but be prepared to tackle them .

Cover up your body.

The first and best way to protect your skin from harmful colors is to expose it as little as possible. So, wear clothes that will cover a larger portion of your body. Wear kurta or full sleeves top with leggings or old denims, if possible. Mostly people use colours on the upper part of the body, so, you should definitely try to opt for clothing whih protects your torso and arms. Choose cotton as your preferred material.

Use protective lotion.

The next thing is to apply lotion or any such protective cream, before letting yourself be in colours. Also, most of the time you will be outside in the sunlight, so, do not forget to use waterproof sunscreen as it will keep your skin protected from such UV rays.

Drench yourself with oil/cream.

This is an old home remedy, don’t we all remember ours mothers telling us to apply oil or cold cream before playing Holi. This will protect your skin from dryness as well as your hair, because the oil particles won’t allow colour to deposit and set down at the bottom of the skin and scalp.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Water is always the best solution for both hair and skin as your body needs water time to time. When it comes to festivals like Holi, it’s an essential thing to keep yourself hydrated. Keep the dryness away and drink water or non-aerated drinks like coconut water and fruit juices. Don’t gulp down huge quantities of thandai or soft drinks as they aren’t very healthy.

Don’t forget your lips.

While taking care of your skin and hair, you often forget to take care of your lips. Use lip balm or desi ghee or butter time to time to keep dryness away and protect it from colors.

Protect your body even after bath.

Your job isn’t done before any celebration or while having fun, but you have to take care after that as well. Bath properly after Holi and apply protective lotion on your body. For hair, apply oil for some time after bath to make sure that they remain protected and nourished.

I hope these tips to protect yourself from side-effects of playing Holi are useful. Keep your skin and hair safe from Holi mania, use organic colors which don’t irritate skin and eyes. Have a happy and safe Holi.

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