Destiny in our hands

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”- William Shakespeare

Have you ever thought where your destiny will take you? Or do you know in what way your own destiny works? According to predetermination and belief of many people, destiny is somewhat your fate. We all know fate is something which is meant to happen but at the same time, what is there in your hands is the thing you can control. Life is like giving an examination which entirely depends on your understanding and your power to attain knowledge and implementation of that knowledge. Do not just rely on your stars, as Shakespeare says, your destiny is right in your own hands all you have to do is ‘hard work’ and believe in yourself.

Sometimes, people just look back in the histories of their life and realise what they did wrong and at the same time leave their life wherever it will take them. Realising that they have come across various turning points and transitions in their life which lead them to what they are today. We are often told by our elders that anything happens is meant to be there but somehow you realise that it was your action that made the situation.

How to control your destiny rely on the fact what kind of person you are. You may be a positive or a negative thinker which entirely decides your perspective to look at the scenario. What you think in your mind is what you speak which later turns out to be your action to the prevailing situation and, therefore, decides your destiny. It may be predestined but according to me and many writers, it is not so and hence you can have the control over your own life. This happens to everyone in each and every day.

Your destiny depends on what you make out of the things that you have in your hands. Our lives depend on ourselves not what nature or what others will say. The decisions we take in our lives either leads you to failure or success it all rely on your importance and power of taking risks even after confronting your own doubts. Life is full of a mapless pathway, but as Robert Frost want to say in his poem “The road not taken”, there are various ways to deal with your life but where you want to also depend on what path you will take.