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What To Avoid During Video Interviews

Video interviews are getting increasingly common. Research shows that more than 60% of recruiting administrators pick to utilize video meetings. A big reason is that they help managers save time and money on the job search process.

Indeed, even before COVID-19, video interviews were a common hiring tool to screen candidates. In a 2012 study of HR experts at U.S. organizations, more than 6 out of 10 said they utilized video meetings to enlist applicants.

The Do's and Don'ts of Video Interview Prep - Betts Recruiting Interview

Here Are Some Don’ts Of Video Interviews

  • Picking a Bad Location  

Picking an awful area for your 1-way meet is a typical mix-up and a definite method to cause you to appear to be unengaged in the work job. There have likewise been records of applicants who do their meetings at home, despite the fact that their homes are being remodeled.

Choose a quiet space to chat. You don’t want your interviewer to strain to hear what you’re saying over a loud coffee shop.

  • Dressing Inappropriately  

Jobseekers are slanted to feel that a video meet is more easygoing than a live one. It isn’t! An easygoing clothing passes on an absence of interest in the work position.  

Do some research into the dress code of the office, and try to imitate that same style or go slightly more dressed up.

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  • Being Caught Unprepared  

Like a live meeting, you ought to be suitably prepared by doing prior research on the job and company.

Research everything you can about the opportunity before your interview, including the company, the position, the position’s responsibilities, and your potential boss(es) and/or co-workers

  • Having Low Energy

You can appear low on energy in videos, which means you have to be more intentional to convey your enthusiasm and excitement for the job.

  • Test out the software/equipment on their computer 

Perhaps the biggest faux pas that job applicants can make regarding video interviews is failing to test out their technology interface well in advance of their scheduled screening. Candidates should then take it one step further, and test out the software/equipment on their computer to be sure everything is working properly.

  • Acting excessively easygoing  

Different heads have discovered that during video talks, certain candidates can get excessively agreeable. A few instances of inappropriate conduct incorporate eating, getting dressed, playing computer games and in any event, visiting up the questioner!  

Video interviews are becoming ubiquitous in the workplace, and need to be taken as seriously as in-person screenings. By understanding the unique “don’ts” in this arena and avoiding them at all costs, you’ll be better prepared to focus on impressing your interviewer.

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