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9 Most Popular Cigarette Brands in India

best cigratte brands

Cigarettes are one of the tobacco products in India, for which demand has been increasing in the last few years. There is no doubt that the regular consumption of tobacco causes more than 6 million deaths in a year. Smoking is not suitable for health, but Cigarette lovers never understand this fact. Due to the increasing demand for this product, the number of leading cigarette manufacturing companies has also risen in recent years. Today, in this blog, we will disclose the names of the best cigarette brands in India.

1). Berkeley

ITC Limited is the manufacturing company of BERKELEY. The brand office is in Bangalore, India. The total stick count in Berkely cigarettes is ten, and the price is INR 50. The brand ranks in the number #1 position because of its demand and quality. When you find the top cigarette names in India, this brand is also on your list.

2). Wild Classic Mild –

It is an Indian brand of cigarettes, and many people think that it is a foreign brand, but this doesn’t seem right. The brand is manufactured and owned by ITC Limited, a branded and premium company offering several variants of Wild Classic Mild cigarettes. The journey of this brand started in 1979 and is now working globally. At the beginning of 2000, the size of the cigarette increased, and the brand launched a new variant, such as the Classic Slim cigarette. This is why this brand is known as the best CIG in India.

3). Gold Flake –

The most popular and old cigarette brand in India is Gold Flake. The brand is not an Indian brand but an international brand, and the owner company of the brand is ITC Limited. The company has been manufacturing cigarettes in the country for over a century. There are different variants available in this brand, such as –

Gold Flake Lights

Gold Flake Super Star

Gold Flake Kings

The brand has created a powerful presence in the country’s rural and urban areas. In the total Indian market, the share of Gold Flake cigarettes is around 18%, the highest. Due to its rich aroma and premium taste, this brand stands in the top position and offers eye-catching packaging.

4). Navy Cut –

Navy Cut is the best Cigrate in India, and ITC Limited also manufactures this brand. The brand is not new; it is the oldest brand and was founded in 1910. ITC Limited started the operations for the manufacturing of Navy Cut Cigrate in India in 1910. The brand is mainly available in India and foreign countries such as Kuwait, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom.

5). Insignia –

Insignia’s name is on the list of the best cigarettes in India because of its variant and quality. Due to the smooth flow and taste, this brand has been famous. On the other hand, the classy packaging of the brand makes it perfect for corporates and professionals. However, in terms of pricing, this brand costs higher than other brands for the people. You have to pay Rs 290 for ten of the brand’s cigarettes.

6). Four Square –

Four Square is a significant old cigarette brand in India that is also available in foreign markets. There are different variants available of this brand, such as –

Four Square Kings

Four Square Mild

Four Square Flavored

Four Square Regulars.

Availability of this Indian cigarette brand may be based on the location of the variants. This brand is the flagship brand of Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. This brand is famous in the market because of top-notch quality cigarettes at cost-effective prices. The company also deals with cigars and chewing products.

7. Gold Flake Kings

Gold Flake Kings is a brand cigarette brand in India that is only in the market. When we talk about the brand’s packaging, the brand has fantastic packaging. This brand is iconic because of the different flavors and smooth smoke. You can explore the ultimate blend of tobacco in this brand. What about the price of the brand? It is an affordable brand available in a price range of Rs 150 to Rs 180.

8. Marlboro

Marlboro cigarettes are trendy in the Indian market, and the brand’s packaging can be seen everywhere. The brand is known for its best designs and critical features; variety is available in the range. You can learn more about this brand from the official website. Cigarettes of the brand are a mixture blend of tobacco and a variety of flavors for different preferences

9. Benson and Hedges

Are you looking for unique and imported cigarette brands in India? You can pay attention to Benson and Hedges because it is also one of the prominent tobacco brands in the Indian market and is known for its different tastes and quality. The brand is known for its smooth taste and premium blend and offers different rich flavors, such as distinct and full-bodied experiences. The brand manufactured finely selected tobacco. On the other hand, Benson and Hedges cigarettes are known for their premium packaging.

You’ll find that prices vary based on location and taxes, but a pack of Benson and Hedges typically set you back about 300 to 350 rupees.

Remember that prices may fluctuate due to local taxes and regulations, so it’s worth checking the current rate at your nearest retailer.

Every cigarette brand has its uniqueness and appearance and has different flavors. These are the Cigarette brand names in the Indian market that are popular now.

Disclaimer – Smoking is a personal choice, and it is essential to know that it contains health risks. We do not promote smoking and avoid these harmful consumption items.

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